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#10 World Record Number 10 – Global Summit – Largest Virtual Podcast March 1-5 2021 Fran Capo, a podcaster of “Fran’s World” was part of the Podfest Global Summit – Guinness Book Worlds Records Largest Attendance conference in on one Week of Podcasters.

Date: December 7, 2019 World Record: Fastest Tedx Talk: 59.275 seconds See Fran’s Tedx World Record breaking achievement: See Fran’s full TEDX talk: Documentation: Photos, Video, Live Audience, time keepers, TEDx committee, Record Republic World Record Certificate- Registry of Official World Records. Location: Tedx Stage, Hilton Head South Carolina in the Harbor Town Clubhouse at …

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On November 23, 2019, Fran Capo was the first female allowed by the Nicaraguan Government to zip-line the Masaya Volcano known as the Mouth of Hell.

Fastest Song to Nationally Syndicated Radio Broadcast: 24 hours 12/12/2008: Mark Shepard and Fran Capo. Mark Shepard, ASCAP, co-conceived, wrote, and recorded the song. Fran Capo, ASCAP, publisher, had it broadcast on nationally syndicated radio as “Adventure Girl: The Fran Capo Theme Song.” The entire process took 24 hours, Fran and Mark had not met …

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On April 4th and 5th, 2008, RockMeTv host, Fran Capo and cameraman, Jeff Cobelli, volunteered to document the humanitarian world record efforts of in the Dominican Republic. Armed with a group of 28 chiropractors, 31 chiropractic assistants and 5 volunteers, which included the host and cameraman, 21,545 patients (ages 6 months to 98 years …

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Fran Capo participates in a unique Guinness world record and interviews from inside a bubble while hugging Jackie Onassis. Gazillion Bubbles – 6/19/07

Date: July 10, 2005 World Record: The first and only author to do both a book signing and the first memorial prayer said down by the wreck site of the Titanic in my capacity as an ordained minister while inside the Mir 1. Documentation: Photos, videos, newspaper clippings, television appearances, certificates and name in log …

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WORLD RECORD #2 Date: July 10, 2004 World Record: First and only author to do a book signing at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro Documentation: Photos, newspaper clippings, certificate, appears in Ripley’s book. Height: 19, 340 feet up Where: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. Temperature: Minus 15 degrees, Forty-five mile an hour winds Interesting Sidenotes:Picture of …

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Fran Capo holds 9 World Records. She’s most known as the World’s Fastest Talking Woman. Her world record feats that she accomplished utilizing her “World Record Mindsets” have been certified in many books and organizations: The Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley’s Believe it or Not (Planet Eccentric book), The Book of Alternative Records, Record …

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