Fran at TedXHiltonHead

Fran’s fresh approach offers a new perspective for professional growth for facing the future with a sense of hope.

Fran against the Google Transcription App

Award winning Wall Street Journalist Joanna Stern pits my fast talking skills against the New Google Pixel 4 phone’s transcription app and find out what happen

Fran on Donna Drake

Fran Capó adventure reporter on new Donna Drake show talks about latest wild adventures, from up close encounters with alligators to hatchet throwing. Click here to watch!

Camel milk for hashimoto’s

Fran Capó, the worlds fastest talking woman in the world has Hashimoto’s. She is constantly on the search for things that Can reverse symptoms and inflammation and get to the root cause in the autoimmune condition. Although she is dairy gluten and soy free she found that camels milk is supposed to be very helpful…

Speakers Reel

Fran at TedXHiltonHeadWomen: A World Record Mindset Check out her new Speakers reel talk on “How to have a World Record Mindset!” Fran is the Guinness Book of World Records fastest talking woman clocked at 603.32 wpm. She’s also a Comedienne, 21 time author, radio host of “Fran’s world” on, adventurer and six-time world…

Worlds Fastest Talker Defies Gravity

Ever dream of what it would be like to be an astronaut and experience Zero Gravity, well our fearless fast talker, Fran did just that in a recent Zero G adventure….

Fran Does Disney

Fran visits Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and delivers a fast-paced review

Bianca Vlahos Interview with Fran Capo

Interview with Fran Capo. Fran is a comedienne, actress, 20 time author, adventurer, spokesperson, motivational speaker, radio host and 6 time world record holder

Fran Down Under

World’s fastest talking female interviewed on Channel 7 in Australia! See if you can keep up with Fran’s interview!

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