Meet Fran

Fran Capo is a comedienne, keynote motivational speaker, 22 time author, adventurer, consultant, spokesperson, thought leader, radio host, actress and 9 time world record holder who has appeared on over 450 TV shows and 4500 radio shows including:  “Entertainment Tonight”, “Dr. Oz”, Good Morning America” and Nickelodeon. She is most known as The Guinness Book of World’s Records Fastest Talking Woman clocked at 603.32 WPM, that’s 11 words a second! Her 20th book, “Hopeville: The City of Light hit #11 on Amazon and reveals the 44 secrets of happiness and success.

Fran has done motivational speaking on every continent even Antarctica (where the penguins were dressed very nicely) and has done book signings at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and down by the wreck site of the Titanic.

She combines her down to earth comedy, motivation and wild world record adventures in all her Keynote talks, her Cuppa Capo FB lives, and in her one woman show, “Love, Laughter and Light.” She reveals “How a world record mindset can anyone accomplish anything” and did a TEDX talk entitled the “A world Record Mindset” in which she broke a world record live on that very stage.

Fran is the adventure correspondent on the CBS Affliate TV show “Live it up” and for “” a website with over 1 million unique views. She also hosts the long time running “Fran’s World” on, was on the cover of Influential People Magazine, and in the 22 time award winning film, “Father and Father.”

As part of pop culture, her fast talking world record was the definition of Loquacious in the app.  Fran’s recent world records include ziplining inside the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua. Fran has received a proclamation from the city of New York for being a true Renaissance woman. Currently Fran is doing Cuppa Capo live on Facebook every Mon & Wed at 11 am EST to entertain and motivate people during the Coronavirus mandated staycation.

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Fran’s Compilation speaking reel: 


1- Worlds Fastest Talker Spokesperson: If your company has to do with speed and efficiency of delivery – Fran can do on camera or voiceover commercial spots or be spokesperson for product media campaign (Previous ex.: Auntie Anne Pretzels, Papa Johns, Expedia, Paramount and many more…)

2- Dynamic Humorous Keynote Speaker: Topics: How to have a world record mindset, Creativity in Marketing, How to Get Your Mojo Back, Humor in Speaking and Everyday life, How to get yourself or product on TV, Radio and in Print.

3- Radio & TV Host- Fran’s world Podcast Enjoy Fran’s World Podcast about humor, health and happiness and living your dreams or about being on the CBS affiliate show “Live it Up”

4-Writer – Author -Content Provider –  Fran can add content to your newsletter, website or blog. On the following subjects: Adventure – Unique Travel –motivational life hacks, survival hacks,  Improving your written or oral Presentations and traditional marketing advice- spiritual content based on principles from book Hopeville:The City of Light   (April 24 48 blogpost Spotlight)

5- Comedienne- Emcee/Host events and or Fundraisers: Looking to do a professional comedy show to raise revenue on off nights or as a fundraiser? Or just want a Funny, worlds fastest talking host to emcee your event or ribbon cutting? Fran’s your gal. Check out past clients and videos at this link.

6- Consultation – Marketing/Branding/Presentations: Fran does one-on-one or group consultations on How to be better speaker, How to write a book, Unique Marketing ideas for brands and promotions, Learning on what you want, simplifying life with life hacks, getting over fear, how to utilizing world record mindsets.


1- Get over fear of public speaking

2- Add humor to your presentations

3- Be yourself onstage

  • Learn how to talk on camera
  • Tell captivating stories
  • Market yourself creatively
  • Not knowing how to speak in sound bites for radio & Interviews
  • Make eye contact with audience
  • Get over Fear of trying something new
  • Get over waiting too long to do something
  • Live in the present moment
  • Turn tragedy into positives
  • Overcome fears
  • To create a strong positive image
  • To ignite passion in others
  • Become unstoppable
  • Ignore naysayers and haters
  • Become the best you in your field
  • Beat out the competition
  • Make your brand stand out
  • Motivate people by example
  • Build confidence in yourself and others
  • Relieve stress on the job
  • Mediate conflict and team build
  • Get yourself or product on TV
  • Know how to act once you are on TV
  • Learn how TV interviews differ from radio interviews
  • Stop Freezing up once the camera goes on, audience is there, mike is turned on
  • Be your genuine self onstage
  • Be happy will the dreams you are pursing
  • Distinguish your wants from your needs
  • Eliminate dead weight, time consuming items, things that don’t take you closer to your goals
  • Have a balanced life
  • Find ways to collaborate with others who have skills you don’t
  • Talk to your children, significant others and bosses so they will listen.
  • Differentiate between emotional and logical solutions.
  • Stay calm in a storm, pandemic or any other life disrupting situation
  • Be your own best cheerleader
  • Become confident in who they are & follow their gut

40- Put down your baggage, get rid of hate and let go of something

Simple Summary of things people need that Fran Capo can provide:
Dynamic keynote Speaker

Humorous Speaker

Comedienne for event

Comedy show for fundraiser

Blogger for product

Radio show interview for your product or brand

Adventure reviewer


Spokesperson for product

Articles for website

Content for websites

Video Blogs informative but funny

Consulting on how to be better speaker

Guidelines on how to write a book

Unique marketing ideas for you product or brand

Teaching you techniques for better stage presence