Testimonials and other nice things said about Fran’s Seminars and Entertainment Appearances
(From people other than her mother!)

Disclaimer by Fran: No one was forced or coerced into speaking or writing these statements, even under threats that they would appear in my next stand up comedy act, adventure article or be forced to endure hours and hours of my fast talking.

Mind mapping expert Michael Tipper

Endorsed on My Labs for Life

Testimonials on Fran as a Keynote Speaker and her Seminars:

“She’s amazing. She’s a genius.”
Ernie Anastos, CBS This Morning

“You are truly one of the funniest seminar leader alive! Everyone enjoyed your presentation. I know the audience did because they gave you a standing ovation.”
Paul Karasik – President American Seminar Leaders Association

Kim Orlando, the founder of TravelingMom.com

“Capo Springs to the stage. She is full of energy, capturing the audience with her outgoing presence.”
Feature Magazine, New York

“You can be sure that I will think of you FIRST when a client needs a speaker – you are amazing, hilarious, professional, energetic, and entertaining. Your many adventure stories are incredible, as well. God broke the mold…thanks so much again.”
Joanne Moyle, J.E. Moyle Consultants for Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

“We invited Fran to Toronto to host the “Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Planet Eccentric! book launch. She took charge of the event with very little preparation or specific instruction….we also worked with Fran on some media events in regards to her Titanic dive. In the case of TV and radio spots, Fran was always one step ahead and knew what was required in each unique environment. Fran is an extremely professional, intuitive, (not to mention funny!) reliable and an intelligent woman. Simply stated, “We love Fran!” and look forward to working with her again.”
Jill Armstrong, J.E. Moyle Consultants for Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Cindy Ashton, Award-winning TV host and CEO Of Speaker Stardom Booking Agency

“Your presentation was on the mark, hilarious, raised the level of spirit with the group and was generously applauded by all members of the audience.”
Doug Kulig, Manager of Sales Training Motorola

“What a delight to hear Fran Capo at our event in Denver. I would rate her speaking ability in the top 1% of all the speakers I’ve heard, and you can imagine how many speakers I’ve enjoyed over the years!”
Laurie Haughey, Conference Organizer, Clemson University

I have known Fran for many years now and her ability to motive, encourage people to be their very best, is astounding. Her zest for people & life never seizes to amaze me. She moves you to want to be your very best!
-Pamela S.Kramer, CEO Bradley Baron Casting

“This letter is to let you know that not only was I extremely impressed with your presentation (Creativity in Marketing), but that I couldn’t stop watching you!. The feedback I received from those who attended was that you were dynamic, humorous and engaging. To that end, I recommend you without reservation for any speaking opportunity for CT companies, business organizations or leadership groups that are looking for someone unique and dynamic.”
– Angelo Rossetti, President and executive director of Contact Advocate

“Not only did you do a great job, but were also a pleasure to work with and fun to have around.”
Dori Abel, Manager, Video Communications Corporate Video for Pitney Bowes

TV Host John Pullman of “More than Human”

“As a direct result of your [“How to Get Publicity on Anything”] Seminar, I have been getting FREE publicity on WOR-710 AM radio for the past 4 months. Your seminar has made a profoundly positive impact on my spiritual, business and social life.”
Aarron Lynah, RN
Rexall Showcase International

“We received an evaluation form completed by each Leader present and you were rated the top speaker the girls enjoyed most.”
Roseanne Smith, Organizational Leader of Girl Scouts

“Did you notice the 3,000 smiling faces surrounding you on Saturday? Those smiles were there because of you and your awe-inspiring talent. You amazed the audience and showed hundreds of tri-state children just how much fun reading can be.”
Luanne Miller, Outreach Coordinator WLIW-21’s Reading Fun Day

Dawn Vaccaro talks from the heart about Fran Capo’s “Dare to Do it!” Talks.

“Your role as the MC of this event was one of the main reasons it was a huge success. You kept the event moving on time, something which is not hard for you since you are addicted to the concept of speed…you displayed the highest level of professionalism, both on and off the platform.”
Ronald E. Karr, President New York Professional Speakers Association

“I really enjoyed your presentation regarding, “Humor in the Workplace and Everyday Life”. It was very enjoyable, informative and helpful in alleviating a stress free environment.”
Kathy A. VanScoy, Borough Clerk Gloucester County Municipal Clerks Assoc.

International Puzzle Artist and Brain Fitness Expert, Alli Berman

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful performance at our dinners at the Sheraton Hotel in Saratoga Springs. Everyone enjoyed your routine. We really enjoyed the way you worked our “head honchos” into your program…we would recommend you to any corporate event that wants a delightful evening’s entertainment.”
Beverly Shipski, Regional Event Planner State Farm Insurance Companies

“Your performance was outstanding. Everyone enjoyed your imposter and comedy routine. You were very natural and professional and had us all laughing hysterically…I recommend you highly to any corporate event that wants to add sparkle and belly laughs at lightening speed. For something truly memorable I would use the talents of Fran Capo.”
Scott Shickler, President of EDGE (Educational Decisions that Generate Excellence.)

Ace student Sophia Orlando after hearing Fran’s “Dare to Do It” talk

“Thank you so much for the program you presented in honor of Women’s History Month. Your presentation was fun, motivational and inspiring. We all had a great time and needed stress relief.”
Kathleen Bott, Associate Director of Women’s Programs, Stevens Institute of Technology

“Fran is a terrific entertainer and the contents of her delivery were wonderful.”
Participant at the “Women of the 21st Century” Seminar, Hackettstown Community Hospital

Fran as Spokesperson:

“The combination of your passion for life, enthusiasm for Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, and natural interaction with our franchisees, customers, and the media, helped make our first national public relations campaign a success…giving us the “biggest bang for our buck.” Our efforts combined fostered over 1 million dollars in publicity coverage.”

-Valerie Kinney, Director of Communications Auntie Anne’s Inc.

Powermastery creator and Innovator, Carson Tang gives his heartfelt thoughts on Keynote peak performance motivational speaker, Fran Capo, after he hears her “How to Have a World Record Mindset” talk.

“Chock Full o’Nuts was very impressed with Fran’s ability to keep the audience engaged throughout the event as well as her professional and concise delivery of the brand’s key messages. She is media savvy and was an integral part in garnering the extensive media coverage that the event received. Fran went above and beyond her role as spokesperson, and was a true partner in making the event fun and exciting for consumers and a complete success for the brand.”
Lea Concepcion, Senior Brand Manager – Chock Full o’Nuts

“As a public relations professional, it is critical to select a spokesperson that can drive media coverage for the brand. Fran Capo excelled at this and garnered media excitement well beyond our expectations helping the launch of Aqua Drops Brand Hydrating Mints to be a great success. Her campaign generated 18.5 million impressions.”
Jason LaDuca, Cohn & Wolfe – Madison Avenue, Senior Account Executive

“I have known Fran for many years now and her ability to motive, encourage people to be their very best, is astounding. Her zest for people & life never seizes to amaze me. She moves you to want to be your very best!
-Pamela S.Kramer, CEO Bradley Baron Casting

“Being the only author to ever travel to the top of the world and to the depths of the sea for a book signing, Fran has demonstrated time and time again that she is more than willing to do the unimaginable in support of her work. She possesess a desire and dedication that in this industry is both rare and refreshing. It is no surprise that Fran has been asked to endorse numerous products, as she has a truly unique ablitity to capture the attention of any audience with her engaging personality, humor and most importantly, her passion. Working with Fran over the years has been a wonderful experience, because not only is she a terrific entertainer, she is the consummate professional and the ideal evangelist to have on your product marketing team.
I would recommend Fran without hesitation as a spokesperson, speaker or host.”
-Steven Style, President Steven Style Group

“I just wanted to drop you a line to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you did for the Chemical Bank Radio Blitz…We truly flew to six station in two hours…. We got more than 32 minutes of radio time with a combined morning drive air space value of $13,725 (based on advertising rates for that time.)…You should know that our client cited the Radio Blitz as the most successful component of the Corporate Challenge publicity Program.
Matthew Zinman, Account Executive Ketchum Public Relations

“I had the pleasure of working with Fran on a radio media tour on behalf of Porter Novelli client, Perdue farms…Fran was among the most accommodating and professional “talent” I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. She required very little preparation, a fact I attributed to her vast experience in broadcast media…Fran engaged the radio personalities and worked in our messages without appearing overly branded.”
Emily Kleinman, Porter Novelli Public Relations Firm For Perdue Chicken’s Short Cut Entrees

“Fran Capo published her first novel, Almost a Wise Guy with our client. Because of Fran’s background our client considered her a celebrity and asked our firm to do a media campaign to help promote her book. The results were fantastic. We put out one media release and over 230 radio shows and national television shows like TRL and Fox News Live did stories on Fran. In addition, at the BEA in Los Angeles, Fran was used as a spokesperson. Fran’s high energy, passion for her work, professionalism and media savvy makes her great to work with. We look forward to working with her again. She’s a hit”.
Brian Barry, Account Supervisor The Steven Style Group

“Capo was cool and said some important things about how drugs can ruin your life.”
Brian Smith, 18, Student at Sachem North High School (In response to Fran Capo role as spokesperson for an anti-drug program called “Skoolapalooza”)

Fran has done over 500 Television appearances, here is what some producers and viewers had to say:

“I just finished watching you on the Caryl and Marilyn show. You were great! I loved your humor and positive, upbeat philosophy, which matches Marks and mine. Lots of continued success to you!
Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul & Self Esteem Seminars

“When I think of your story, I always get a chuckle. You and Spencer [Fran’s son] are great! My best to you.”
Phil Buckman, Segment Producer “Today Show” – NBC

“We fell in love with you Saturday night! It was a true honor to talk with you!! You are so special and lovable!!! Thanks again for being so fabulous and such an outstanding guest!!!”
Jill Spiegel, Jill Spiegel Show

“Hi there Fran, I heard you last night on the “Jill Spiegel Show” here in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis. I LOVE YOU! I could have listened to you talk all night. What an amazing, fun, interesting, incredibly cool life you lead! I so admire people like you who live every second. I would love to get a copy of your new CD (The Science of Getting Rich) that you mentioned on the show….
From your newest fan,
Julie Mart

“One Hell of a Lady!”
Morton Downey, Jr.

“That Fran Capo, she speaks so fast, it’s amazin.”
Mr. T On the Late Show (with Fran Capo)

“Thank you for doing a terrific show and being a special part of our season. You’re a welcomed guest anytime.”
The Statler Brothers TNN – Statler Brother’s Variety Show

“Again you were fantastic. You had us all in stitches.”
Kel Shepherd, Midday with Kerri-Anne (Australian TV Show)

Fran has done over 4500 radio shows…these are some comments about her radio interviews:

“Everyone is raving about how your piece turned out!
And the station continues to get feedback!”
Michael Kavanagh, WNYC Radio – New York

“As you must know, your name and number are being passed around to a ton of morning shows around the country, and I can now add my name to the long list of shows that reports you as a major hit!”
Paul Harris, Harris in the morning DC 101 – CBS

“You were fantastic. I’m so proud of you!”
Joe Franklin, Co-Host “The Business of Show Business” Bloomberg Radio – National

“You are a morning producer’s dream come true!”
Dan Dubay, Morning Show producer KISN –Portland Oregon

“You were fantastic! Thank you so much. Let’s do it again – keep in touch”
Pete McMurray, WXRX- Rockford, Illinois

“Fran, just wanted to thank you for a great interview yesterday. Our listeners love you! When I got to work this morning I had 23 e-mails about you, your website and books, so something worked. You are a true talent and Heidi and I both enjoyed you very much. Thanks again, and I hope to be able to do something again with you soon. Have a great day!
JJ HOLLIDAY, Morning Fool MIX 108 – KBMX Duluth/Superior

“Thank you for appearing on the Rick and Craig Show. You were upbeat, energetic and funny. Rick and Craig, myself as well as the listeners found it (the fast talking) pretty astonishing. After your appearance we had listeners who wanted to know about you and your various projects, so I gave them your website address. Thanks again for your appearance, we look forward to having you on again.”
Shaunta Garth, Rick and Craig Producer WLS Newstalk 890 – Chicago

“Fran Capo was an employee of our company for the past two years [WBLS-FM – Inner City Broadcasting]. She was extremely versatile, reliable and efficient as well as able to cope with the job which required arriving at 5:30 A.M. Capo was hired as a consultant/writer (where her performance was outstanding), she also performed various other duties including: continuity, engineering, editing, pulling feeds and sportwriting…she brought outside media attention to the morning show with her own talents as comedienne, the Guinness book of world Records Fastest Talking Female, her rap record and tour and her humorous portrayal of Mae West. We highly recommend her for a position at any level of media and entertainment.“
Pierre M. Sutton, President – Inner City Broadcasting Corp. WBLS-FM (NYC)

As Comedienne and Host of Events:

“Just a note to thank you for your terrific contribution as Master of Ceremonies. As the enclosed evaluations indicate, your orchestration was first class, very entertaining and we all loved your perky personality…Another worlds – GREAT JOB!”
Jerry Rosenbaum, Speakers University Chairman Conscious Creative Leadership

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The Halls of the University of Dayton are still echoing with laughter from your performance in our Student Union…Drawing and exceptionally large crowd for a weekday evening you dazzled our both adult and student audiences with your talents of unbelievable fast talking and hilarious comedy. Students raved about the fantastic show for days…”
Ashley Puglia, Pub Entertainment The University of Dayton

Testimonials on Fran’s Books and Book signings:

“Fran Capo’s “How to Get Publicity Without a Publicist” is truly, as the sub-title suggests, “an easy step-by-step guide to getting yourself in the newspapers, on radio and TV”. Fran writes in a simple no-nonsense style (while adding a touch of her unique humor) and exposes a world of opportunities in an area which is generally perceived as expensive and/or unattainable.”
Domenic Silipo, Manager, The Drama Book Shop

“While America is certainly aware of the seriousness of La Cosa Nostra, Fran Capo has shown us in this off the wall, zany, funny, tongue-in-cheek bright side of the dark side. The internal and external dialogue carries the reader into the world of Frankie Crook. I was especially impressed with Capo’s ability to show the ease at which Frankie went from playing an innocent game of pool to practically in the Mob…this book isn’t ALMOST a winner…it IS a winner!”
Comment from Judge Eva Maria Everson on Fran’s novel, “Almost a Wise Guy”
Writers Digest Annual International Book Awards Contest

“Fran was professional and efficient in all my dealings with her, and she has been a joy to work with. She is flexible, creative, organized and she writes with a unique comedic style…She has given talks, written press releases, participated in book signings, designed marketing materials, booked her own television and radio appearances, and suggested ideas to our in-house marketing staff. Due to Fran’s great efforts,
It Happened in New York is one of the best selling titles in the “It Happened In” series.
Charlene Patterson, Associate Editor Globe Pequot Press

“I recently had a wonderful event at the Barnes & Noble Bayside location with Fran Capo, co-author of the book, It Happened in New York. Normally I would not expect a large turnout for a beautiful Sunday in August, but that was what I got. Both a crowd and sales…In addition, Fran is also a born sales person. Authors that actually come into the store and sell their book hard are few and far between, but Fran did just that, making the event a good one.”
Tony Gangi, Community Relations Manager Barnes & Noble – Bayside, NY

“Your program, which I believe was the first-ever stand up comedy presentation for the museum, was a huge success! It was wonderfully entertaining, informative, and immensely enjoyed by the family oriented, standing-room-only crowd.”
Philip Jackson, Community Programs Coordinator Queens Museum of Art
For Book: “It Happened in New York”

“You were a delight to have as a guest…what a big hit you were-the crowd loved your informative, humorous presentation. We don’t always get so much entertainment in one night.”
Elaine Stundell, Community Relations Manager Barnes & Noble – Forest Hills, NY
For Book: “It Happened in New York”

“Thank you so much for being one of the featured celebrities in my new book, “My Word!” You helped to make it a successful endeavor.”
Vick Knight, Jr. Author of “My Word!” Celebrities reveal their Favorite Words-And the Reasons Behind their Selection

“…I am 19 years old and about to start college. I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your story in Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul. It really inspired me. I’ve always had low self esteem and two years ago I was hospitalized for depression. Anyway, last October I applied for a summer job through the United Methodist Church. I totally forgot about it until April when they called and asked me to do an interview…I read your story and I just said yes…Now I’m considering a job in the ministry. So thank you. I don’t know if I would have done it without reading your story.”
Nicole (last name withheld by Fran) Long Island, NY

Final note from Fran: I think that’s enough. You get the picture…there is a file with many more comments…but the last thing I want is to do is go to hell in a hand basket (not that I could fit in hand basket) for the sin of “vanity.”

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