Welcome journalists, producers, PR firms, event organizers, comedy clubs, casting agents and anyone else in the media that is doing a story on me, or has hired me to work with you. In this section you can find everything you need to know to book Fran or make working together easy and efficient.

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HEADSHOTS: Please feel free to use these in any articles that you are writing about me and that we already discussed.)
(BTW Folks…I was told I look taller in my headshots – what do you think?)

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Now you booked Fran…Here’s what you need to know to make it a great event:
– Room and A/V set up for Fran Capo
– Wireless Lavalier microphone with a hand held wireless microphone as back up.
– Good Speakers.
– Bottled water on a stool on stage
– Riser with walking room (For Comedy shows & Big companies only)
– Please remove dais or podium form stage before Fran is introduced.
– If a meal is being served, please introduce Fran after all food service is finished and the wait staff had cleared the tables (except for drinks)
– Spot lights on stage area.
– House lights up in the front so Fran can see the audience.
– Table at side of stage or back of the room for book sales.
– Person to Introduce Fran. Intro will be provided in advance and is tailored to the event.
– Sample Intro from Speaking Event.

Capo Update Newsletter

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