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Fran breaks 9th world record on Tedx stage

If you’re looking for a unique Keynote Speaker that can educate, motivate and captivate your audience then you’ve come to the right place!

With thousands of national and international television and radio credits, 9 world records, and 22 books, Fran Capo is sought after as a keynote speaker presenting memorable motivational tailored presentations and workshops.

With comedy in her blood, all workshops are done in her unique “Complete Capo” style which is high energy, humorous and from the heart. Fran leads by example, and motivates people of all ages to get out there and live their dreams using her “World Record Mindsets.”  She will capture the audience with her humorous stories of wild world record adventures and creativity, and do whatever it takes to engage the audience full on, so they leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to conquer their world.

A few testimonials:

“Fran has a gift that few speakers possess. She makes you feel like she’s speaking directly to you, even if you’re in an audience filled with a couple thousand folks. She’s entertaining, engaging and empowering all in one fast talking package.’– Fitness Celebrity John Basedow, TV/Internet Personality and Creator of #WakeUpWords &

“I have known Fran for many years now and her ability to motive, encourage people to be their very best, is astounding. Her zest for people & life never seizes to amaze me. She moves you to want to be your very best!” — Pamela S.Kramer, CEO Bradley Baron Casting

“Motivation is and always has been an integral daily component in the long term success of any successful entity.”


How to Have a World Record Mindset and achieve anything.

As a 9-time world record holder and 30-year stand up comedy veteran, I’ve learned how to teach people how to get their minds in gear to conquer any obstacle. As a stand up comic, I’ve learned that people retain information better if they are entertained while learning. (And it also helps them concentrate instead of looking at their watch wondering when lunch is going to be served!) I use a down to earth approach so all information is easy to digest and apply.  I combine elements of my world record-breaking approach to Motivate, Educate and Captivate and I personalize my message to the specific audience and event I’m speaking at, so you’re not getting some cookie cutter speech!

What Can the 7 world record mindsets help you do?


Fran walks her talk and lets kids & adults know that if they believe in themselves and take action towards their dreams, they can become anything they want because the truth is… with her mindsets NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Dare To Do It! A motivational experience for mind, body and soul
Now you can take control of your life! Fran Capo has learned to overcome her fears and has been showing others how to do the same and succeed. Using humor, adventure, inspirational anecdotes, and group participation, Ms. Capo reveals her secrets to overcoming self-imposed limitations to combat the negative effects of fear and anxiety and live a healthier life. Whether your particular self-defeating behavior causes you financial, personal, career, spiritual or emotional challenges you will leave feeling energized and motivated to conquer any obstacle.

Creative Marketing: Using creativity, imagination and energy to succeed in your marketing efforts

Based on Fran’s book: The Ultimate Guide to getting yourself on Television, Radio and on the Internet). (See Fran’s Book)

Through her down to earth approach Capo will show you how she’s used her humor and adventure to unlock creativity and appear on over 4,500 radio and 500 TV shows. Through her sponsorship campaigns that have led her to do the first book signing on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the deepest book-signing down by the wreck site of the Titanic to a parade down Washington Ave to “Put a Comedian in Space” to “Stand-up for Animals” she’ll tell you how to use creativity to get extraordinary media results that raise your bottom line. 

The Humor Approach: Using humor in the workplace and everyday life

Based on Fran’s book: The Humor Approach (See Fran’s Book)

Humor is a powerful tool. It can heal the sick, improve morale, win an argument, or make you into a powerful dynamic leader, team builder or speaker. Using her humor and adventure anecdotes, Capo will show you or your team how to:

  • Build confidence in yourself and others
  • Use humor to relieve stress on the job or in life situations
  • Enhance creativity and productivity presentations
  • Mediate conflicts and build team work
  • Increase effectiveness in your speeches and presentations

Everyone can benefit from The Humor Approach.The Humor Approach: Using humor in the workplace and everyday life

“Love, Laughter, and Light”A Humorous, Motivational and Spiritual One Woman self-contained show available for theaters, corporations, private parties and small performance venues.  

Based on Fran’s Channeled book: HOPEVILLE: THE CITY OF LIGHT, which hit # 11 on Amazon (See Fran’s Book)

We are put on this earth to be happy and this state is available to all no matter what you are facing. You just need to know the path and mindset to obtain it. Join Fran Capo as she leads you with simple steps how to follow your heart, fulfill your dreams, and maintain an aura of “Light and Laughter” that will transform your world and reignite your passion in everything you do.

Through these “divine inspired” steps you will learn how to bring out the inner you. The book is being touted as a combination of “The Alchemist meets Think and Grow Rich.” Through this inspirational talk Fran will show you how to:

  • Find an answer to every challenge.
  • Become unbothered by negative people
  • Get your mojo back at work and in life
  • Face up to bullies
  • Have courage to overcome obstacles
  • Have hope even in the darkest of days
  • Light another’s candle without losing any of your own energy
  • Re-spark your creativity
  • Train your subconscious mind towards positive
  • Use humor to relieve stress
  • Increase your self-esteem and team building skills.
  • Have a world record mindset.

Each workshop/lecture can be tailored to fit your companies or clients needs. From twenty minutes to a full day workshop (6 hours). They can be straight information or interactive. All are done in a high energy, fun, professional and educational style. Perfect for Schools, Colleges, Corporate, Adult Education, Woman’s Groups, Book Signings, Career and Specialty Groups:

  • Dare to Do it! (Motivational & Humorous keynote)
  • Humor in Business Speaking (based on her book)
  • Humor in the Work Place and Everyday Life
  • Humor in Parenting
  • Humor to Relieve Stress
  • How to Balance Mind, Body and Soul so you can live a happy life
  • How to Get Publicity Without a Publicist (based on her book)
  • How to Break into Voice-overs (based on her book)
  • UNIQUE HISTORY OF THE TRI-STATES AREA. (Great for Libraries & historical societies) Based on her books “It Happened in New York”, “It Happened in New Jersey”, “It Happened in Pennsylvania”, It Happened in New York City”, “Myths and Mysteries of New York” and “Myths and Mysteries of New Jersey.” 

REMOTE WORKSHOPS: All of these talks are also available to groups via zoom or webinars if you would like to set them up in that fashion. Online classes are soon to follow. 


Fran is available for one on one consultation at an hourly rate on any of the above topics.

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