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The Humor Approach: A Guide to Humor in Speaking

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Ever wonder how to add humor to your presentations so you can sparkle and be remembered long after you leave the stage? Well, here’s the answer. The Humor Approach is simple, quick guide to adding punch to your speaking. This book will show you step-by-step how to avoid the pitfalls when using humor; tips on how to make a joke funnier; delivery techniques, when to use humor and how to select the appropriate humor for each occasion. “The Humor Approach” is for anyone who wants to be entertaining as well as educational in their delivery. If you are a teacher, entertainer, corporate executive, politician, salesman, lawyer, fund raiser, lecturer, student or put it this way, if you ever need to get up in front of an audience…you need this book! (So what are you waiting for…get your wallet out, go up to the register and get it! That is only if you want to be fantastic on stage. If you want to fade off into the background…then put this book down, go eat a donut and memorize your cue cards.) Your choice! Control your life, add some laughs, and be a speaker they talk about!
ISBN: 978-0-9724135-3-4
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