Fran Capo does stand up comedy act at Actor’s Studio in NYC for Big vision Fundraiser (june 2015) to help raise money to get kids off the street and keep them entertained. Hosted by George Bettinger, Radio host of the Mom and Pop Shop.


Fran Capo has been doing stand up comedy for over twenty years. She has performed in front of every type of audience from Hells Angels to Nuns…from politicians to preachers, from corporate CEO’s to secretary’s luncheons…from PTA Meetings to Chamber of Commerce’s…you get the picture.

Fran has as an act which can be tailored for schools, corporations, arenas and television. In the nightclub circuit she has performed in major comedy clubs like Caroline’s and Dangerfield’s in New York City to the Tropicana in Las Vegas to the Grand Ole Opray in Nashville. She has also performed at fundraisers like the Make a Wish Foundation, Firehouse 9-11 fundraisers and for our servicemen both here in America and overseas in Okinawa for the Marines.


Fran’s improv skills and high energy have lead many to ask her to host their events…she has hosted events for Comedy Central, The Girl Scouts of America and Youth Leagues.

Her comedic talents are not limited however to stand up comedy performances. Fran put together a novelty rap record called, Rappin Mae. She posed as June East, Mae West’s long lost sister and she toured the country with LL Cool J and the Fat Boys. Her record even got written up in Billboard Magazine and played on Kiss FM and WBLS often.

With the combination of her comedic and improv skills Fran has done many corporate impostor routines for companies. She goes in and poses as an expert or supervisor from another branch, and then armed with inside jargon and names of other employees, she puts on this act as a very nervous fast talking executive who goes off into numerous tangents and then finally breaks down and walks off the stage– only to be brought back up minutes later revealing to the shocked audience who she really is. It receives thunderous applause.

Not wanting to only share the limelight of comedy herself. Fran at one point got Mayor Koch to proclaim Comedy Day in New York City (December 12th). Upon hearing about the event’s huge success, Fran was hired by Jamie Masada (the owner of Laugh Factory Magazine) to come up with an event that would put the magazine, on the map. She came up with the campaign of “Put a Comedian in Space” and staged a march (dressed in a clown suit) down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. She created a media event, with ever major station turning out. She was quoted as saying amongst other things, that they would “Only charge a two drink minimum on the moon.” This was the beginning seed that later lead to Fran teaching a “Creativity in Marketing” lecture to major corporations.


Upon hearing of Fran’s many accomplishments not only as a stand up comic, but also as an author, world record holder, motivational speaker, and adventurer, Fran received two honors; Her alma mater, Queens College, put her picture up on the wall in their Hall of Fame, next to pictures of Ray Ramono, Joy Behar, Jerry Seinfeld and Carole King.


And, Fran was also honored recently in City Hall by Councilman Joseph Addabbo with a Proclamation from the New York City, claiming her as in inspiration to all and a true Renaissance woman.


Presently Fran is being looked at as a host for an upcoming television show.

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Fran’s name up in lights in Vegas, when she performs her week long show at the Tropicana.


Caption: Fran has been doing comedy for 20 years. Her son, Spencer started with her when she was at the Trop in Vegas. Here’s them on the road, performing at Garvins in Washington, DC.


Caption: Fran was asked to host the Comedy Central event, “Women helping Women” at the Stress Factory in New Jersey. The money went to abused women.


Caption: Fran has been a regular at the Comedy Cabaret for over 20 years. This night she was shooting some footage for her reality show, “Life in the Fast Lane.”


Caption: Fran performs to a sold out house on September 11th, for a comedy fundraiser for the fireman in Mattituck, Long Island.


Fran was asked by a local station to play a prank on a cop on tv by fast talking him with her comedy asking for bogus directions.


Caption: Even media audiences like to laugh. Fran was asked to do some comedy for ABC during their unveiling of Buck Wolf’s new book.


Often on TV shows after you do your comedy routine you get to sit down and joke with the hosts. Here Fran is listening to one guy comment on her recent adventures.


Fran and her son Spencer, who also does stand up go on the radio show New York Kids and tell jokes.


Over the years Fran has met and worked with some pretty famous people, either doing live shows with them, or being a guest on their shows…see if you can recognize them.


Her fast-talking, boundless energy, down to earth approach makes her easy to relate to and a fun quick witted TV guest. She has appeared on over 250 TV shows including; Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Last Call with Carson Daly , Inside Edition, ET, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, More than Human and Nick at Nite’s – Hi Jinx. She’s been heard on over 1000 radio shows including Howard Stern. On the corporate front, Capo is sought after not only as a motivational speaker and spokesperson but also as a featured author. Her topics include: How to Get Publicity without a Publicist, How to Break into Voiceovers, Dare to Do It, Humor and Business Speaking and Creativity in Marketing.

Fran’s commercials use characters ranging from a judge to the world’s oldest customer. She’s done spokesperson work for: Nissan, Pitney Bowes, Pudgies Chicken, GE Capital, Flexon, 1-800-Flowers, Perdue Short Cut Entrees, Snickers Marathon Energy Bars, Auntie Anne Pretzels & Chock full of Nuts.

As an actress and voiceover talent Fran has appeared in several movies and cartoons including Lonely in America, with Spike Lee and in the Sundance Film Festival winner, Sunday. Fran appears in “Signs of the Cross” which won both the 2005 Pocono film festival and the Long Island film festival for best picture.

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