Looking for a fast, funny, articulate comedienne/actress to represent your product or brand? Fran’s your gal.

Fran’s combined talents of being a comedienne, motivational speaker and 9-time world record holder most known as the World’s Fastest Talking Woman, has led many companies to ask her to represent them as relatable, articulate and entertaining spokesperson for a variety of media campaigns.

Fran’s not only is a Fast Talker but also can do character and sultry voices as well. She even wrote a book on it! Link Here

Check out her Voiceover Reel below:


Fran has appeared on more than 500 television shows nationwide as well as several international shows. Please use the links below to sample some of Fran’s various talents.

The Donna Drake Show RV Traveling with Fran Capo

Is Fran Capo More than Human? The Discovery Channel tries to find out:

Fran Capo explains at the Toyota festival how she broke the record for fast talking:

Check out Fran Capo’s Compilation Reel – The Late Show – Ordering Fast From Chinese Menu


Fran Capo talks about her ideal way to spend July 4th.

Fran’s Son Spencer does a Mother’s Day Video

View the Mastercard Parody

Fran’s World – Fran learns how to drink tea

Radio housewife trailer:


What Can I Do for You?


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