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All it takes is a world record mindset to accomplish all of your life goals. Fran Capo is a 9-time Guinness Book World Record holder, most known as the World’s Fastest Talking Woman at 603.32 WPM.

She’s a comedienne, actress, 21-time author, ordained minister, consultant, spokesperson, motivational speaker, producer and adventurer who has dove with sharks, eaten fire, bungee jumped, climbed Kilimanjaro and gone down to the Titanic. She’s appeared on 450 TV and 4500 radio shows including: Dr. Oz and Larry King Live. She is the radio host of “Fran’s World”, CBS’s “Live it Up” adventure correspondent, performs a one-woman show, “Love, Laughter and Light” and has entertained our troops on every continent.

Fran’s fresh approach offers a new perspective for professional growth for facing the future with a sense of hope. Her contagious inspiration and motivation produces so many ideas for self improvement.

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  1. I just watched you do 3 little pigs at the museum of interesting things. I volunteer ar the museum every week. II was the girl on your left (?) squeezed in the corner of the screen. I think you’re AMAZING! I want to speak to you. Your voice us amazing. We have a very similar accent. lol. But I have so many questions and I amazed by all you’ve done. I’d love to hear more. I know you must not have tons of time to speak to your fans, but if you could squeeze me in for a little chat I’d be so grateful I’m gonna add you in FB and alll the other social media. I hope you add me back.
    Myna me is Annette Moccaldi
    646 377 4325, but I’m not expecting you ta call me but I’d love to maybe FaceTime or just write on FB🙏🏻

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