Fran at TedXHiltonHeadWomen: A World Record Mindset Check out her new Speakers reel talk on “How to have a World Record Mindset!” Fran is the Guinness Book of World Records fastest talking woman clocked at 603.32 wpm. She’s also a Comedienne, 21 time author, radio host of “Fran’s world” on, adventurer and six-time world […]

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I‘m a stand-up comic by profession. A couple of years ago, I was working at a radio station WBLS-FM in New York, doing the weather and traffic as this character June East (Mae West’s long-lost sister). One day, Dinah Prince from the Daily News called and said she wanted to do an article on me.

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After a two year long battle, my mom’s divorce ended with scattered pieces of a 17-year married life, possessions divided unfairly, and a large debt as always to an attorney – the only victor. Her antique store had been liquidated and the attorney paid $10,000 and the case was closed, or so we thought.

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I was abruptly awakened at 3:10 A.M. to the sound of a painful cry. A gut wrenching cry of a soul that no longer can stand his predicament, a cry of misery in the pit of man. It was a sound I have been hearing for the past three months ever since my dad came

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By Fran Capo Two years ago my dad visited the Grand Canyon. He was struck by the beauty and vastness of it all. He made me promise that I would take my son Spencer there. Always looking for ways to experience life, I thought why not raft the canyon, sleep under the stars and really

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