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Final Podcast with Sabrina Cruz, Alisa Farina Maynard, and Terry Isaiah Johnson

Fran’s fresh approach offers a new perspective for professional growth for facing the future with a sense of hope.

Gorgeous Customized cameos by Eredi Jovon jewelry from Venice, Italy. Fantastic unique gift for any occasion.

On November 23, 2019, Fran Capo was the first female allowed by the Nicaraguan Government to zip-line the Masaya Volcano known as the Mouth of Hell.

Fran will be on WTOC-TV’s Morning Break on Thusrday, December 5th at 9:30 am. You can watch it live at https://streamable.com/pihk9.

Award winning Wall Street Journalist Joanna Stern pits my fast talking skills against the New Google Pixel 4 phone’s transcription app and find out what happen

I guess I’ve become more of a celebrity than ever, since my fast-talking is used as an example in the app from wordgenius.com. Loquacious, who’d a thunk it?

Let me introduce you to Fran Capo – woman extraordinaire. Here’s a woman that was held at gunpoint – twice – and watched a robber approach her third floor apartment from her balcony.

World’s fastest talking female interviewed on Channel 7 in Australia! See if you can keep up with Fran’s interview!

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