World Record #8: First Woman zipline over an active volcano

See Fran Break Volcano world record


On November 23, 2019, Fran Capo was the first female allowed by the Nicaraguan Government to zip-line the Masaya Volcano known as the Mouth of Hell.

Fran descended down at 11 AM via zip-line on Saturday, November 23 2019 to the second platform wearing a gas mask to protect her from the sulphur and carbon monoxide. Arranging her expedition was Nik Halik and helping her descend and with her on the bottom was engineer, Rodolfo Adrian Alvarez, and a New Zealand team of riggers led by Geoff Mackley. Capo stayed in the volcano for a total of 5 hours, and then was manually hauled back up to the top by fellow volcanists, who later descended after her. Rockland County PO Barbara Noyes followed right after.

See Volcano Record link at RHR site.

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