Join Traveling Adventure Mom, Fran Capo, the world’s Fastest Talking Woman, and her son, Spencer Patterson, on her latest adventure where she rolls down a giant hill in a water filled gerbil ball, and then crawls on her stomach into the bowels of the earth behind a door that hasn’t been opened in over 100

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Join the World’s Fastest Talking Female & TV Host, Fran Capo on one of her many Adrenaline Adventure segments on Live it up! In this episode she tornado chases with for 2 weeks getting up close and blown away by huge tornados and hail storms across 8 states!

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This is not a story about vicious lawyers or cutthroat businessmen. This is about an actual swim with the sharks – TEN of them to be exact. Once a year I like to challenge myself physically or mentally to something that I am scared to do. To prove to myself that I can do it.

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