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Camel milk for hashimoto’s

Fran Capó, the worlds fastest talking woman in the world has Hashimoto’s. She is constantly on the search for things that Can reverse symptoms and inflammation and get to the root cause in the autoimmune condition. Although she is dairy gluten and soy free she found that camels milk is supposed to be very helpful…

Essential oils and salt lamps toxic?

Fran Capó talks about which essential oils are toxic to cats and why. How to use them without harming kitty and who to call In case of emergency.

MyLabs for Life

Fran recommends MyLabs for Life, and the company has endorsed Fran’s Hopeville book, as it helps give people an overall calmer and positive view of the world.

The gpl mycotox mold test

Want to know If toxic mold in your body is causing you illness? Then take this simple mold test put out by My Labs For This can help you get to the root cause of your symptoms.

How to test for glyphosate

Worlds fastest talker shows you the simple way to test if you have glyphosate (the toxic herbicide in 700 of our foods) in your body, and why and how to get tested with MyLabsForLife .

How to do a sibo test

The worlds fastest talking woman has Hashimoto’s with an incredibly high TSH of 247.

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