Love, Laughter, & Light in Waterbury

Let me introduce you to Fran Capo – woman extraordinaire. Here’s a woman that was held at gunpoint – twice – and watched a robber approach her third floor apartment from her balcony. The first time she was robbed, a man held a sawed off shot gun at her stomach. He wanted money, so being a fast thinker, she gave him a box full of quarters to weigh and slow him down. Then he told her to get on the ground.

“These are my brand new pants,” she groaned.

“You know I have a shot gun at your stomach?” he asked.

“But these are my new pants,” she insisted.

The second time she was robbed, two men burst into the copy office where she was working. Each guy held a gun to each side of her head as they demanded the money from the cash register. She handed them the $20 in the register.

“That’s it?” they asked.

“Copies are five cents each here. What did you expect? If you wanted big bucks you should have robbed a bank.”

None of the experiences above are laughing matters, but to hear Fran Capo tell them, you have to laugh out loud. She’s a human tornado spiraling higher and higher and faster and faster as she takes the world by storm. And I do mean the whole world. This natural born comedienne, adventurer, and 21book author has performed on every continent including Antarctica! She also holds the six time world record as the fastest talking woman, hosts a radio show, was on the cover of People Magazine’s “Most Influential People” and has appeared on numerous television shows. In addition to this, she is a motivational speaker and consultant.

She is coming to Seven Angels on June 22 with her show: “Love, Laughter and Light.” This is where she combines comedy, adventures, and motivation. Audiences will love her as they catch her infectious love for life. They will laugh out loud as they listen to her remarkable adventures and misadventures. They will also witness what it means to light up a room, which she invariably does by igniting the audience’s sense of possibilities.

How does she do it? Why do people keep asking her where she gets her energy from? “I have this love for life,” she explained. “My mom always told me nothing is impossible and my dad always said to look for humor in every day. I always try to turn a negative into a positive.”

She really does practice what she preaches. She believes that when you have something to look forward to, which is each new day, you get really excited about the small things. “People on this earth need to be happy and happiness comes from the inside. The problem is that people think too much in the past and the future instead of the present” she said. Fran definitely lives in the moment and will tell you about it in great detail until you cry laughing.

And wait until you discover how she managed to get her second husband to finally give her a divorce. Think an alligator.

She will be at Seven Angels in Waterbury on June 22. This is one show where you will leave feeling happier than when you entered. To continue that good feeling pick up a copy of her book “Hopeville: The City of Light.” Tickets are $30. Box office: 2037574676.

Watch the show at this link

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