World’s fastest talking female interviewed on Channel 7 in Australia! See if you can keep up with Fran’s interview!

Educators Nation Podcast by Educators Circle with Dr. Lisa and Special Guest World’s Fastest Talker, Fran Capo

Journals, Jewels, and Journeys interview. Imagine being invited to the home of a six-time World Record -holder – that’s no easy task.

A friend of Fran’s put this lovely montage together to share Hopeville with others.

Join Traveling Adventure Mom, Fran Capo, the world’s Fastest Talking Woman, and her son, Spencer Patterson, on her latest adventure where she rolls down a giant hill in a water filled gerbil ball, and then crawls on her stomach into the bowels of the earth behind a door that hasn’t been opened in over 100 …

Fran discovers “What’s Behind that Dam Door!” Read More »

Fran recaps the episodes of Star Wars leading up to “The Force Awakens” (without spoilers!)

Pranking Dr. Oz during sweeps week in a segment with my dear friend, Nurse Glen.

Fran Capo does stand up comedy act at Actor’s Studio in NYC for Big vision Fundraiser (June 2015) to help raise money to get kids off the street and keep them entertained. Hosted by George Bettinger, Radio host of the Mom and Pop Shop.

Spencer and I just did this crazy Flyboarding adventure out on Greenport Long Island.

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