Fran Capo, worlds fastest talking female speaks at Middle School 232 to motivate kids to follow their dreams. She zips through 4 talks in 2 hours, the kids love it and are motivated to share what they learned…it’s quick…its simple…take a look.

Fran Capo, the Guinness book of world records fastest talking female has dealt with family Cancer. Her mom and dad died of cancer, and her sister, Sharon had breast cancer and chose reconstructive surgery with Dr. Mark Silberman of the Plastic Surgery Group located in Great Neck. Learn about the procedure and the choices you …

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So what happens when the worlds fastest talker, Fran Capo…meets the worlds Fastest Knife thrower in Coney Island…She gets Knives thrown at her at record speed…now that’s one way to shut her up 🙂

Fran Capo – the fastest talking female in the world – sits down to have tea at Lady Mendl’s in New York City with her good friend, tea expert, Ellen Easton.

Fran Capo participates in a unique Guinness world record and interviews from inside a bubble while hugging Jackie Onassis. Gazillion Bubbles – 6/19/07

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