World Record #2: Fran re-breaks her own World’s Fastest Talking Woman Record

Fran Capo being introduced on a local news show at the Guinness Museum in Vegas, right after she broke her own Fast Talking World Record.

Dates: June 5, 1990 – World Record Breaking Day
World Record: Fastest Talking Woman
Where: Guinness Museum Las Vegas in front of live audience.
Documentation: Guinness Museum in Las Vegas, with Guinness Adjucators on location. News outlets, Guinness Plaque and media footage

Worlds Per minute (WPM): 603.32 words in 54.2 seconds or 11 worlds per second!

World Record Mindsets used to achieve this record:
“Just Say Yes” and “No such word as can’t”

(To hear the story of how Fran broke the fastest talking record click here to see Fran’s “World Record Mindset” Tedx Talk for full details.)

Quick Facts: The normal person speaks about 195 worlds per minute, Fran speaks almost 4 times faster than the average person. But it’s not enough to be fast, you must also be intelligible. So a machine called a Lexicon Compressor recorded her words, and then slowed them down to check the accuracy. In a fast talking world record breaking attempt, not one syllable can be missed. Fran has repeated this feat for the Discover Channel’s Show, “More than Human” in which they said the Broker section of her brain, which controls speech, is far faster than any other human.


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