The Meaning of Life

(This appeared in Grit – American & Traditions Magazine)
The Meaning of Life
By Fran Capo

Laugh a lot.
Follow your passion.,always.
Fall down seven times, get up eight,
don’t sue.
Learn to grow, be flexible
Surround yourself with love.
Give more than you take.
Take only what you need.
Don’t waste precious time.
Nothing is urgent,
      don’t run with scissors.
Don’t compare, everyone is unique.
Live in the present.
Only use carry on bags.
Accept yourself
      and capitalize on your strengths.
Avoid conflict,
      anger doesn’t demand action.
Climb mountains, dive in oceans,
      eat low fat ice cream.
Explore your inside as much as outside.
Be yourself and have a good time.
Talk to God or a therapist.
Live everyday as if it were your last and one day you’ll be right. Die – live – repeat.

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