Adventure Photos

Here are photos from some of my many adventures. The following are from my record breaking trip down to the wreck of the Titanic. This was in July, 2005.

mir1-225.jpg 13-225.jpg
Entering the submersible. Looking Snazzy in nomex.

On the deck of the Kelydish with the crew. I gave them all shirts.
The bow of the Titanic.


Another view of the wreck.

This next group is from the Kilimanjaro trip.

An image of the peak and a sample of the greeting cards.
One of the locals we met along the way. That’s my son Spencer, he’s the one on the left.
Whenever I do a book signing there’s a line. This one just happens to be at the top of Kilimamjaro.
shark31.jpg These next 3 are from my “Swim with the Sharks” adventure. The photos are alittle blurry but that’s because we are under water, and there’s a bunch of sharks around us.
shark21.jpg shark11.jpg

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