MamaBlogger 365: Ten Easy Tips on Humor and Parenting by Fran Capo

Kids can be frustrating at times, no matter what age. The key to keeping your sanity and your family together is humor. I have been a stand up comic for more than 20 years (and no, I am not going to reveal my age), and I’ve found out that my best humor comes from real-life experiences. After all, why write if you can just record your crazy life and tell people about it? But the great thing about humor is that it works well with every avenue of life from the workplace to relationships to the home. A person with a sense of humor doesn’t make jokes out of life, but merely recognizes the ones that are already there.

Life is filled with trials and tribulations that if not handled with the proper attitude can find you knocking at St. Peter’s door without an Invitation. Following are the top ten benefits of humor and how you can apply them to your parenting.

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