Welcome to CUPPA CAPO 365

cuppacapoWhat is a Cuppa Capo? Motivational Humor!

Cuppa Capo is a 1-year humor and motivational experiment by Fran Capo…the worlds fastest talking female, comic and motivational speaker. The purpose is to see if a small daily dose of both humor and motivation can transform people’s lives. Based on the principal that if people want to lose weight they exercise daily and watch any negative food they take in.  So why not have a motivational diet of positive inspiration and humor to keep you in shape to move through all your obstacles?

The bottom line is people always say to me …”Capo, I wish I could take your energy home and bottle it”.  So until I can figure out how to stick it in a bottle, I figured why not offer my energy a cup at a time on a daily basis for 365 consecutive days.  People say my crazy antics inspire them…so what the hell…take a daily cup and let me know how you like it.

I will be posting these daily on youtube and facebook. Here’s what you missed so far…
If you like it pass it on…and if not…Keepa you mouth shut! LOL

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