Cuppa Capo, Breaking & Entering & Myths and Mysteries February 2011

newsQuote: “The first step towards peace of heart is resigning as general manager of the universe. (Besides, I think the job’s already taken.)”

Action: Think of a one new way to promote yourself or your product on the web.

Join a new chat group, do a vlog, get a new website, cross promote, offer a promotion, become an affiliate, learn a new skill…just to something to get your business moving.

Hey Guys,

Well, hard to believe that it’s already the second month into the New Year!
Lots of new things happening on this end, as if that’s a shocker…Capo’s gotta keep moving.

Update at a glance:

Cuppa Capo – Daily humorous motivational tips as heard on Martha Stewart

Breaking & Entering – Movie about world record holders, winning awards and I’m in it.

Top Chef, Close call, worldwide stomachs are saved Live it up! Heads into new markets

Myths & Mysteries of New Jersey flying off shelves

Swimming in Fire water MC world record event for EMC and Pat down at airport leads to confiscation of breakfast bar Comedy Producer

Head on Collision due to die hard cell phone user

Too much stuff! – Collectibles & Sales Galore

Cuppa Capo – Daily humorous motivational tips.

So there I was on New Years Eve nearly having a heart attack because I said I would do 500 jump ropes into the New Year. I did it but then the thought came to me in between grasping for breaths, I needed motivation to finish this. Then I remembered that I had asked you guys in my last Capo update, and you voted that you’d rather see me do a Vlog (video blog) than do radio…so Cuppa Capo was born. It’s me just being my crazy self, and hopefully inspiring you through humor how to live a fantastic life. I’m up to #45 so far and they were already featured on Martha Stewart Radio Show on Feb 22 and on JohnBasdow TV. Here is a sample: #33 Cuppa Capo – In search for a shovel.

All the archives are at my website, Of course you can just sign up on my you tube channel, or see them on face book.

PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT AND SPREAD THE WORD.Breaking and Entering. (And I’m not talking jail here.)

Three years ago I let a film crew into my house on Thanksgiving Day to film me (in between bites of lasagna) talking about what inspired me to break a world record. Now after interviewing dozens of world record holders the film is an out, and winning award at independent film festivals. I was a surprise guest at the Premiere of the New York screening at Rerun Theater in Brooklyn.

At the end of the showing I got up in my Michael Jackson, white flashy sequin jacket and did while I didn’t do a moonwalk, I did a fast recap of the movie. We had our Live it up! TV crew there to film the whole event.

(Here’s a link to the movie trailer, I’m at the end…enjoy!

Top Chef, Close Call, world wide stomachs are saved

So at 10 pm on Feb. 10, I got a call from a producer I worked with 10 years ago at Leno. She is now with top chef and asks if I would be willing to fly out in the morning to do the show. I thought about it for a nano-second and said, “Yes.” Only challenge, had to be on set at 8:30 am for shoot and see if it was okay to change a comedy gig I had at Comedy Cabaret. Comedy producer said, “Go for it!” but unfortunately the airlines were not as accommodating. There were no flights that would get me to LA on any airline by 8:30 a.m. the next morning. Of course I thought, “teletransportattion?” or “Private jet maybe?” But alas, it was not in the cards. So, I did the comedy show had a blast, and for the moment the world is saved from my culinary fast talking skills.

Live it Up! Heads into New Markets.

Okay so you know I was co-hosting my own TV show called Live it up!

Well now I’m doing the adventure segments on that show as well. I’ve done the fire eating; sumo wrestling, knife throwing…and now my tornado segment will be airing soon. Our dear editor Louis LaPat, did a phenomenal job and I can’t wait to show you the segment I flipped in 80 mph winds, painful hail balls and giant tornados that flew me off camera. The show will now air in NY, NJ, CT, St. Louis and Cleveland.

Myths and Mysteries of New Jersey.

Well, my first in the Myths and Mysteries series is hitting record numbers in Barnes and Nobles and Borders book sales. If you love cold crime, ghost, strange phenomena and rugged heroes and heroine stories, you don’t have to be from New Jersey to love this book. I had to literally go to these creepy places to take photos along with my assistant, Dale Kilian, and we had a blast, that was when the police weren’t driving us around in the back seat of a cop car, or ghosts were tapping us on our shoulders at midnight in 100 year old cemeteries…long story, but all explained in the book. You can order it from my website, or from bookstores.

Swimming in Fire Water:

Every year my fiancée Steve and I go to Jamaica with his cousins, Lisa and Jeff. And every year I try to get them to do new adventures. Well, we managed to get Steve & Jeff to come along and tape our “natural healing spa” adventure in firewater. Basically it’s a pit in the backwoods of Jamaica, where sulfur makes it possible for the water to be on fire and you not get burnt. Unless of course you’re some kind of idiot and just lay on the fire. Anyway, here’s what it looks like.

Emcee World Record Event for EMC

I get asked to do a lot of speaking engagements. Well this particular one came during the very week I was in Jamaica. So the company that hired me agreed to fly me from Jamaica, back to New York and then back to Jamaica again after my performance. It was a world record event with the company breaking 3 simultaneous records in NY, Singapore and London. Only problem I found out, when you fly into Jamaica on a Monday there is not many people. Actually I was literally the only person on line. And I had no luggage and was coming in and out of the country within 10 hours. To them that spelled, drug dealer. I got searched, not 1x, not 2x but 4 times…yup the full pat down…they even announced my name over the loud speaker to go to the gate. I ran thinking I missed my plane, only to find out..yup another Pat down. In the end they wound up confiscating my breakfast bar.

Add to that delayed planes, snowstorms, and late car service. But through it all, I made it on time for the gig, everyone enjoyed it, and in no time I was back in Jamaica sunning myself with a great travel story to tell.

Comedy Show:
if you are in the Westchester area, I produce a comedy show 1x a month called, in an Italian restaurant called Piazza Roma. Fantastic headliners from all over the country. Next Dinner Comedy Show March 25th – 7 PM

Head on Collision or Get the hell off the phone:

As many of you know via my facebook, my son Spencer was in a head on collision on Feb .8th on a back lane, snow laden road. He was driving, and a middle-aged woman in a mini van was stopped in a driveway talking on a cell phone, but looking in the other direction. My son, beeped the horn, she didn’t flinch. Since she was stopped, he proceeded ahead. As he was approaching the driveway, she pulls out, still on the phone, makes a left turn without looking in that direction. My son, hits the horn and brakes, she finally sees him panics and stops, blocking both lanes. They collide. His airbags deploy. Luckily he was not hurt, his car was totaled. He shoulders his way out of his car, gets his EMT bag and goes over to see if the woman was okay…. and guess what! She was still talking on the phone and wouldn’t roll down her window. Ambulances came, he refused medical help at first, but then the tribal facebook village spoke out and he went to the doctor the next day. Outside of a sprained wrist, sore knee, and hurt neck he is fine. Moral: If your little pee brain cannot handle maintaining safe driving habits and talking on the phone, then Get the hell off the cell phone when you drive.

Too Much Stuff! Collectibles and other Sales Galore.

Okay, I’m selling my house in Queens, and have way too much stuff, but a lot of it is collectibles.

So if you like:

Shirley Temple dolls, Miss Piggy items, silver Batman charm bracelet, Star wars watch, 4 Peanuts drinking glasses, antique inventory books, Yankee clipper sleds, Marilyn Monroe doll, Marilyn Monroe cup, cowboy jewelry, costume jewelry, a hooked on phonics complete kit, a back door (yes you read that right) and a Italian Marble dining room set…. let me know.

That’s it for now…check out Cuppa capo…and I’ll see you in a month.

Till then

Create a great Month!

Fran Capo

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