Worlds Fastest Talking Female Rattles off list of shows for XM-Sirius spot and winds up with gig on new radio show that is on Oprah’s radar

New York City- Fran Capo, comedienne, motivational speaker, author, adventurer and the four- time world record holder, most known as the Guinness Book of World Records fastest talking female clocked at 603.32 wpm always seems to land gigs in a very interesting way.

This time the fast talker did an impromptu video interview at Rags a Go-Go, clothing store on 14th street in Manhattan upon being recognized by the owner who shot the video by a clothing rack. It then appeared on youtube and the next thing Capo knows is she’s getting a call to be the fast talking voice for the new XM-Sirius radio commercial.

The spot is Capo rattling off all the show offerings that XM-Sirius has. It is airing on the top stations during morning and afternoon drive time· and Capo is getting some interesting offers.

One came from Saranne Rothberg, CEO and founder of www.Comedy, an organization devoted to helping people with illness, cope and cure it through laughter. Oprah talks about Saranne in her new book.

Saranne had a brainstorm of an idea. Her new radio show, ComedyCures, Laugh Talk Radio on 970 AM, Sundays from 11- noon EST was launching the next day. She wanted to know if Fran would listen to the show and then do a two- minute recap …from beginning to end…really fast. Fran lost her mom to cancer, and her sister just had a double mastectomy…so Fran quickly agreed. Emails came pouring in, the segment was a hit! Now Fran can be heard every Sunday 11 to Noon EST on that channel doing her funny, fast, recap for those who may have tuned in late. The show also stream live at

Fran now has been flooded with opportunities to do TV recaps and motivational tours for school kids.

Capo says, ‘Anything that involves, fast talking, humor and motivation….I’m game.”

Fran’s new e-book, “Hopeville, the City of Light” is now available on her website.· Says Capo…”That’s one book people don’t have to read at the speed of light, and it gives motivation to all.· 10% of proceeds goes to fighting cancer.” To learn more about Fran go to To interview Fran direct call: 917-975-2149.

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