December 2008 – Crickets, Albino Hedgehogs, and XM Sirius Commercial

Quote: Faith believes the invisible, sees the impossible and creates the unbelievable.

Hey Guys,

Well the year as gone by almost as quickly as I speak. Here’s wishing you a happy holiday filled with laughter, health and success. And if you can’t buy many presents this year…blame it on Santa…even if you’re not Christian…you can make him the fall guy

Capo Update at a glance:

1- Fast mouth on new XM-Sirius commercial
2- Capo does new fast talking stint on weekly Comedy Cures Radio show AM 970
3- Capo hits Vancouver, Cowtown and Vegas for
4- Fast Hosting for NYC Ripley’s Odditorium
5- Adventure Travel mom spreads all over the internet
6- Fast talking and knife thrower do first wedding
7- Fran motivates America in record speed
8- 3000 kids in action
9- From 10-12, Capo gets two new book deals
10-Michael Kors, Boulevard and Elements give great goody bags
11.Upcoming event – Dec. 18th, 2008 7 pm
12. Holiday gift idea: Autographed books, CD’s, DVD’s – 10% off
On a personal note: Gorgeous house, empty nest and surviving breast cancer.

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The Complete Capo Story:

1- Fast mouth on new XM-Sirius commercial –
So you all know that XM and Sirius radio merged…so who better than to recite all the programs that they have available than the worlds fastest talking female. So if you hear a commercial on 1010 wins, or XM Sirius radio or Z100 with a fast talking lady…that’s me. Please let me know if you hear it, if they mention me by name and on what station. Thanks! (Funny story on how I got it…so I’m doing my weekly 100 block walk with my friend, Fitness Celebrity John Basedow. We’re on 14th street and we see a discount clothing store, Rags a go go. John tries to bargain the shirt down. The owner says, “Only if you agree to do an interview for my Internet TV show.” We agree. She locks the door (a tad scary) and then interviews us by the coat rack. She puts the video up on youtube. I get a call from a producer who sees it and I book the commercial.)

2- Capo does new fast talking stint weekly Comedy Cures Radio show AM 970
When my mom got cancer and then again when my sister got breast cancer, I was told to contact Saranne Rothberg, president and CEO of You see Saranne had 4th stage cancer and beat it. She appeared on Oprah, and talked about her new direction in life…to help people with sickness through laughter. The word of her comedy luncheon shows for caregivers and their families spread and she was offered a radio show, which launched this past Sunday on, AM 970 radio at 11 AM – till Noon.
I get a call from her at midnight on Saturday. “Hey Fran, how would you like to listen to the show, then do a funny fast recap at the end.” I was game. So I sat there, listened, typed quickly, made it into a routine and went on the air with a minute to spare. The segment was a hit and now I am going to be a regular on the show doing the recap. I will be featured in the radio website as well.

You can listen every Sunday at:
Comedy Cures Laughtalk Radio
Station: AM 970 The apple
Time: 11 am to Noon, EST
Live streaming live: or
Listeners can call in number during the show ONLY: 866-970-9622
3- Capo hits Vancouver, cowtown and Vegas for
For a second year in a row I was hired by to be their spokesperson for their “Fast talk your way to Vegas” contest where they choose the fastest talking Canadian.
I did a whirlwind, two-day media tour in Vancouver and Calgary. I had an hour break before one of the shows…so Lisa, one of Edelman’s PR people says…”Hey Fran do you want to go to lunch?” I say…”Actually I want to walk across the 595 foot suspension bridge that I read about.” She says, “Ah that’s not in the job description and I’m scared of heights.” But I convince her to do it…She is screaming…”Oh no…Oh my gosh…” All the way. Then one bratty kids run across the bridge and shakes it…She yells, IF you want to see a grown woman cry…. then keep doing that.”
Later while at Urban Rush studios there is this guy Mike from…he has a snake, a chinchilla and an albino hedgehog with him. I convince Lisa to hold the animals. She put her foot down with the tarantula…maybe next time.
A month later after the lucky 7 finalists were chosen, we were all flown out to Vegas, compliments of, Planet Hollywood, West Jet, and the Las Vegas Convention and VIsitors Authority. There was a talk off, in which I emceed and an Elvis impersonator opened up for me. This girl Misha from Calgary won an all expense paid VIP trip with her husband.
Meanwhile I was put up in this gorgeous 1550-foot suite with the Bugsy theme. Looking around the room I see a machine gun from the movie in a case. I realized I had never shot a machine gun (which I guess a lot of people haven’t)…so I went to the local Gun shop (called the Gun shop) and shot 50 rounds of a Colt 16 submachine gun.
Then I rode the Big shot, the tallest ride in the US, then went to see my friend, Gerry McCambridge the mentalist perform at hooters. It was all-fantastic.

4- Fast Hosting for NYC Ripley’s Odditorium

If you happen to walk into the NYC Ripley’s Odditorium in Times Square these days…you might just run into me. I’ve been hosting some corporate events there. It’s a great place if you want a unique office party for people to remember.
I had hosted the Aceno party. Turns out one of their employees, a guy nicknamed Hollywood, had bet made a bet and lost, he owed the VP $500 bucks and hadn’t paid up. The VP said he could even the score if I could get Hollywood to do one little thing.
I had to get him (with the coaxing of his co-workers) to eat 7 dead crickets. You see, you can get some pretty odd prank gifts at Ripley’s and that was in their gift bag.
Hollywood did it, and was now out of debt. However I did hear that no one wants to kiss him.

5- Adventure Travel mom spreads all over the internet
Okay, I can now be seen on myspace, followed on Twitter, looked up on youtube and jibjab. (Yeah, I know I need a facebook…give me a chance.) I also have a blog on the WB site….But I have now added a VLOG to the mix. (Of course I have to learn how to edit my little Flip pieces.)

But my first two VLOGS are alive and well on
I am their adventure mom and I will post new episodes every Monday.

I also have videos on and soon to be on U-stream.

6- Fast talking and knife thrower do first wedding
You all know I became a ordained minister and did the first memorial prayer down by the wreck site of the Titanic…but what you don’t know was I hadn’t done a land wedding yet. So my good friend, Jeannie calls me up and says her boss Frank is getting married and want’s me to marry him (to his wife to be of course.) Not wanting to mess things up, I call in my buddy, Throwdini, the worlds fastest knife thrower…he is also an ordained minister. (Hey what do you think we just sit around and break records all day…we have God’s work to carry out.) Anyway, they got married by the foot of the Brooklyn bridge…my high heels keep getting stuck in the pebbles, and when they had to say I do a train went by…so they mimed it. But it was a beautiful wedding. Although I do have to admit I was tempted to say, “Dearlybelovedoyoutake….” Really fast and then say, “I’m only kidding”…Luckily Throwdini only threw rice and not knives. Congrats to them.

7- Fran motivates America
On November 11th in New York City, the refurbished Intrepid was not the only thing new in town. The Motivate America Awards was being held at the Manhattan Center honoring people with inspiring stories, people who beat all odds. This year’s theme was honoring our troops and military families as the “2008 people of the year”. I was the opening act, giving a quick run down of the event. The event is the brainchild of Kevin McCrudden…it was his dream to acknowledge positive actions. My good friend and producer buddy, Donna Drake got me and our mutual friend, John Basedow involved. If you’d like to find out more or view a video on the event go to

8 – 3000 kids in action

So what happens when 50 buses bring 3000 middle school kids to Farmingdale College early in the morning? They become part of Kids in Action, where the goal is to motivate them while young to live a complete life or wellness. On hand, once again through the efforts of Donna Drake … was myself and Fitness celebrity John Basedow. We presented our talk, Success Made Simple. The local press showed up while we motivated kids, made them laugh, did pushups, talked to the winner of an essay contest and her class in a private session, did a luncheon for the sponsors, signed autographs and took pictures. The kids said they were inspired to break world records and do great things. John and I present out Success Made Simple talks to schools all over Long Island. If you would like this talk brought to your school email me.

8- From 10-12, capo gets two new book deals
Why stop at ten books when you can have 12. I just got two more new book deals. They are supposed to be hot off the press in 5 months…. I better start writing!

9- Michael Kors, Elements and Boulevard all give good bags:
Lately I’ve been going to a lot of Red Carpet events. The food is great, the setting classy and they give great goody bags. Now if I were only able to recognize who people were I’d be in good shape.

11.Upcoming event
Want some inspiration to take you into the New Year? Then come see my event. New stories, laughter and inspiration…plus 20% off all my items. The info is below:

What: Fran Capo’s Dare to do it talk.
Date & Time: Thursday, 18 December 2008, 07:00 PM – 10:00 PM Location: One Spirit
330 38th Street Suite 1500 Between 8th and 9th Avenue Near Times Square (Port Authority Bus Terminal
New York City, NY 10018
My Books at event are 20% off.

12. Holiday gift idea: Autographed books, CD’s, DVD’s – 10% off
Know anyone who likes unique gifts signed by a world record holder? If so, go to my bookstore at and order an inexpensive holiday gift.
The New York City book is great if you have anyone coming into town.
Have something you are trying to market? Then how about my Secret of Publicity 3 CD set? There’s a lot to choice from.

Also selling select estate one of a kind jewelry…must make private appointment or will send pictures via email.

On a personal note: Gorgeous house, empty nest and surviving breast cancer.
On my boyfriend:

On my boyfriend:
Gorgeous house: Thanks to my friend, interior designer, Natalie Weinstein Natalie Weinstein Design Associates…my boyfriend’s house looks fabulous. I drove her crazy since being a domestic diva is not for me…but we did make it look great…Fancy rugs, and curtains…she took all my mom’s antiques and my good stuff from my house to his an arranged it nicely… So my stuff moved in before I did. Eventually I’ll follow. I told Steve, we can’t get into a fight now…he’s got too much of my stuff! Imagine it’s going on 9 years…and I still stayed the same age…amazing.

On my son:
Empty nest: So my son now has a room in an apartment with 5 other college kids. I miss him around the house…too quiet. He does come home on weekends, then we hang out…and I do his laundry. Good kid, junior year, acting, web design business, and EMT, and office manager for a tour company. So the other day he is home and is getting ready to leave, I say where are you going? He says, “Home.” I said, “What? THIS IS your home. That is your apartment…get it straight or no more laundry for you.” He smiled. I now have a pile by the washing machine.

On my sister:
So my sister a belly-dancing mama had her double mastectomy back in Sept. She is doing great and has a good attitude about it. Our family deals with things through humor. So she says to me the other day…”My breasts have no sensations…but I got tell you that make good hand warmers.”

That’s one way to look at it. Humor is like a changing a baby’s diaper. It doesn’t permanently fix the problem…but it sure makes it better for a while.

Look for the humor this holiday season…let all things be merry.

Till next time.

Focus on the good…energy goes where focus flows.

Happy Holidays
Fran Capo

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