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Especially in the wake of Covid19, online stats mean a lot when doing business. Here are some of Fran’s Stats, and also some interesting facts for articles and interviews.

Fran’s Internet & Social Media Stats:  

    • Viral Video: Fran’s “Worlds Fastest Talking Woman Recites 3 Little Pigs in under 15 seconds” you tube video went viral, leading her to be featured in thousands of media outlets around the world including: Metro News, BBC, Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Buzz 60, YahooNews, Meredith Viera show, ABC, NBC, Fox, ABC and internationally in countries like Croatia, the Cheech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam, Scandinavia and Korea, which lead to speaking engagements across the county on have to have a world record mindset.


    • Fran’s broke her 9th world record on the Hilton Head Tedx stage going her “World Record Mindset Talk” in under a minute.


    • Fran’s 18th book, “Hopeville: The City of Light” hit number 11 on Amazon! Causing the book to be ordered by corporations to help people gain their mojo back, and productivity to increase in the work place. It’s being touted as the “Alchemist meets Think and Grow Rich.” It’s the divine inspired Aesop’s fable for the corporate and spiritual worlds.
    • Twitter- Fran Capo was trended on Twitter during Disney’s Social Media Moms Convention.
    • Jib Jab- Posted her fast “Twas Night Before Christmas” audio reading and got 17,000 hits In 24 hours. That video was competing with “Charlie Brown Christmas” and ”Budweiser” for the #1 spot. That led to a series called “Fast Fran’s” sendables on Jib Jab.
    • CNN- Fran was on CNN international, and it became the top 5 watched videos of the week. Bringing in 2.5 million hits to her website in 1 day. (Click here)
    • You tube: Discovery Channel – “More than Human”– Fran’s  You tube Discovery clip has over 3,653,000 views and counting.
    • Youtube: Fran Capo “Horrible Bosses” Movie Review with John Basedow has 3 million views and counting.
    • Fran’s Volkswagon “fast vs fast” internet commercial hit over 164,396 views in just 3 months.

    Spokesperson Work in numbers:

    • Auntie Anne’s Pretzel – Spokesperson. Fran brought in over $1 million dollars worth of publicity in 7 days.
    • Chock Full of Nuts – Her NYC 1 hour Penn Station Campaign was targeted to hit it big in the tri-state. Instead it got publicity in over 45 major cities!
    • When her book, Almost a Wise Guy was released she got asked to do 231 radio shows in 1 month.
    • Fran has done spokesperson and corporate work for fortune 500 and 100 companies.
    • Each one of Fran’s “It Happened in…” books has gone into second editions.
    • Save the Children USA hired Fran to read all the hundreds of names of everyone that donated from around the country

    In General, Fran:

    • Holds 9 world records: listed in 5 different World Record books: Guinness, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Believe the Unbelievable, Record Holders Republic and the Divers Almanac
    • Speaks 11 words per second (603 wpm)
    • Talks 7 miles an hour. (and yes even talks in her sleep!)
    • Performed on all 7 continents (Yes, even Antarctica)
    • 50 commercials (Radio & TV combined)
    • 5000 +radio shows & Podcasts
    • 450 +TV shows both national and international
    • 3 CD sets  (Science of Getting Rich, Secret of Publicity, Hopeville: The City of light)
    • Written 22 books (see Fran’s bookstore for details- link)
    • Written over 2000 articles (Internet & traditional print)
    • Has about 3,390,000 results if you Google her name.
    • Has been written up in 14 other books on entertainment
    • Has 2 proclamations from the City of New York
    • Has 2 You Tube channels: Cuppa Capo and FranCapo
    • Co-created the very first Cybersitcom: The Estrogen Files.
    • Has 1 rap record (Rappin Mae) and went on tour with LL Cool J, the Fat Boys and Roxanne Shante
    • Has a chicken recipe in her honor called, “Fran’s Speedy Chicken recipe. Created by DJ Chef
    • Has 1 theme song written by Mark Shepard called “Adventure Girl” which holds a world record fastest from concept to syndication.
    • Has hosted 3 TV shows: CBS affiliated Live it Up!, Fran’s World on Rock Me TV! And Out of This World!
    • Has been in 20 movies and or documentaries with parts (not extra work) that are listed on IMBD and one movie, “Sunday” won, First Prize at Sundance film festival and “Father and Father” won 22 awards internationally.
    • Was the weather girl on WBLS radio
    • Has been a stand up comic for over 30 years
    • She has done her stand up comedy in 36 states
    • Her first on screen debut was in David Bowie’s music video “Fashion.” (Funny story about this one…check video)
    • She attended Queens College and is on their wall of fame next to Ray Romano, Joy Behar and Jerry Seinfeld.
    • She made Dean’s list and had a 3.5 GPA
    • Had perfect attendance throughout her entire 4 years at Jamaica High School. (Yeah, a real goody two shoes ?)
    • Is the only person to do a book signing at both the Top of Kilimanjaro and down by the wreck site of the Titanic.
    • Created “Stand-Up for Animals” where she raised money to stop cruel Draize and LD50 tests on animals, and has done work for many charaties including, Comedy Cures, Make a Wish, World Vision etc.
    • Was married three times. Third times the charm.
    • Was held up at gunpoint 3 times. (Yes, all in New York)
    • Was cast in reality show called, “Ladies of the Pulpit.” Due to the fact she is also an Ordained Minister.
    • Fran Capo is a certified Hypnotherapist and created a Nighttime “Mindset Meditation” that has helped hundreds during the Covid 19 virus relax, reduce stress and anxiety and get a good nights sleep.

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