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If you or your company has any interest in being a part of promoting self esteem and the “Nothing Impossible” philsophy to elementary and middle school students, then this is the opportunity for you.”

Fran Capo and Eitan Battat are looking for 3 corporate sponsors who would like their names associated with an educational talk to schools. Their sponsors names would be prominently displayed during talks, samples handed out to schools and mentioned in all media relating to this project.”
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Contact: Fran Capo (845) 526-3290 or (917) 975-2149
Eitan Battat (203)-915-1734
CONNECTICUT: While attending a Contact Advocate seminar in Connecticut, Eitan Battat, owner of Kiwi Publishing, happened to see, Guinness Book World Record holder and motivational speaker Fran Capo do her keynote presentation, “Creativity in Marketing.” Immediately after the presentation Eitan approached Fran with a very noble cause. You see the two had a very special bond, they both climbed Kilimanjaro. Fran had climbed July 10, 2004 and managed to garner a new world record in Ripleys Believe it or Not – Planet Eccentric book, by being the first author to do a book signing at the top of that mountain.
Eitan, who climbed Feb. 16, 2005, had a totally difference experience. Twenty four hours after his summit to Kilimanjaro, Eitan, and two other friends were sitting in their hotel courtyard about to head back to the US. They were talking about how they’d love to see something around the area that few tourists see. They happened to met a man named, Dr. Fideles Owenya, who offered to take them to his home village of Tella. After a trek up a an unpaved dirt they came upon the primary school. To their amazement, children were running all over the place, yelling “Wazoongo! Wazoongo!” which means “white man” in Swahili. They were immediately surrounded by kids of all ages, who were very curious to see the new visitors. They visited the kindergarten classroom. To their astonishment, there were only a few wooden benches in the dark room. There were no children’s drawings, art work or posters, nor were there books, board games, or blocks.
They met with the Pastor, Barnabas Jackson Ngowi, who serves as the Principle of the school. The pastor informed them that a sack of sugar would last the entire school year and provide 300 children with sugar. They were touched and immediately offered to buy a sack of sugar that would last for a year. Later they learned that many children could not afford to pay for the sugar, and had dropped out of school. But now they would return to school after this small act of generosity. Word quickly spread and the entire school assembled in lines and saluted us by singing the Tanzanian National Anthem. They were all moved, touched and inspired. The friends made a commitment to help the school in any form they could.
Eitan being a publisher, went home, took the pictures he shot of Kilimanjo an made them into greeting cards. He sold them for $15 a pop. A few months later he sent $1400 in profits to the school. He recently learned that that money enabled the school to purchase, blackboards, electricity, put in running water and let the kids go to school for a year. The school is still a far ways away from having all the learning tools it needs.
So the idea was born, combine Fran’s talents and Eitan’s greeting cards. Fran’s picture of her doing the book signing on the top of Kilimanjaro was incorporated into the pack of greeting cards, to personalize the pack. Fran does motivational talks in the school system called, “The Nothing Impossible tours.” The two look for sponsors for her speaking engagements so the American schools don’t have to lay out any money. The only obligation of the American Schools is for them to purchase between $100 – $250 worth of greeting cards from the publisher. This way in essense the American School Children are helping the African School Children. All the profits of the greeting cards goes to the Tella School. After they have raised a sufficient amount of money. Eitan and Fran plan to go back to Africa and present the check to the school. They are hoping to make a documentary of the whole experience showing people that anyone who decides to put their mind to it, can make a difference in the world, and that efforts no matter how small can make a huge difference in the life of a child.

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