Final Two Mysteries Revealed. March 2005

Hi Guys,

Hope you all are doing well and had a nice Valentines Day and for those in the tri-state had fun in the snow…

Okay so here’s the latest:


Montel Williams Show:
I mentioned I taped the Montel show…found out it will air in May during sweeps. Will keep you posted on the dates…had a great time…what was interesting was looking around and realizing these weird people are my peers! Can’t tell you any more except there was some pretty strange stuff happening on that show…you’ll have to see for yourself when it airs. But one of the Ripley’s guys was on CSI-NY that same night.

I got asked to go to London to do some promotion on my book, Adrenaline Adventures (Authorhouse)…and to attend the London Book Fair. I head there March 12th – 15th.
Authorhouse is doing a whole media campaign for my book and so:

BBC Radio Show
I taped from their New York studios a British radio show called: Up all Night. They got a kick out of my accent…which of course I felt they had it the other way round!

BBC- Publishing News (Print)
Got called from Publishing News Magazine to talk about my two world records, my book and my next world record attempt at the Titanic…After my fast talking interview the interviewer, Roger emailed me and said, “Thanks Fran! Hugely enjoyed our chat! Be nice to Steve this weekend. I mean, put yourself in his shoes…(this is meant kindly, you understand!)” I laughed…I guess men all over the world can only handle so much fast talking!

National EXAMINER (not Enquirer)
Yes, I made it once again into the supermarket tabloids.
It is available this week nationwide. My article appears in the issue with a cover date of March 7 but which is on the newsstands now. I’m on page 44. Prince William is on the cover. They also were the first magazine to use my new headshot…it was a great article, and no reference to my fast talking being due to me coming from another planet.

Inside Edition (tentative)
Got a call from Inside Edition because they saw the article in National Examiner…they want to do a quick story on me…details will follow, but they may show some footage from the movie I was in.


Have two more Book signings scheduled:
One Saturday, April 2 at the St. Barnes and Nobles located at 842 Sunrise Hwy, Bay Shore at
4:30 P.M. Store number is (631) 206-0198.

The other at a library in Toms River, NJ. On April 19th.


Spencer will be in an episode of the new MTV show called Damage Control. The show begins to air on Sunday, March 6th. We don’t have Spencer’s airdate yet.

I will be on two upcoming episodes of a new Nick at Nite Show called Hi Jinx. Don’t have airdate yet.

And now for the Celebrity encounters:

In the Feb. Capo update I was heading to the Screening of the independent film by John Reidy called, Signs of the Cross that I was in (along with A few guys from the Sopranos, Carol Alt (model) Chuck Zito (Hells angel guy – Analyze This), and the dad from Wonder years)

Anyway, The after party was at a place called the Pink Elephant. Our party ran long and we started to notice a shift in the atmosphere…all of a sudden there was a buzz that Don King was in the room. My friend Lisa had befriended a reporter that came in, this guy David and told him I was the fastest talker. I walked over to him and we talked for a minute and then I said….”So wadda ya think, the fastest talker meets the Best fighting promoter?” He said…come on…Next thing I know we are parting three massive body guards and I’m sitting down and chatting it up with the hair man himself.

See the link:
Click here: Boxing News — 24 hours/day – Reload often!

But it didn’t end there. The party was for this guy named Zab Juddah who had just won the welterweight division. Being short I couldn’t see the action, so I stood on a chair, Zab noticed me, I smiled at him…and then I leaned over to the photographer…so what bout the fastest hands meet the fastest mouth?

He laughed and the next thing I knew I was doing the three little pigs for Zab and his cronies, and they snapped a picture.

They got a kick out of me and then this Robert Deniro look alike guy said,
“You ever hear of Twista?”
Of course I thought it was a game.
He said,’No the big rap star Twista? I think the two of you should cut a rap record together…”Twista meets the White Tornado.”
I said “I’m game” (After all I had done a rap record years ago when I worked at WBLS – I did a song called, Rappin Mae and actually went on tour with LL Cool Jay and the Fat boys.)

So I’m escorted to the back of the party and meet these five big black guys.
I say, “So which one of you is Twista?”
They all start laughing, “Hey sista…do we all look alike to you?”
I laughed…”How the hell do I know…all I know brother is that I’m suppose to meet some guy Twista and talk fast for him.”
I told them who I was…and then they start high fiving me, and introducing me to their friends…next thing I know I’m doing the three little pigs for Usher’s body guard.

Last I heard they are telling Twisa about me.
In the last Capo update I mentioned I was in the process of getting more sponsors on board for my submarine trip down to the Titanic, in which I would be going down with Brian Day O’Conner.

Well, Brian arranged for me, Spencer and my producer friend Lisa to meet with his Mom, Sandra Day O’Conner (The first women appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Regan) at the Supreme Court. My schedule got crazy and the bottom line was I drove into DC during the snowstorm and met with this grand lady in her chambers for 20 minutes. I gave her a copy of Adrenaline Adventures and she actually opened it and read the table of contents and told me which adventures she would do. She is very gracious. It was like meeting living history. She also just arranged for a private tour for us of the Supreme Court. Just so you know she has set history again…she was the first woman to ever preside over a session.

Life is just filled with wonderful twists and turns.

Oh Yeah, One more surprise:
Oh yeah, and I guess I should let you guys know that I became an Ordained Minister. So if you ever want to get married by the fastest talking female…I’m available.

That’s it for now,

Capo signing off!

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