Cool TV & Snowmobiles. April 2005

Hi Guys,

For those of you who celebrated it, hope you had a wonderful Easter. The Capo clan went over to some friends house and munched down on polish sausages, quiche and a ton of dessert.

So now of course I feel I have to work it off, how?
By once again signing up for the 42 mile – Five borough bike tour…that takes place on May 1, 2005. Spencer of course will join me. Anyway one wanted to also peddle around the city can go to:
Okay now for the Capo news.

Let’s start with this weekend:


Saturday, April 2
Barnes and Nobles located at 842 Sunrise Hwy, Bay Shore at
4:30-5:30 P.M. Store number is (631) 206-0198.
Yup, talking about my book Adrenaline Adventures once again but this time for folks out on Long Island.
(I will leave promptly at 5:30 because I gotta run (well actually drive) over to Cherry Hill New Jersey to do a 9:30 stand up show at the Comedy Cabaret.)

The other book signing is at a library in Toms River.
Date: April 19th
Time: 7:30 PM
event: Talk and booksigning of Adrenaline Adventures
Location: Brick Branch of the Ocean County Library
Telephone number: (732)477-4513


My son Spencer is on the new hot tv show called “Damage Control”
It airs this Sunday, April 3rd at 9:30 PM on MTV (Ch. 20 in NY)
He also has a new website for those interested at this link:

(There is an underscore between optimist and department…If link doesn’t work type it in…but you will see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…although at one point he did make the funny comment, after a lousy day he said, “You know mom, I Hate being an optimist!” – one of life’s oxymoron’s.)


The London Connection:
While over in London I wound up doing back to back media for Adrenaline Adventures (all provided through my publisher Authorhouse and Midas PR)…but I managed to fit an adventure in as soon as I landed.

You see after flying all night, my hotel room wasn’t ready. They told me it would be at least 3 hours. It was at that moment that I spied a brochure with a big ferris wheel on it, well actually its called the London eye, and is known as the worlds tallest observation wheel, measuring in at 443 feet. So instead of sitting in the lobby, or getting upset, I decided to hop on the underground…(the train or subway to us New Yorkers) and ride a few stops to take a spin. I snapped some pictures of Big Ben, and Westminster Abby then headed back in time for my room to be ready. Had a 1/2 hour to change and then did a fantastic non stop media tour, which covered:

Being on a game show panel at the London Book Fair (Although I did miss some of the questions due to the language barrier…Americanese vs. Londonese…)
-Doing three top radio shows,
-Doing The Top Morning TV show called, This Morning (Equal to The Today Show and Good Morning America Over here) (BTW I later found out the top morning shows were bidding for me to be on…which is always nice to know).

OH yeah and While on the live show, I said the name of my publisher on air which I didn’t know wasn’t allowed on British TV. The host said, “Noticed you fast talked that right in”
I realized at that moment it was a no-no, but it was live…so what could I do?
So I said, “Look I said it so fast its really more subliminal anyway. I could say it three more times if you like?” then started to pucker my mouth…then laughed, didn’t want those nice folks having a heart attack.
Of course I did look around when I got off air to make sure the London FCC police weren’t there to smack some duct tape on my mouth and hit me with a billy club.
-Anyway the final interview was for a newspaper, The Daily Express. It took place 1 hour before I hopped back on the plane.
The article started…”She never shuts up and she never slows down”…
(I say that’s a pretty accurate observation)

And seeing as I don’t shut up… I also met with Ripley’s Believe it or Not people at the fair and we are talking about some pretty exciting stunts that I might be doing with them…can’t reveal it till they give me the go ahead. Yeah, I know…lots of secrets.

Montel Williams Show – Will air during May Sweeps
Nick at Nite Show (Hi Jinx) will air also during May Sweeps

Reocurring radio:
I have been asked by three radio stations, one in Louisiana, one in Canada and one in Spain to do monthly interviews about my Capo updates…pretty cool.
You can hear my recent Spanish interview by going to

And now for My Idaho Snowmobiling Adventure: (Condensed version)
(THE FULL STORY WILL APPEAR IN Adrenaline Adventures 2).
I was hired by the good folks at International Food Technologists to fly out to Snow Valley (The first ski resort in the world) to give my 1 hour talk called, “Dare to Do it.”
The contact guy Robert asked when I wanted to fly in. Knowing that I am always looking for an adventure, I asked if snowmobliing was available. He told me he could arrange it.
I flew in two days early. Well it was near blizzard conditions as one point, but hey why let white out stop you? Just because the plane had to land in the Twin Falls airport instead of the Snow Valley airport is no reason not to snowmobile.

So with adventure in mind, Robert and I set out to snowmobile. We were the only ones out there (wonder why). Actually the snow did subside a tad. Anyway, Robert was leading but going a bit too slow for me, so I took the lead and cranked it up to the max.
I kept going as I flew past the sign that said, “Test fee area.” I still saw snowmobile vague tracks ahead so I continued on my merry way. A few feet in, the blade of my snowmobile went a millimeter off the road and the next thing I knew I was in chest high snow. Luckily I was head up.
Robert got out and offered to help me, but I told him to take a picture first.
We were 11 miles out and our cell phones weren’t working. I was laughing thinking, well this makes a better story than we just had a nice ride.
For the next hour we dug, tried to lift, tried to tow, and even tried to put wood underneath the snowmobile to get it out. Nada. Robert kept saying, “I gotta get you back, you’re the speaker.” Hell, my speech wasn’t till the next day. Kidding I said, “Look worst that happens, we can build an igloo.” He didn’t like the idea.
Finally we headed back on his snowmobile, told the shop we rented it from what happened. They just laughed. At least you didn’t do like the Frenchman last week who tried to jump the lake with it and sank it.
The next day I did my lecture and I highlighted our adventure during my talk.
Robert was red, but now he’s famous. We agreed to go snowmobiling again…who knows maybe this time he’ll stick me in the igloo.

Till next time…may all your adventures be safe!

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