Quote: “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the other guy has an even better sob story.” If you’re still wondering after all these weeks, “Why should I use humor in my speaking?”, then I better write another column! But for those die hards who are still joke shy, let’s look at some

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Quote: “A person with a sense of humor doesn’t make jokes out of life, they merely recognize the ones that are already there.” The ideal situation when presenting any kind of lecture is to make your audience feel that you are one of them—just with a bit more information. You want the audience to feel

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Joke: Since it was written in the will, “Being of sound mind. I spent every cent before I died.” No matter what your topic is, no matter how interested the audience is, and no matter how great a speaker you are – there is a limited amount of information that an audience can take in

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Recently, I was asked to present what they call in the business world, as the “Great Impostor” routine, to a very large corporation. Simply put, it is when you go into a corporate setting pretending to be one of the high level executives, outside specialists, or leaders in their field when in fact, you really

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Humor is a universal phenomenon, but what is funny, is not. Every culture laughs, but we all have different guidelines on what we find funny. The British humor (like Monty Python) is different than American humor, which differs from street humor like Def Jam. Luckily, humor has three common denominators.

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