CAPO UPDATE: Jan- March 2015

Fast Talk, Black Tongue, Sex & mountain climbing

“Always be ready for the unexpected,
it’s a great way to live life to the fullest” – Fran Capo

Hey Guys,
Okay, so I want to know how it’s already the end of March and it’s still snowing!!!! I gotta pay that Ground Hog off so he’ll make better predictions.

So, I thought I’d get a Capo update out to you once a month…but noooooo, the time flew by so here is a quick, didn’t have a chance. So here’s a recap of what has happened the first quarter of the year. (Grab a Cuppa Capo coffee this may take a few minutes.)

Capo at a Glance: 19 cool things that happened.

1. Fran Capo & Fashion
So I started out the New Year with some nice ink…on Tammy Duffy’s Fashion blog, (and no they were not asking me to do a runway spin) but I did find out about a cool temple to visit, and talked about how I designed jewelry and themed bathrooms. (You didn’t know that about me did you?) Did you also know that I was David Bowie’s Fashion video? Yup, look on Youtube, I’m midway in the video.
Moral: You never know what things you did when you were younger will come back to amuse or haunt you later.

2. UK Radio Show: (Tuesday Jan. 20, 2015)
Then I figured why stop especially when England (yes the whole Country is calling- Yeah Right…) But the point is I got asked to do a British Radio show, had loads of fun especially because the host happened to be a world record holder himself and he thought I talked with an accent!
XFM Breakfast Show with Tim Cocker –
Special on Guinness World Record Holders. Manchester, UK
Moral: Like-Minded people have a special connection.

3. ENERGY and Laughter!
Radio Interview: (Jan 28, 2015) (at 1:40 into the show)
I get a call from Adriane Berg, who hosts a radio show called Super Aging…. It’s a show for Boomers and anyone interested in the positive things in life. (Yes, me who says I’m 37 till I’m 97 and sticking to it, got asked to be on an aging show.) But I had a blast and I was the celebrity of the day…talking about the secrets of happiness, laughter, light, and of course my book Hopeville and how it came to be via divine intervention (another words I heard voices…you have to read the forward of my book to understand.) You can get an autographed copy or 100 (no one’s stopping you) of my book “Hopeville: The City of Light” at my website:
Moral: You appeal to all audiences when you speak from the heart.

4. Impromptu Climb up Cadillac Mountain (Jan 23- 25, 2015)
My dear friend, Puzzle Artist Alli Berman, tells me that for her birthday she wants to climb Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine at night, so that she could be the first person to see the “Nations first sunrise on her birthday.” She tells me this on Thursday morning and wants to leave on Friday, yes the next day. I look at my boyfriend Steve as I’m talking to Alli on the phone and he mouths, “No way.” I smile. 24 hours later I’m on a plane, meet Alli and her friend Gail, we drive three hours to a hotel, check in…run around town, then sleep for 3 hours, get up at 2:30 a.m. bundle up into 7 layers of clothes and meet a mountain guide in the hotel lobby. We then park the car, and trek up the freezing ice laden closed roadway for 3 hours with headlamps on, and make it just in time to see the sunrise and a snowy owl fly by us and flip us the wing. Actually I think I heard who say, “Whoo Whoo You guys are nuts. I have to be up here, you don’t!” Gail swore if she knew I was climbing and Alli wouldn’t have been alone, she would have stayed home. But it was gorgeous and cold – how cold? That was the day of the snowstorm that shut down the airports for 3 days!) On a health note, I walked 30,000 steps that day according to my Fitbit. (Full article is on website with pictures and video.)
Moral: Just say yes and figure it out later.

5. “You Tell & Sell with George Bettinger” (Feb. 1, 2015)
Look we all are in business to market our products or ourselves. We just try to do it in a way that benefits everyone. Now if you like old time celebrities and movie trivia, and great songs, then you’ve probably heard me talk about my long time (notice I did not say Old friend) George Bettinger from the “Mom and Pop shop”. Well he now has this show that if you have anything you want to promote, you go on his “Tell and Sell show” and pump the heck out of it. It’s like an interview/commercial kind of deal. But folks you have to be entertaining, not some side show barker. So of course, since I want the world to know how to be happy I’m talking to anyone who will listen about my book, Hopeville: The City of life since it gives 44 simple tips on how to transform your life. I was also giving out my “Words of Capo wisdom” on everything else in between.
Check it out:
Moral: We all are selling something; just make sure it benefits your clients as well as yourself.

6. Feb. 6th – Mom Anniversary and Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man
Okay, so it’s been 6 years since my mom Rose passed. I always like to go out and do something fun on my mom’s anniversary, because she loved life. So I decided to go out with my friends, Love Coach Robin Gorman Newman, and author and fellow Friar Susan Konig. Now since that day is also my key lime pie making friend, Dale’s birthday, I figure why not invite him out too. And what better way to celebrate a straight man’s birthday than to bring him to a play about sex…okay let me back up…this is not a 50 shades deal. This was a 70-minute no interruption, fantastic mix of scripted and interactive audience participation off Broadway play called, “Sex Tips for straight woman from a Gay man.” It was hysterical, and quit frankly if you are open minded you pick up a few pointers. Oh, and your playbill, well it becomes a hands on “learning tool.” I know my mom was laughing in heaven going…”God wants us all to be happy, you might as well learn how.” And for the record…Dale was laughing too. There was also a celebrity siting, and we wound up talking to the producers afterwards…for an hour and even selling a key lime pie! Hey network when you can.
Moral: Great titles are great marketing tools.

Still doing shows all over the East Coast, from Doylestown, PA to the Seven Angels Theater in CT. to the Parx Casino in Philly, to my own shows at Rocco’s and Roma’s in Westchester- Celebrating 6 years now!
Moral: Stick with something, tend to it, and watch it grow and prosper.

8. Fitbit Mania.
So I hire this comic friend of mine, Joey Callahan after I work with him in Doylestown to play my room at Rocco’s in CT. While at the gig, he notices I have a Fitbit on and says, “You know we can be friends on Fitbit and have these friendly “challenges”. I say, “No, too much pressure, I just want to do my workout.” Then he says, “Come-on Capo, it will be fun.” So in the spirit of staying in shape, we link up in the Fitbit world. Now when you do this, you are able to see how many steps per day, actually per hour, your friends are taking. But that’s not all; you get to see how many steps their friends are taking too, and at what hour of the day. A little big brother like? Who’s to say? Anyway, so there I am stepping away and Joey invites me to this challenge called, “Workweek hustle.” Who can do the most steps from Monday 12 am to Friday 12 PM? The winner gets this little online medal. I figure okay, I’ll join. So it’s me, Joey and a bunch of his Fitbit friends.
Starts out simple enough. You take a few steps in the morning then sit down to work at the computer, but then the Fitbit app starts to egg you on. “PING…. Your pal Joey just took 633 steps more than you. “ Ping…”Jeff P, just passed you by”. So now I’m thinking damn it, I have to get up and walk around the house to catch up. So I walk 1000 steps to keep them off my heels. Twenty minutes later, Ping, Joey is heel to heel with Fran C. So now I get up again. Before I know it, I’m running around my house like a maniac. The cat comes in to see the commotion and then just sits there as if I’ve gone nuts. This goes on all week. It then gets to the point; I try to do everything standing. I decide to watch a movie with Steve, but do I sit down…noooo. I stand by the couch, doing jumping jacks. Steve’s says, “Have you gone out of your mind?” I say, “No it’s just a friendly competition between me and Joey Callahan. I start feeling like the rain main, “Got to get my 10,000 steps, my 10,000 steps. Then out of nowhere this guy Scott A leaps ahead. This guy obviously sleeps on a treadmill, so now I have to run more! I’m praying for the week to end so I can get some work done. I win, and am relieved. Then I’m asked to do a rematch and I wind up getting the flu…. in a weird way I was relieved I had an out.

9. Monday, February 16, 2015- The Mysteries Black Tongue
So if any of you had the flu this season, you know it was the flu from hell. I went to doc within 48 hours- had chills and fever, took Tamiflu, occillicum, massive doses of vitamin C, drank plenty of hot water with lemon, took Excedrin during the day and Nyquil at night (which oddly kept me awake all night- but then again I get drunk on cranberry juice.)

Yet despite all my remedies I still had 102 fever for five days!…but then the fever broke. So to rejoice what did I do? I ate chocolate! (Not a good move cause after 5 days of chicken soup, chocolate gave me an upset stomach, ..DOH! So then I took a chewable Peptol bismol to ease the chocolate aftermath. Then not to infect Steve I cuddled up with a hot water bottle and went to sleep propped up on a pillow because I couldn’t breathe. AT 6 a.m. I wake up for a bathroom run. I look in the mirror because all of a sudden a new symptom has risen. My mouth hurts. I see a cold sore on my lips, then one on the tip of my tongue. So I extend my tongue out further and then I notice my tongue looks black. I figure it’s the lighting. So I turn on the overhead light. I look again. AHHHH. I have a BLACK Tongue. What possible symptom is this? Is it from the chocolate I ate before going to bed? I try scraping it off with my toothbrush; it’s still there. So now I panic. After a quick Google search I find that one of the side affects of chewable Peptol is a black tongue! Don’t you think that should be on the label? “Listen folks, don’t panic if you mouth gets discolored, and lets say…all black, you are not dying”

So word to the wise to anyone in the dating world, if you have an upset stomach and decide to pop some Peptol, check your tongue before you offer up a good night kiss. You don’t want to scare the bejesus out of your date.
Note: Steve was still asleep, so I let him miss the beauty of the tongue. (and no I did not have any pictures.)
Moral: Research before panic

10. Ace Adventure Reporter Capo on the TV SHOW Live it Up!
I’m back again on Live it Up! with my good friend and host, Donna Drake. The show airs every Saturday Mornings, at 6:30 AM on WLNY-TV, CBS 10. It’s on all the cable carriers: RCN, Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, Cablevision etc. My segment was on mid-march and I was talking about “Laughter & Light” and the spiritual and miraculous story behind my latest book, Hopeville: The City of Light that hit number #11 on amazon. If you are not an early riser, you can Tivo or DVD it. And in case you are one of the holdouts who haven’t read the book yet, it teaches you how to get your MOJO back, and the secrets of happiness, love and fulfilling your dreams. All with simple 44 lessons. Please share it!
Moral: Do what you love and find a way to make a living at it.

11.Ears Ringing….
That’s the beauty of Internet; Interviews popping up on you that you didn’t even know existed!!!

Moral: Every now and then do a search on your name and see what comes up. You may be pleasantly surprised.

12. Pushups for a purpose
On March 1st I still had the remnants of the Flu, but I had committed to doing two fundraisers that day.
The first was “Training for Warriors” where they were trying to raise money for the Jay Fund- $1 forever pushup done. They were doing a Guinness Book world record attempt, for them most world wide simultaneous pushups and having everyone in all time zones doing pushups for 1 minute from 12:31 to 12:32 PM. I wanted to lend my name to the event. And to despite barely doing 1000 steps a day during the 3-week flu spell, I managed to do 17 military style pushups in that minute. So why stop there, after the record was done, I jumped into my car and sped away…. slowly because it was still SNOWING!
Moral: You can always do more than you think you can.

13) Penguin Plunge, March 1, 2015
I rushed to Nyack to do the yearly Penguin Plunge event hosted by PO Barbara Noyes. The money goes to helping 3 kids who need life saving operations. This year it was so cold, they had to have a crane chop a section in the ice so the brave souls could jump into the patch of freezing water. I had done the plunge twice but decided probably not the best thing to do while still sick, (not contagious mind you) so instead I bought a plastic penguin that they were selling to go in the water for me. Nothing like a good stand in 
Moral: Always fine a way to participate.

14. Ossining Library
Did a talk to a wonderful audience on “Laughter and Light’
And highlighted my book Hopeville. We were in a library so people could “borrow” the book and read it. I of course wanted them to buy it.:) After all you cant under a library book.
Moral: Promote your business in all venues.

15. Fran appears in March 2015 issue of Westchester Magazine:
So I was doing a trivia night and the wonderful folks at the Westchester Magazine happened to stop by. They saw me doing some stand up during trivia night and we got talking and I told them about the Comedy Night I run in Westchester on the 3rd Friday of every month at the Italian Restaurant Roma’s (Formally Piazza Roma’s) in town for the past 6 years. So they decided to do a review on comedy shows in the area and featured us!

The Comedy Kings, Queens, And Clubs Of Westchester County

16. But wait there’s more!!!
Then they decided to do a feature story on me! Two pages! It was cool to see myself in two magazines on the stand in Barnes and Nobles in one month!
Fran appears in March issue of Hudson Valley Magazine:

Meet Fran Capo, the World’s Fastest Talking Woman

Moral: You never know who is going to show up where, so be prepared.

17. Vine Meet-up;
There are a million social media things out there, and one of the hot ones is Vine, 6-second video’s that is making stars out of people. You figure my fast talking and 6 seconds would be a perfect match. So my buddy, Fitness Celebrity John Basedow says let’s go to the Vine meet up at Lincoln Center. There are about 500 people from all over the country there. Some are Viner stars, some are fans. People are screaming as if it were a rock concert. I meet this wonderful lady, a top Viner, Drea_KnowsBest. She finds out I’m a fast taker and on the spot, says, “Let’s do a vine!” Within hours, 30,000 people have seen it, and then 50,000, by the end of the night over 200,000 people have watched this thing! So I open up my own vine account, and do my first vine on my own channel. …within an hour about 1,000 people saw it. Now I am going to try to build a following.
Here’s the first Vine I ever did! Thanks Andrea and John!
And here’s the one on my channel:
Obviously I have to build up my fan base. If you have a suggestion for a vine you’d like to see me do, email me.
Morale: Be willing to try new things to increase your business.

18. Friars Club Softball team.
So I’m at a Friar’s club event, and a fellow friar walks up to me and says, “Fran you want to join our softball team?”
Me: “Well, I don’t know anything about softball.”
Her: “That’s fine, you’re a girl, we need girls, you’d be perfect for the team.”
Me: “Really?” I look around for reassurance. Then I spot the head
honcho Michael Caputo who apparently sees what’s going on. He nods his head like a Mob Boss. So I say, “Okay, I guess so.”
Next thing I know I’m #37 on the team, and the coach Sarah Alvarez has me at batting practice. I hit the ball 90% of the time, so I guess I’m in.  My fellow Friar Nancy Lombardo says, “Don’t worry, half the time when I catch the ball, I close my eyes.” This is going to be some season.
Morale: Never too late to try something new.

19. Run all Night…Movie Review
Still doing movie reviews with John Basedow. If you have a movie you’d like us to review, let us know.

Moral: None, just like to watch movies 
(Okay, okay, and everyone has to pay a price for what they do in life.)

Next Issue:
-Upcoming shows at Roma’s and Rocco’s
-Disney and Traveling Mom
-Hopeville goes Audio
-A Reiki experience and more….

Thanks it folks,
Thanks for reading this, and if you have any questions just email me.
About comedy shows, book orders, talks, or just to say hello.
Create a great day!!!!

Fran Capo

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