Yahoo: Meet the World’s Fastest Talking Woman

We sat down with the world’s fastest talking female. Fran Capo holds a world record for her gift of gab at 603 words per minute — or 11 words per second (no big deal). A YouTube video that’s gone viral this week showcases Fran reciting “The Three Little Pigs” really, really, really fast.

Fran says the video was shot a few years ago, and she’s overwhelmed by the renewed attention. The former broadcaster and current comedienne went on “Larry King Live” back in 1986.

We put the native New Yorker on the spot to read us the story once again. The fast talker extraordinaire did it in 15.78 seconds or so!

Fran’s always up for a challenge and is always on the move. She hopes others learn to live in the moment, too.
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