World Record Holder Variety Show

SUNY Old Westbury Hosts The First ‘World Record Holder Variety Show’ with The World’s Fastest: Talker, Knife Thrower, Hula Hooper, Memory Expert and Twisted Shockmeister.

SUNY Old Westbury- So what do a fast talker, a hula hooper, a memory expert, knife thrower, and a sideshow bally master all have in common? They all are the best at what they do, are in multiple world record books, and happen to be professional variety artists all performing together for one night only, Saturday, Oct 9th at 8 p.m. at the Campus Center, Maguire Theater at SUNY Old Westbury College located at 223 Store Hill Road in Old Westbury, Long Island.

This group of internationally acclaimed performers will dazzle the audience with their world record demonstrations, do a stage performance, answer questions, sign autographs and take pictures with the audience. Plus, the Great Throwdini will attempt to break one of his 25 world records live at the show!

The talent coordinator at the college, Mike Slauenwhite said, “When Fran Capo presented this world record show idea to us, we thought it was fantastic. It’s very rare we can get this international cast of record holders together under one roof. We thought it would be entertaining and educational for our students as well as the general public to experience this one and a half hour, unusual & fascinating show. After all, how often does one get to see an attempt to break a world record broken? It may inspire some to set their own records of excellence.”

The cast of unusual characters includes:
Fran Capo
World’s Fastest Talking Female (Guinness World Records and producer of this World Record show)
Comedienne, 14 time author, spokesperson, motivational speaker, TV host of Live it Up! adventurer and holder of five world records and known as the Guinness Book of World Records Fastest Talking Female clocked at 603.32 wpm – that’s 11 words a second or seven miles an hour! She has been on over 3,500 radio & television shows including; Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, Martha Stewart Show, Larry King Live, The Discovery Channel’s More than Human, and Nick at Nite. She’s presently the voice on the new Gain detergent radio spot and the producer of this world record show. 

Dave Farrow – Greatest Memory and Today’s Foremost Expert on Memory (Guinness World Records)
The media calls him today’s foremost memory expert.  Dave Farrow, went from having two learning disabilities as a child to the current Guinness World Record holder for greatest memory. He memorized the exact order of 59 Decks of playing cards all shuffled together after seeing them only once. That’s 3,068 cards in total! It represents the most difficult feat in memory in the world today.  Dave was the first person in over 100 years to develop five new techniques for improving memory and has done over 2,500 media interviews. He’s today’s most sought after interviewee on memory. 

Hula Hoop Harlot Melissa-Anne – 2 Hula Hoop Speed Records           (Record Holders Republic / Believe the Unbelievable)
Hula Hoop Harlot Melissa-Anne is a world record holding New York City based performance artist specializing in the circus style of hula hooping. She is a self-taught professional hula hooper with a jazz and tap dance background. Melissa-Anne performs regularly at corporate parties, vaudeville, sideshow, circus and variety venues throughout the United States. Her records are for the most arms transfers through a hula-hoop in 30 seconds, (62) and the most one-foot spins with a hula-hoop, 133. She also performs as The Great Throwdini’s Target Girl.

Scott Baker – Holds the World Record for the Most Continuous Sideshow Bally’s, 150 back to back in over 6 hours while performing the Human Blockhead (Record Holders Republic/Believe the Unbelievable)
Scott Baker knows how to talk and talk and talk – for hours. He spoke continuously over 6 hours “barking” (technically known as a ‘Talker’ in sideshow parlance) outside show ballys at the Coney Island Sideshow. But if that wasn’t enough, he did it while ramming an 8-inch screwdriver into his skull. Known as “The Twisted Shockmeister”, Scott has starred on Broadway, in Las Vegas and in many feature films as well as national commercials. He has been awarded the “People’s Choice” award in England, and can be seen eating light bulbs on National Geographic’s “Humanly Impossible” show this coming season.

The Great Throwdini – The Worlds Fastest and Most Accurate Knife Thrower – (Guinness World Records). 25 World Records.
The World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Knife Thrower performs MAXIMUM RISK – The Impalement Arts with a Touch of Magic and Comedy. See knifes, axes, tomahawks and machetes thrown with lightning speed and surgical precision around his partner, Target Girl Melissa-Anne.
Throwdini has set/broke 25 world records. He holds ‘One of The Top 100 Guinness World Records of All Time’ and appears in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! for being the only person to catch a bullet, an arrow, and a knife. In a perilous display of precision he threw a 14″ knife through the ash of a lit cigarette held in his partner’s mouth – just 2″ from her nose!

He is the recipient of one of magic’s highest honors, the prestigious Merlin award, the ‘Tony’ of magic. Selected credits include: Late Night w Conan O’Brien, The Late Show w David Letterman, Good Morning America, ESPN, I’ve Got a Secret, America’s Got Talent and History’s Modern Marvels, and Stars of The World Famous Moscow State Circus.


Throwdini is the only knife thrower in the world performing The Veiled Wheel of Death. In the 70 years since first performed only 3 others have achieved, without question, the most difficult and dangerous of all knife stunts – hurling knives through a blank veil masking the spinning ‘Wheel of Death’ upon which is strapped a human target! In addition you’ll see Throwdini attempt to break his own one-minute world record of 74 knives thrown to alternate sides of a human target – The Ladder of Death. This is something you don’t’ want to miss (nor does his target girl for matter!)

For ticket information call: Mike Slauenwhite 516-876-3979
Or go to – SUNY Old Westbury events
Direct link:
To interview world record holders call:  Fran Capo – 917-975-2149

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