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“I had the pleasure of working with Fran on a radio media tour on behalf of Porter Novelli client, Perdue farms…Fran was among the most accommodating and professional “talent” I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. She required very little preparation… and engaged the radio personalities and worked in our messages without appearing overly View Full →

“As a public relations professional, it is critical to select a spokesperson that can drive media coverage for the brand. Fran Capo excelled at this and garnered media excitement well beyond our expectations helping the launch of Aqua Drops Brand Hydrating Mints to be a great success. Her campaign generated 18.5 million impressions.”

“Fran is a terrific entertainer and the contents of her delivery were wonderful.” Participant at the “Women of the 21st Century”

“Your presentation was on the mark, hilarious, raised the level of spirit with the group and was generously applauded by all members of the audience.”

“You can be sure that I will think of you FIRST when a client needs a speaker – you are amazing, hilarious, professional, energetic, and entertaining. Your many adventure stories are incredible, as well. God broke the mold…thanks so much again.”

“She’s amazing. She’s a genius.”

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