Summer of 2009 – High Flying, Fossils and Unique Appearances

It’s not what happens to you that’s important…it’s what you do about it.”

Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a great summer… it just flew by – then again I was in the air a lot doing adventures. Okay, so here’s the deal. A lot of people commented that it’s been a while since I’ve sent out a Capo update. The thing is I’ve been updating daily my crazy life on Twitter ( and Facebook ( but I realize, not everyone has moved over to social networking…heck I don’t event know how to re-tweet things. So in the tradition of reaching out to my friends to give a quick update…here’s what I’ve been up to. Hope you all are staying positive and creative.

Note: New Format: I realize people don’t have time to read many things these days…so I am substituting my written stories with links to my flips I put on you tube. If you want to see the complete stories I have supplied some links. Or if you just want to go to the video’s search: Fran Capo on you tube.

(Entire story links & you tube links below)

1-     THE SUMMER OF FOX – Was on Fox and Friends where I read the entire Climate Bill (joked with Geraldo, and everyone else who came on the set- stayed for 3 hours-,  did quick stint in at the Fox Strategy  Room, and had a real fox in my backyard eat our Duck, Phil. Poor Phil he didn’t even have a quacker.  When did I get a duck you ask? My son rescued a duck,  (Phil) and a rabbit (Leroy) from the butchers block, brought them home. After a quick bath, we put the Phil outside for some fresh air…poor thing became a meal after all. As for the rabbit, he is living upstairs in my attic and is litterbox trained.WATCH:



4-     ROLLING OUT THE BOOKS: Finished my 12th book, “It Happened in New York City” (due out Jan 2010). Working on deal for my 13th book and just got offered to write a 14th one. They keep asking, I’ll keep writing. One day I’m gonna write a book called, “Shut up and do it.”

I don’t always have to do the writing. I’m in other people’s new books as well:
-The Bra Book (Yes I give my quotes on the ideal bra)  –
-Believe the Unbelievable (Features all 5 of my world records)
-The Worlds Fastest (a new book from the UK) – Jan. 2010

Was asked to do the introduction to Mozilla’s new software: WATCH:

7-     FAMILY STUFF – Sister had her last breast surgery, she is cancer free! I Interviewed my sister’s breast cancer reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Mark SIlberman, to explain the procedure. WATCH:

Son, Spencer Patterson: In new movie called, “Taught to Hate” On first day of shooting he was interviewed on Telemundo: Movie is premiering as short in Academy awards.

Myself: Lost 10 pounds in 10 days  on master cleanse diet. (Email me for recipe) No video…trust me, I lost the weight.

8-     MY TOP VIDEOThe video of me on the Discovery Channel has 673,632 hits: WATCH:

9-     OTHER COOL THINGS AND ADVICE FOR 100K JOB HUNTING.-GPS VOICEOVER: Goodbye boring GPS voice…now we got GPS with attitude! I Got hired to do Voice for Garmin & Tom Tom
Made sarcastic comments…like “Hey if you aren’t going to turn when I tell you, then I’m not talking.” Or, “Are you parking the car, mind picking me up a sandwich.” My version will be available soon…this is true, not a joke. I got paid to do this.

Was featured in Internet Magazine called, “Ladders” which is a 100k job search engine.They quoted my advice, you have to pay to join…so here’s what they wrote under: Highlight your most important accomplishments

“Greg Maka, managing director at 24/7 Marketing, advises job seekers to”tell a memorable story about your attributes.” For example, if youtell an interviewer that people describe you as tenacious, provide a brief story that shows how you have been tenacious in achieving your goals. “Stories are powerful and are what people remember most ,” he said.

One great example is that of Fran Capo, a comedienne who bills herself as “the world’s fastest-talking female.” She offers the following advice: “Whenever I go on auditions or interviews. I have a “set”opening I use. … I tell the interviewer what I do in one sentence and then say, ‘And I also happen to be the Guinness Book of World Records’fastest- talking female.’ Then I elaborate.” According to Capo, the main thing in anything you do is to be memorable, in a good way. Your goal when you answer the ‘tell me about yourself’ question is to find away stand out from everyone else.

10     – COOLEST TALK I DID THIS SUMMER: Was keynote at annual Toastmaster conference at MGM Grand at Foxwoods. Spoke in front of 2000 people, got a standing ovation and took a picture of the audience giving me a standing ovation, had them pose as a group. They were awesome.


TODAY: Friday, September 25, 2009   – 5 PM till ?

Saturday, Sept 26th  11 AM – 2 PM
Speaking at Women on a Mission
Abbess Farm, The North Fork, Long Island, 3581 Middle Country Road, Calverton, NY 11933

Comedy Shows:
Fran Emceeing dinner comedy show at
Piazza Roma, Friday, Oct. 23rd.
Details at: www.piazza-roma.comFran’s website:
Fran’s Twitter:
Fran’s Facebook:
Youtube channel: FranCapo1H (Or put in fran capo in search bar)
Live it Up! TV show: www.liveituptvshow.

Create a great day!

Love to hear from you, Fran

Emcee Fringe Festival in Long Island (
Was Ambassador for ComedyCures.Org at a Celebrity Fundraiser at Madison  Square Garden. Got to shot a baseketball on the court. Other celebrities there were Hugh Jackman, Emme, Vivica Foxx and Saranne Rothberg. My niece also got to bee-bop on the stage.       (Video on my facebook and available on request.)2-     RED CARPET EVENTS: Invited to many events from the Polo Open in the Hamptons to the Boulevard party In Manhattan. Took photos with celebrity’s that are on my facebook, appeared in those “who’s who” pages in glossy magazines, and took so many pictures with photographers that I saw those tiny little white dots before my eyes.  Below is a little ditty of John Basedow and me at one of the events.Trailer

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