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MLlogowebI’m blessed. My son and I are best friends. People often ask what makes you and your son, Spencer so close? So I thought about it, talked to him about it, and here’s what it narrows down to.

To start with, I believe I had the best mom in the world. She was supportive, loving, fun, positive, spiritual, a great listener (that’s probably how I became a fast talker) and taught me nothing was impossible. I could tell her anything. Everyone wanted to adopt my mom as their mom. My mom was a housewife, and although she worked before she had us (I have a sister), when we came along, we were her world.It wasn’t until much later in life, after we were grown, that she worked again and became an assistant teacher.

Okay, so fast forward….

When I had Spencer, I was determined to be that same kind of mom, only I had to balance slightly different challenges. I was divorced when he was only four months old (no pity, my choice), and I took sole custody and remained friends with my ex. I also had a full time career as a stand up comic traveling all the time. I had to come up with a strategy of how to raise a kid I didn’t want to disown later in life. I needed to institute the Capo plan.

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