October/November 2006 – Breasts, Pods and Talking to God

Monthly Motivational Quote
“If you want to do something you find a way,
if you don’t you find an excuse”
– Todd Williams

Hi Guys,
Hope you all had a great Halloween. I had my chocolate covered eye balls, and
sticky creepy body parts all ready for the kiddies who will come to my door.
It’s a great time to be a big kid and dress up.

Quick Summary of Update
1-My life in pictures
2-It Happened in New York…again
3- From Blog to Pod
4- These Breasts are Made for Walking
5- Fast talking and Peacocks
6- Amazing…son turns 18…mother stays same age
7- Haunted House – Grandmother out screams six year old
8- Wine and Cheese in Church
9 – Conversations with God
10- Books for meals
11- See Fran on the big Silver Screen- Nov. 17th.
12- Comedy Show info

1-My life in pictures (http://www.francapo.com/)
If you haven’t done it yet…please stop and check out the “never before seen photos” on my new website – http://www.francapo.com/. Yeah, I know it sounds like an ad from the Enquirer but there really are some pretty neat photos on the site, like me with a real live shrunken head (What do you expect? I am in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not book.) There’s also pictures of me as a judge, a gypsy, a waitress – from some of my many film roles…AND a never before seen picture of me with my ex-husband (we almost got arrested for this one) – okay folks get your minds out of the gutter! There are also a bunch of videos my commercials, my motivational talks, me ordering fast from a Chinese restaurant and a Mastercard parody. Let me know what you think!

2-It Happened in New York…again
For those of you have bought my books in the past, you know I wrote a book called, It Happened in New York (Globe Pequot)…well guess what? The book sold so well, they put out a second edition (YEAH!) …this time with maps, and new pictures…and some added trivia. (Prefect since I’m now doing tours of New York City…) Anyway, If you like cool stories of New York (like the fact that Manhattan was purchased from the wrong set of Indians, or that Woodstock started as a sitcom idea) and haven’t picked up a copy yet…just email me I’d be happy to autograph one for you.

3- From Blog to Pod – (http://www.theafterpartyweb.com/) Well you know I write the weekly, Fran’s World Blog for the WB at mysweetconnections.com. Well it was time to get updated even further and go for my first Podcast.

Here’s an excerpt from my blog of how it all came about:

I remember when I got my first computer, to me it was a glorified typewriter. I remember typing in a book I was working on, didn’t know anything about the stupid save button that you should use every few minutes and lost 80 pages of my book…just like that. I cried, I cursed, I swore I would never use a computer again.

Eventually I mastered the document aspect, and realized a computer was a heck of a lot easier than using wite-out. Then the Internet came along. At first, I was scared to even do email because I thought if I pressed the wrong button, I’d wipe out everything on my computer. But I took a class and was told about all the wonderful things a computer and the Internet could do.

Wanting to jump on the bandwagon, I even had a website built for me…you know back in the day when you’d write http:// and a whole long description to get to your site.

To this day I still know only a fraction of it uses. But in the interest of business I try to move along and somewhat keep up with the times, and when all else fails I call on the help of my son, Spencer. (Jeez, it reminds me of when my mother couldn’t figure out how to use the answering machine…I was totally baffled at that…now I know how my son feels.)

As time went on I learned how to build a buddy list, send IM’s, put links in my emails, burn a DVD and do the basics to communicate.

Now, four websites later, I’m feeling pretty confident. I’m happy doing my emails and business on the web. One day my son turns to me and says, “So mom, how come you don’t use AIM instead of email?” “AIM? AIM at what? What’s wrong with emails?” He rolls his eyes and explains. “AOL Instant Message.” “Oh, I do that instant message thing.” “No this is different, you can send whole videos instantly…blah, blah, blah.” I tune him out. I know I’m going to keep doing the emails.

Then I hear about “my space” so I look at it, see a bunch of teenagers posing for each other half naked and wonder, why the heck do I need a my space site? My son lovingly says, “Ma, trust me, you do”. So for my birthday he builds me a myspace site. Now I’m thinking that’s it. I’ve got it all….

(TO READ THE REST GO TO http://www.mysweetconnection.com/
click on the left button blog). Blog #26


4- These Breasts are Made for Walking
So by now everyone who has a pair of breasts or knows someone who does, knows that it was just Breast Cancer awareness month.(Of course men think every month is breast cancer awareness month…but that’s a whole other story.) There were walks staged all over the country to raise money for this cause…so I decided to be a part of this…here’s my story.

Excerpt from Blog:
…..I had done a three-day -cancer walk in the past, and 6K one in Central Park, so doing a 3k breast cancer walk with the women from my local curves outta be a piece of cake. So I thought.

The walk was on a Sunday. It was the 12th annual support-a-walk put on by Support Connection, a group that has been around since 1996 that provides
services to thousands of women and their families affected by breast and ovarian cancer. They offer peer counciling, a 24-hour hot line, wellness programs,educational materials, retreats, newsletters, a resource library and of course they have a website (http://www.supportconnection.org/).

The walk was to take place, rain or shine at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. The starting time was 10 a.m. with 9 a.m. pre-walk activities. Being new to the neighborhood I had no clue how to get to the park, so Theresa arranged for all of us to meet at Curves and convoy to the park.

On the morning of, I was pretty tired. I had done stand-up the night before in Doylestown, PA at the Comedy Cabaret and got home at 3:30 a.m. So naturally when my alarm rang at 7:30 a.m. I was cursing myself for forgetting to turn it off on a Sunday, then I realized….”Oh my goodness, the walk!” I hopped out of bed and quickly got dressed. Wanda who lives downstairs heard me scurrying about.

In ten minutes flat I was dressed and outside. That’s when it hit me, a splash of water from my roof. Drats…it was raining. Why is it that every time I’ve done a breast cancer walk it always rains? Who knows, maybe it’s God’s tears and he’s sympathizing….

(To read the rest of the story go to http://www.mysweetconnection.com/) Click on the left blog button. (Blog #25)

5- Fast talking and Peacocks
A couple of times of year I perform at my favorite comedy club, The Comedy Cabaret. I’ve been performing for Andy Scarpati the owner there for over fifteen years. So naturally when Andy asked me if I’d be willing to drive up a day early and do a TV show to help promote my appearance I was more than willing. (What a comic who wants some tv publicity…Nah!) Anyway, so I drive up to Philly and on Friday, October 6th I’m at NBC 10! Studios in front of a live audience. Of course they want me to do some fast talking teasers…not a problem…..

(to read the rest of the story…yeah…you know go to http://www.mysweetconnection.com/ click the left blog button. (Blog #27) 6- Amazing…Son turns 18…mother stays same age Yup, no matter how many adventures I do, and no matter how much I run around like a lunatic doing all the things I love…my kid keeps getting older. Soon he and I will be the same age J Well you would think on this milestone birthday, Spencer would want booze,chicks and more. Nope…he wanted a nice intimate party at home…with a camping out in our backwoods. So I invited the immediate family, the ex-husband, Pat, the ex-boyfriend Steve and daughter Jamie, his best friend Joey and his mom, Jeannie and Wanda and the gang from downstairs. We had a blast, and everyone slept over…now that was interesting. But to spice up the party I decided all 12 of us should go to a local haunted house. So we piled in the car, drove the 5 miles down pitch black roads and arrived at this beat up trailer. (continued below) 7- Haunted House – Grandmother out screams six year old Now the trailer itself should have been a sign. I actually heard that years ago it was run by two drunk brothers who thought it would be fun to scare the heck out of kids…. The place became popular. They did everything in this haunted house they weren’t suppose to do, drink, grab the patrons etc…but it has since changed and is now more “Politically correct”- you know…blanded down.

Anyway, they wouldn’t let us all go in as a group of 12. So they divided us. Spencer, Joey, Jamie, Vanessa, Pat in one group number 1.They went in, the rest of us waited outside laughing hysterically at them screaming inside. You could hear the girls yelling. They were using Spencer as a shield. Joey was fine till some guy came at him with a chain saw…he bolted out of there.
Next up was my group. Me, my mom, Steve, my sister and Jeannie in group #2.

My little six-year old niece, Athena was scared to go in. The “escort” tried to convince her that he would make sure they didn’t scare her, but she was determined to sit this one out. We all went in holding hands. Before they even opened the door my mother started screaming. “Ma, were not even inside yet!” “I know but this stuff just scares me.” “Geez, You’re worst than Athena!” She laughed. Jeannie held mom mom’s arm on one side. At one point my mom forget it was Jeannie holding her arm and yelled out, “One of them’s got me, AHHHHHHH” Jeannie laughed, “Rose its me…Are my hands that scary looking?”Later my mom spotted the host standing in the corner ready to take us into another room. She screamed, “AHHHHHH, There’s one of them hiding!” He said, “Mam, its me, the host. I don’t even have a mask on.” My mother was quite embarrased and laughed. But as she turned the corner she screamed again. In the 10 minutes we were inside, she screamed so much she lost her voice. When we came out, Athena turned to her and said, “Grandma, next time I’ll go in with you…you were more scared than me”.Ain’t it the truth,out of the mouths of babes.

8- Wine and Cheese in Church
My son is going to Iona College. It’s a Catholic College. He’s a freshman. They had a reception for the parents in a church. At one point a parent of a 4.0 student was introduced. Her job was to welcome the group. Then the Priest went up…he joked, “How come it’s always the parents of the 4.0 students that get picked to go up. Where are the parents of the 2.0 students?” One lady raised her hand…”Mam, I was only kidding…no need to identify yourselves. ” We all laughed. The reception went well, everyone was friendly and I hope this is the beginning of a great college experience…Pass the wine. Or in my case, the Cranberry juice.

9 – Conversations with God – So I’ now friends with these woman at Curves. This one woman, Dawn mentions to me she is going to see the screening of the movie, Conversations with God which is based on his best selling book. For those of you who don’t know it, this guy Donald Walsh was channeled this book…hence the title. I was very curious about this because as you know a similar thing happened to me with my book, Hopeville: The City of Light (which so far is only out in booklet form). I didn’t want so much to talk to the author as I did the editor. As luck would have it, out of a 44 city tour, the editor happened to be at the New York City screening. I was anxious to talk to him. I have an editor interested in publishing Hopeville, but he wants me to change some things and I wasn’t sure if I should touch it. I asked the editor one question. “Sir, how much of the manuscript did
you edit when it came to you?” He said, “I only changed punctuation, a capital here, comma there. The manuscript was in perfect form…after all , How do you edit God?” Wow, I felt I had my answer.

10- Books for meals
I like to donate my time or books when I feel there is a good cause. Well my latest good cause came through an email. Yes folks another blog…what can I tell you, it’s a weekly thing…check out http://www.mysweetconnection.com/ to learn about< Island Harvest and how they have fed 28 million families with rescued surplus food. I donated a basket of books and my fast talking for the cause.

11- See Fran on the big Silver Screen –
You many remember that I was in a movie called, “The Signs of the Cross” that won first place in both the Pocono Film Festival and the Long Island Film Festival. Well this time the movie is going to grace a theater in Queens on November 17th. So if you want to see what I look like in my big acting roles…here’s your chance.

Okay the details:
What: John Reidy’s “The Signs of the Cross”
Who’s in it besides Fran Capo?
Dan Lauria, Ilene Kristen, Carol Alt, Chuck Zito, Eileen Fulton, Frankie Gio,
and many more…
Where can I view this film?
At the 4th Annual Queens International Film Festival
Kaufman Zukor Studio
34-12 36th Street
Astoria, NY 11106
WHEN: Friday, Nov. 17 at 8pm.

To purchase tickets online, go to: http://www.queensfilmfestival.com/content/view/18/95/.
Be sure to visit http://www.thesignsofthecrossthemovie.com/ to see a trailer.
12. Comedy Show:
And last but not least, I will performing live at the following location:

Date: Saturday, Nov. 4th
Time: 9 PM
What: comedy show
Where: Calilou Café
Address: Morristown, NJ
Phone: 979 993-1100
Showtime: 9 PM

Till next time….create a great day.


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