Mysteries, Movies, World Records and Happy Holidays – December 2010

jumpropeThought for the day:Darkness cannot erase darkness, only light can. Fill your holiday with Light, Love and Laughter.· – Fran Capo (And yes you can use a flashlight.)

Funny thought for the day: How come no one ever sees a naked ghost? – Fran Capo

Action for the month: Think of creative ways to show love to your friends & family during holiday time that does not only revolve around money. Sometimes the best gift you can give is your time, your heart, and your ear. Now I’m not talking about giving your body parts, I’m simply saying, money gifts are not always the thing most important gift of all. (Although some men may love the body parts gift better!) But you can:·Make someone breakfast in bed for a week (better only do this to people you know :), give a “backrub” coupon, build a web page for them, baby-sit for their kids for 4 consecutive Fridays, offer to teach them a skill you have that they always wanted to learn, make a photo album for them…just be creative.

Hi Guys,

Well, it’s been a few months since I’ve given you a Capo update. Lately, I’ve been posting my crazy adventures weekly on my Facebook, complete with Youtube video’s, links to radio interviews, photos etc. It’s been fun filled year, with storm chasing, writing books, doing a regular “Humor in Love” segment on the Al Cole Radio show, and taping new episodes of our TV show Live it up.

Here’s some highlights in a nutshell:

1. New Book: Myths and Mysteries of New Jersey & the crazy behind the scene interviews
2. Check out my new website created by a Rose
3. New Movie: Breaking and Entering (and not winding up in jail!)
4. TV show update: Live it up! heads into new markets
5. Orbit heads to another dimension
6. The fast talking coach approach
7. Laughter in Westchester
8. The Real Tornado chasing story.
9. Danger in the Kitchen
10. Fran’s New Year challenge…can you do it?
12. Links to radio interviews Fran did this past month on everything from humor and love, to mysteries to fast talking Christmas renditions.·

1. New Book: Myths and Mysteries of New Jersey & the crazy behind the scene interviews:Okay, if there was ever a year of writing this was it. I pumped out three books this year: “It Happened in New York City” which came out in May, “Myths and Mysteries of New Jersey” which came out in November, and I handed in my manuscript for my “Myths and Mysteries of New York” (due out April 2011) Plus…good news came from my publisher, Globe Pequot that my “It Happened in..”· Series was doing well, so they are all going into second edition…which means…yup there was more writing, I think my butt has the imprint of my office chair!

Okay, now for the juicy stuff. The Myths and Mysteries series required I take photos of the creepy, mysterious locations I wrote about…so I had to go into cemeteries to find haunted gravesites (and yes I have ghostly orbs captured on film…none naked)…I traveled deep into the pine barrens with my trusty assistant Dale in a flash snow storm to capture a picture of the devils bathtub; At midnight, of course, I visited a haunted castle with 37 of the friendliest ghosts (none knew Casper); took pictures of an abandoned asylum; found and photographed the spot were they captured the Robin Hood of the Pine barrens, and even interviewed a time traveler! (and yes I did ask him if he could bring me back the winning lottery numbers!) Many of these behind the scenes escapades I captured on my flip, and in many instances somehow the police got involved, of course I fast talked my out of it, but I did wind up in the back of a cop car (no handcuffs)…All so you people could read a good book! All of the above stories and more are documented in my book, Myths and Mysteries of New Jersey…it’s a great read if you like “mind boggling tales.” (And it’s conveniently available at my new website,

2. Check out my new website created by a Rose:
So speaking of new websites…people kept saying, “Capo” your website is good but it needs an updated look..”·So, I was lucky to find the talents of Rose Bowen and she did a dynamite job. (I was thrilled her name was Rose because that was my mom’s name so that was an added bonus). My new cartoon logo created by none other than the famed Ripley’s Believe it or Not Artist himself, John Graziano,…now graces my website and business cards and my new photo is by Peter Budraitis. All my you tube adventures are up there, the Capo updates, articles, testimonials. photos, sponsorship deals etc. etc. …I’d appreciate it if you check it out and let me know what you think.· Just in case you didn’t figure it out that’s Thanks.

3. Hosting a New Movie Screening: Breaking and Entering (and not winding up in jail!)
A few years ago a documentary film crew came to my home on Thanksgiving and interviewed me for a film about world record holders breaking and entering into the record books. Hence the title (I added the jail part). The documentary has been show at festivals and won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Jacksonville Film Festival and won Honorable Mention for Best Documentary at the St. Louis Film Festival. So here’s the info if you like to see it, it’s at a real funky theater that features 60 reclaimed car seats, a full bar and gourmet snack counter and I’ll be there hosting the event.·Friday, Jan. 14, 2011
Location: The ReRun Gastropub Theater
147 Front Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tickets: only $5.00
Time: TBA
Link to trailer:

4. TV show update: Live it up! heads into new markets
So by now you all know that I co-host an award winning TV show called, “Live it Up! With Donna Drake and Fran Capo.”
Well the show is now moving into the St. Louis Market as of Jan. 10th, 2010…we are very excited, and my on the road adventures will be featured on the show (Yes I am the crazy one on the show …are you surprised?) But we also do motivational interviews and wonderful cooking, entertainment, fitness and financial segments as well. Anything that adds excitement to your day. So check it out at to see where it’s airing in your area.

5. Orbit heads to another dimension
I wanted to thank all of you who sent condolences on our 15-year-old cat’s Orbit passing. What you might not know is that we asked for my mom, Rose to send a spiritual confirmation that she was waiting for Orbit at the pearly gates, you know to greet her there…well we got the confirmation from my mom, through a friends dream. I will reveal details to those who ask. (It involves lipstick!)

6. The fast talking coach approach
Okay, so people often ask me questions on how to write a book, or how to get publicity, or how they can break a world record, or how they can get their business to a different level…So I am now doing phone consultations for those who want to utilize my publicity and creative knowledge to come up with unique and different ways that they can expand their businesses and make money. If you’re interested. lets talk :

7. Laughter in Putnam and Westchester Counties.
For those in the Westchester and Putnam county areas…I am now running two comedy nights. A monthly show at Piazza Roma that has been going strong for a year with sold out shows..The next show is Jan. 28, 2011.·And the other club is Tuscan Grill in Westchester that will do its first comedy night with me on Jan. 29, 2011. Email me if you would like more information.

8. The Real Tornado chasing story.
So back in May you may have heard that I went Storm Chasing with Well the article is up giving a blow by blow detail of the 11 tornados I saw…yes 11..and they weren’t in Kansas. Also a featured segment on my storm chasing will be featured on our TV show, “Live it Up.” Details on that to follow. In the meantime…if you ever thought of tornado chasing…the article tells everything you need to know…Check out:

9. Danger in the Kitchen (Fried turkey)
So you all know I HATE to cook, (like to bake…hate to cook)…but on Thanksgiving I make an exception…but I get bored easy…so this year we (My boyfriend Steve and I) attempted to make the death defying fried turkey, outside in the rain with a blow torch…okay, I let him do that part…it came out delicious and the fire department didn’t even need to attend.
Lets watch:

10. Fran’s New Year challenge…can you do it? New Years Challenge 500 jump ropes.
Okay so normally every year I do the Central Park Midnight Run, but last year my boyfriend said, “Can’t you stay home and stay still for a change? Which of course I thought, “Well no, not really.” But in the effort to make him happy I did, but as the stroke of midnight approached I had the urge to do 500 jumping jacks to get the heart pumping. It was snowing and my guests just watched…but I felt great (after I caught my breath again.) So this year’s CAPO NEW YEAR CHALLEGE is 500 jumps with a jump rope. For those of you who want to join and don’t want to have a stroke, you can do a 100 at a time, stop for 15 seconds, and then do a hundred more…etc. It’s good cardio, great way to start out the new year, if you don’t pass out, and it will be a great mental way to JUMP start your new year. Yes of course that PUN was intended…so the question remains…Can you do it? Video it and I’ll facebook it.

11. QUESTION: PLEASE EMAIL ME either the answer: #1 RADIO, #2 You tube TV or #3 Vlog.
Would you rather have me to do a:
1- Weekly blog talk radio show?
2- Weekly Youtube TV show?
3- Daily blog of my crazy life?

I’m debating whether to do a weekly radio blog show, a fun you tube TV show or a daily blog of my tv show?

12. Links to Radio interviews I’ve done this month:
Fran Capo talks about the movies she’s been in Betty Jo Tucker’s:

Fran Capo talks about her career on the Marianne Morrison Show:

Fran Capo talks about myths and mysteries of the world on The Moebanshee’s Lair Visionary Radio:

Fran Capo talks about Humor and Relationships on Cole & Noble Radio show: Humor Tips for Lovers: Fun on No Money! | Episodes | WomensRadio;!/6830.html

Lastly, Did stand up comedy on Christmas Day, Dec. 25th, 2010 at Mohegan Sun. My son gambled for first time in his life at casino and won, $80…now that’s a nice way to end Christmas and not to mention a small miracle.·

AND FINALLY A Cute Christmas video. The Digital story of Nativity.

Create a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays….Enjoy!

Fran Capo

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