Mind Body Soul Bootcamp

Just a quick note…I’m very excited to say that the site for our World Record Money, Mind, Body an Soul bootcamp held on July 14 & 15 has launched at:



(makes sense huh)

Anyway, besides myself, fitness celebrity John Basedow and millionaire extradionaire Nik Halik are speaking – plus many other top notch entrepreneurs. We are also going to attempt a world record on that day…(and already having a VP from a world record organization attending)….so if you attend you will be apart of history (You know how I love this kind of thing).

This is the first time Nik is bringing this to the United States and I want it to be a total success.
Please check out the site. It’s very cool and of course feel free to pass it on. Just so you know its not only for adults…but families can benefit from this as well.

Plus there will be massages on hand during the breaks.

Just so you know, it’s not open to the general public because there are very limited seats. This is because we want it to be dynamic but intimate so it’s being done through our email lists only.

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