Fran’s in Best Ever You!

besteveryouMeet “Adventure Girl” Fran Capo: My name is Fran Capo. Some people think my last name has been shortened when my family came over from Italy on the boat, but it hasn’t. Capo means “head” like in Boss…like in Capo di tutti of the mob. But no fears I’m not related to them. Although one of the books I’ve written is called, “Almost a Wise Guy”, at the request of my late dad…but I’m getting ahead of myself. So the quick version of who I am and what I do is this. I’m a stand-up comic, motivational speaker, 18 time author, spokesperson, TV host, comedy producer and 6 time world record holder most known as the Guinness Book of World Records fastest talking female clocked at 603.32 wpm. (Just ask my 2 Ex-husband’s or present fiancee who is deaf…just kidding, he only pretends to be). I’m also an adventurer who has bungee jumped, scuba dived with sharks, eaten fire, crawled in a polar bear den, driven race cars, and done a book signing both on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and then one down by the wreck site of the Titanic. I’m also an ordained minister (Yes, I pray that I come out of all my adventures alive!).

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