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Comedian FranCapo can speak fast, really fast.In fact, Capo, who will be appearing in Comedy Night at Rocco’s Restaurant in Brookfield on Saturday, March 30, is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest-talking woman. Her best time: 603.32 words in 54.2 seconds.

However, Capo isn’t just a fast talker. With more than 20 years in show business, she has performed in major comedy clubs on every continent in the world.

She is also the author of 18 books (an eBook, “Hopeville, the City of Light,” goes digital April 22), a motivational speaker and a voice-over and commercial actor.

Born in Manhattan, raised in Queens, a graduate of Queens College and the single mom of a son, Spencer, she is also the only person who’s had a book signing at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and at the Titanic wreck. What’s more, she’s eaten fire, walked on hot coals and slept in an ice hotel.

For the last nearly two years, Capo has been the producer and host of the monthly comedy shows at Rocco’s.

On March 30, she will be sharing the stage there with Romont Harris, whose credits include being the opening act for Charlie Wilson, Bobby Brown, Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock.

Capo was interviewed at Rocco’s on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Q: Were you a funny kid?

A: No. I was more an adventurous kid. For example, my sister and I went to the circus. I watched someone ride a bike while someone was standing on his shoulders. When we went home, I took my bike outside and had my sister stand on my shoulders. My mother didn’t yell at me. She told me to make sure my sister didn’t fall.

Q: How did your parents influence who you’ve become?

A: My parents, Rose and Frank Capo … so supportive. They came to all my shows. All the other performers knew them. My mother always encouraged me and taught me nothing is impossible. My father taught me to always find the humor in life.

Q: What made you decide to be a comedian?

A: It wasn’t so much deciding as life kind of happening. I thought I was going to be a lawyer, but I found I made people laugh and then, it gradually happened.

Q: Why have you done so many things?

A: I look at life as though it was a buffet table. I want to experience everything, but only what I want to do. I like making life adventurous.

Q: What makes you laugh?

A: Taking something that happens in everyday life and just doing a flip on it.

Q: What is your act like?

A: I have a standing act, but I do play with the audience, so parts of the act change every time I perform.

Q: What’s next for Fran Capo?

A: I’m always busy. I’m in a horror film, “The Library,” that’s just come out. I’m working on my next book and I’m getting ready for the March 30 show at Rocco’s. Our last three shows sold out. I’m hoping for the same with this one. With everything that’s going on right now, laughter is truly a good medicine.

Sybil Blau is a freelance writer in Connecticut;

Rocco’s Restaurant, 800 Federal Road, Brookfield. Saturday, March 30. Buffet dinner/show; dinner 7, show 8:30 p.m. $32.95. Reservations required. 203-740-0021,,

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