Fast Talker Blazes through Climate Bill on Fox and Friends

franonfoxNew York City: Fran Capo, the Guinness Book of World Records Fastest Talking Female clocked at 603.32 words in 54.2 seconds was asked by Fox and Friends to appear on their show on Friday, May 22nd to compete with what was happening in Washington DC.

It appears that the Democrats in the House Energy and Commerce committee hired a speed-reader to read the 946-page bill that is being presented. To rebut that, the Republicans said they might force that the bill be read out loud …all of it. This or course is in response to the public outcry that no one actually read the entire stimulus package. This entire Climate bill is supposed to be out of committee by the end of Memorial Day. As Texas Rep. Joe Barton said, “It aint’ gonna happen.”

So to see the possibilities of this, Fox and Friends wanted to see exactly what it would take to get this bill read, and what it would sound like. So the five time world record holder, Miss Capo, who is also a comedienne, author, motivational speaker, adventure and TV show host of Live it Up! With Donna Drake and Fran Capo, was asked to come on for the full length of the show and give updates to her reading.

She started appropriately on page 1. Within minutes she got to page ten…when she was stopped by anchor, Brian Kilmeade who asked, “Fran are you understanding any of the bill?” To which she replied, “Look all I know is that the climate today is great, the weather is supposed to be a sunny 85.”

Throughout the show, Steve Doocy would get an update…”What page are you up to now?” To which Capo would tell the page number and give commentary. At one point she noted, “On page 146, they actually advise to take out a word, and then put the same word back in. This whole page is just about deletions and additions.”

At one segment, Geraldo came on to verify Capo’s reading. As Capo was about to read more of the document, instead, he took the page out of her hand and turned it upside down, to which Capo replied, “Ah, now this whole thing makes a lot more sense.”

Bill Hemmer, even stopped by the studio and commented on Capo’s reading/talking speed, “Fran, you got talent. Keep it up.”

Capo managed to get up to page 448 by the 9 AM hour. Her closing comment…”This is supposed to be a bill about going green, saving energy, rewarding those who do this. Then why exactly is this 946 page bill being printed out and spread to all those involved…do they realize how many trees had to be killed just to get this bill out?

This has been Capo’s fourth appearance on Fox and Friends. Capo’s comments in the past have wound up on The Soup.

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