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cutestkideverCutestKidEver.com– “Overexcited Mom” Fran Capo ran up on the stage. She’s a stand up comedienne, motivational speaker, and voice artist who has broken the world record for fastest female talker. I really wasn’t ready to do another blog post, but let’s see here. She was doing the weather on the radio (for about 30 seconds) when a Daily News reporter wanted to know what she was going to do next. Not really knowing, she told the reporter she was going to break a world record. She didn’t know which one, she she went home and flipped through the Guinness Book of World Records that night and called the reporter back five minutes before the 6:00 deadline to get into print and said she wanted to break the record for fast talking.

The story ran the next day, and the Larry King show wanted her to go on that night to talk about breaking the record. She read from the book of Psalms and broke the record on the air that night. She’s broken the record five times.

This is the story of her life. Nothing is impossible. She makes it up as she goes along. “There’s no such word as can’t.” She got a gig speaking on a cruise ship because she called and asked for it. She made up the topic on the spot at the time of getting booked. Then she ended up giving a keynote speec. She thought it was 15 minutes, and it was actually 50 minutes. So she made the speech longer, and she was asked if she had a book. She wrote the book in two weeks, printed it at Staples, and she sold 400 copies the night she did the speech.

When her son had a book report that asked, “What was the author thinking when he wrote the book?” She found the author’s phone number and called him up. Her son did a 45 minute phone interview with the author. (How cool is that?)

“Live every day as if it’s your last, and one day, you’ll be right. You don’t want to be doing laundry on that last day.”

Fran did a book signing at the top of Kilimanjaro. She wasn’t even a mountain climber when she decided she wanted do the climb. It got to be -15 degrees with 45 mph winds. And she did a book signing there.

Just be who you are. She uses humor in all things. (She’s been divorced twice, makes a joke about her fast talking.)

She was held up at gunpoint when she worked in a copy shop, and the robbers were upset that there was only $20 in the cash register. They tried to take the necklace that her mom had made for her, and she smacked the guy’s hand away. Later, when the cops arrived, she baffled them when she wasn’t upset. Why? Because she was still alive.

“How many of you have told someone today, ‘I love you?’” Most of us raised our hands. “How many have told yourself, ‘I love you?’” No one. She asked us all to kiss our own hands. We should love ourselves. “Why do we have to put the mask on ourselves first in the airplane? It’s not because we want our kids to die. [Explosive laughter] It’s because we have to take care of ourselves.”

Fran’s dad didn’t want anyone to cry at his funeral, so they all told funny stories about him. The funeral director said he’d never heard so much laughter. (We laughed and cried at my grandpa’s funeral.)

We all have a special talent. We need to let it shine.

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