August/September 2007 – TV Episodes, Festivals, Plane rides, Penguins and Knives

QUOTE: “Just live your life and forget your age!”


1- Fran jumps out of plane with guy on her back (see clip below)
2- Fran visits Brooklyn and has knives thrown at her in broad daylight! (see clip below)
3- Fran and fitness celebrity John Basedow meet short tuxedo dude (see clip below)
4- Humorist takes a dive into two record books
5- Curse you Red Baron – Fran’s biplane adventure (see photos)
6- Fran’s Mom recovers in Treetop and finally comes home
7- Fran is celebrity awards presenter at International Film Festival, host of documentary, on the Fringe & on wacky TV show (See clip below)
8- Jet skiing in my backyard
9- Laughing documentary
10- Ping Pong in Chinatown

Upcoming: (New Items)

(3 DVD series) – Beginning of November
People have referred to me as the Queen of Publicity, I just like to think I fast talk my way to tv 🙂 Either way,  you know I have a book out on the subject, so upon request I finally put out a DVD on all my publicity secrets. In it I talk about how you can put together a winning press kit, how to develop a hook for yourself or your product, how to get radio and tv shows interested in booking you, how to do a great interview etc.  It’s a 3 hour series, hosted by my good friend, Emmy award winner, Janette Barber (From the Rosie O’Donnel Show and the View).

Beginning of November
My Hopeville book as been a favorite for people to buy as gifts around the holiday season…so I decided why not put it out in ebook fashion so people can download it to their IPODS etc…an uplifting book with a wonderful message.

Hi Guys,

Wow, the summer came and went…hope you made the best of it. On this end I can’t believe I didn’t even get a chance to send out a Capo update…so here it is a quick, summer in review and upcoming Capo quickie…hey do I know how to do it any other way. (Keep your mind out of the gutter people)


One of my very first adventures was doing a static line parachute jump in Lakewood, New Jersey, right out of college. Doing a static line was exhilarating, because you had to have the courage to step out of the plane, but you only had to deal with a free fall for a total of eight feet, the length of the static line. Since the static line is attached to the plane and deploys your chute, you don’t get the feeling of free falling or the worry of pulling your own chute in time. That was fine for then. I figured it would be nice to free fall through the clouds sometime in the future.

I didn’t have a definite time of when I wanted to do a tandem jump. It just came up one day when my friend Heidi asked, “So what’s your next adventure?”

Without thinking, I blurted out, “Maybe a tandem jump.” Once said, the idea stuck. All I had to do was get some friends to do the daring deed with me.
(To read the rest of this go to and the read blog button.)


The great thing about being a world record holder is you get to meet other world record holders and extraordinary people. For me that translates into an array of interesting adventures, and of course ways for me to challenge myself to push beyond my limits and break any fear barriers.

My latest fear barrier was broken when I got wind that Astroland Park in Coney Island had been sold and was going to be closing it’s doors for the last time on labor day. The world famous Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel would still remain open, but a company by the name of Thor Equities had bought up the rest of Astroland and word has it, is going to convert the area into a Las Vegas style entertainment complex.

Coney Island has been an icon in Brooklyn for over 40 years and I wanted to do something there in the final week, while it was still in its original form. My mind raced for something I could do there as one last fond memory (besides ride the cyclone twice which I did) that would raise my adrenaline level. Then it came to me…something that would fit perfectly. It involved sharp household utensils.

You see, one of my friends happens to be The Great Throwdini, the World’s Fastest Knife Thrower…(TO READ REST OF STORY GO TO WWW.FRANCAPO.COM and hit read blog)

3- Fran and fitness celebrity John Basedow met short tuxedo dude (see clip)
Episode 5 of John Basedow TV just went online today.
See John and his good friend, Fast-Talking Fran, have fun with penguins at Mystic Aquarium.  Go to

4- Humorist takes dive into two record books
So you all know that I dove down to the wreck site of the Titanic and broke my third world record down there. (Many of you were sponsors!- Thanks)  Well the record has been entered into not one, but two world record books.
This month the new Ripleys Believe it or Not book –  The Remarkable Revealed lists it on page 222. A great book, with tons of cool believe it or Nots.
And –
I just got notification from the Diving Almanac and Yearbook that I will be in their 2008 book which is released in November. The Diving Almanac is a book of diving world records –…and I will be listed among the who’s who of that sport!
(PHOTOS OF ALL THIS is on my website under world records)

5- Curse you Red Baron – Fran’s Biplane adventure
Every few months I have to do an adventure or I get antsy.

So was the case with last weekend. I was hanging out with my on again, off again boyfriend, Steve (one day the real adventure will be to figure us out) and we were trying to decide what to do.

I said,  “I’m flexible… I just don’t want some mundane thing… a local adventure would be nice…something different…how about you surprise me?” I flashed a devilish smile and left.
He said, “Surprise you huh, okay give me an hour.”
Any guy who has ever dated me knows that when I get it in my head that I need an adventure…it means I’m going to do something…just have to figure out what, and they either join me or I go it alone.

I headed home…not even ten minutes later he calls me, “I found a place. I’m not going to tell you cause I know how you like surprises…but I tell you what, if your son and his friends are home we should take them too, cause they’ll love this.”
(To see picture of this and read the rest of the blog go to click read blog)

6- Fran’s Mom recovers in Treetop and finally comes home
Well as most of you know my mom went into the hospital for emergency life threatening surgery on March 26th. What some of you didn’t know is that all this time she has still been in.  Infection after infection, blood clots, open wounds, ER visits etc…delayed her recovery. We were living our own version of the movie Sicko. I had her transported out of Jamaica Hospital to a place up near me a month ago called, Treetops.
Gorgeous surroundings, wonderful nurses, and my own cure with a banana skin for a rash got her on the road to recovery. Finally I am bringing her home on Monday…YEAH! Her stomach wound still has to close up, she stills needs a walker…but damnit she’s coming home, and I’m determined to get her up and about in no time! I know she’s excited because she asked me to bring her makeup, her jewelry and some pickles (Lord I hope she’s not pregnant) for her release day.

7- Fran is celebrity awards presenter at International Film Festival, host of documentary, on the Fringe and wacky TV show.
So this summer I spent a lot of time with celebrities and festivals. I was the host of a documentary called, 4000…where I talked about the 4000 chemicals in cigarettes, I was also asked to be a celebrity awards presenter where I got to interview people like Vitamin Guru Gary Null, some soprano’s stars, and some film stars like Jim Shea from “Honey I blew up the kids”. (Got the name wrong but made a quick recovery on camera.
I also was invited to the fringe festival and got to interview some Soap stars (made my mom proud) and help promote Tumor Humor…which raises money for cancer, I was also on a wacky TV show with fellow comedienne and host, Nancy Lombardo where we did a wild interview from her kitchen….so needless to say I did my good deeds for the summer.
Here’s a quick Fran’s world look at those outings:





8- Jet skiing in my backyard.
So you know I live on a 3 mile lake. What you might not know is that my ex-boyfriend decided to move across the street from me…yup bought a house right smack across the street where I can see him from my kitchen window.
True love or a stalker? I opt for door number 1. Anyway…he knows I love jet skii’s so he went out and bought two as play toys for us.
Turns out you gotta go to a safety course to ride the damn things.
So we all took a safety class together. The competition was heated when we all wanted to outdo each other on the test.
There were 8 of us. Myself and his office manager, Anna got a 100 on the test…Steve came in with a 98… he was in man hell, knowing he’d never hear the end of it from the two most vocal women in his life.

9- Laughing Documentary – So what do you do on a Sunday afternoon to pass the time in the Capo house. Let a camera crew come on in and tape you or a documentary on what is laughter. It was cool, especially when they threw obscure questions at me like, “So does an elevator smell worse for short people.”

10- Ping Pong in Chinatown-
You may not know this about me…but I LOVE PING PONG.
Turns out so does my good friend, Fitness Celebrity John Basedow.
Dying to play we found a place in the basement of a dant building in china town.
Down there in the cellar were some of the top ping pong champions. Smacking the balls at each other at 100 mph without working up a sweat.
When we walked in the owner recognized John and wanted his autograph. When he found out I was the worlds fastest talker…he held us captive…offering us free ping pong games …why he wanted us to stay there till he send a messager home to get his video camera.

When the guy came back…he had me do the three little pigs…capo style…and say hello to the people of China…he tried to get me to talk Chinese…yeah that worked out well.
Then he did a pose down with John. He was so happy,
He jumped up and down clapping, “I so happy. OH, no one will believe this…two famous people right here…world record holder and Mr. Body builder…you make me very popular in my country.”

We left with some t-shirts and free passes to play again.

Well that’s the Capo summer update. If you read to here congratulations and thanks.

Speak to you all soon.


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