April 2007 – Million Dollar kid, Psychic in the closet, Kangaroo Meatballs and Believing in the face of death.

“It is time for us to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever, the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it.” –Vince Lombardi

Quick Summary of Capo update:
1- How to have a million dollar relationship with your teen
2- Flying in a storm for Safety
3- Psychic in the closet
4- Mayors and press come out to support the “Write to Heal”
5- You want me to eat what?
6- Titanic record to come out in new Ripley’s Book – The Remarkable Unveiled
7- Fran cast in her first full length comedy animated film…a surprise twist.
8- So how often do you smoke rat poison and methane?
9 – Believing in the face of death
10- Fran joins forces with fitness guru to make – Success Made Simple

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1- How to have a million dollar relationship with your teen (Complete story on blog with pictures at www.mysweetconnection.com)

A while ago I was upset about something…yes, even this fast talking motivational speaker has her days when she hits overload and cries…the main thing is I only allow myself to cry for an hour…then I get off the pity pot and spend the next few hours or days whatever it takes, working on the solution. (Sometimes I actually can schedule the day which is best for me to cry…yeah I know it sounds strange but it’s true.) In this instance however…I did my on the spot few minute cry…and in that time, my son, Spencer did something very special…he made a video for me and IM’d the link to me so that it popped up on my computer desktop.

I clicked it on and from the moment I heard my favorite song playing and saw that it was dedicated to me I started to cry…but this time it was tears of joy. I hugged Spencer at the end, which of course made me cry some more. (Maybe there were onions lying around who knows.)

(CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO or cut and paste URL) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrxiM-zIUY8

I immediately emailed the video link to my close group of friends with the subject title, “I have the greatest son in the world.”

I expected my friends to smile. What I didn’t expect was the numerous responses I got…with most of my friends telling me that not only were they there for me if I needed them but that they cried at the video too, and started to pass it around. The comments of my friends were so touching they made me cry also…I lost a lot of water weight that day (and no it wasn’t a woman’s thing.)

Anyway in the midst of all the comments, one comment from my friend, John Basedow kept ringing in my head. He said, “You know you have a relationship with your son that parents would pay millions for.” He was so right.

I went into Spencer’s room and we had a long talk about why we both thought our relationship was so great…

Here’s the top ten things we came up with so I thought I’d share them with you. (to read the rest go to www.mysweetconnections.com and hit blog button on the left.)

2- Flying in a storm for Safety – or leaving on a jet plane…maybe not!

A lot of planning goes into motivational speaking. You have to consider the audience you’re speaking to, know the company, know why they are hiring you, and
know the outcome they are looking for. Usually the prep time is six months in advance, sometimes as much as a year if its annual meeting. In that time you have several emails, sign letters of agreement, research the company, have conference calls, work on logistics, get deposits, book flights and hotel, have a final call and you are on your way. Ninety-nine percent of the time that’s how it works…then there’s that one percent. That stupid one percent that makes all the planning in the world go out the window. Such was the case with my recent “Dare to do it” speech I was to give at the annual convention of PG& E in San Francisco.

A month before the gig, I had spoken to Andy, the guy who hired me. I had said in passing, “You know the booking is in February, what do we do if it snows?”
He said, “Our conference is always in February, we’ve had some close calls, but it’s always worked out and besides what are the odds, that on that one day you can’t make it?”

Well the long shot horse came in by a nose.

It all started when my mother, who must have been a weather person in a previous life, called me, “You know Frannie, we are supposed to have a bad snow storm starting Tuesday night. They are anticipating three to six inches. Aren’t you supposed to fly out of JFK on Wednesday to San Francisco? If so be careful, say your prayers and dress warm.”

Now getting a weather report from my mom is not unusual. In fact, she calls every single day with an update. It was just the timing of the whole thing…..

(complete story at www.mysweetconnection.com hit the blog button on the left.)

3- Psychic in the closet
So a friend of mine Dawn calls me and tells me that her cousin who is a psychic is coming to town and she would love for me to meet her. She is going to do a reading for Theresa, the owner of Curves. Dawn says, “Come on down at 11 AM on Friday and meet her.” I ask, “Am I getting a reading or something?” She says, “No, just think you’d like her.”
I agree.

I go down to Curves and her cousin is doing a reading with Theresa in the closet. (Well actually its a changing room…but it looks like a closet.) Twenty minutes later they come out of the closet. Her cousin says…”I see you all the time on my tv set in Arizona…your commercial for the Sweet connection blog runs about 15 times a day! (Wasn’t sure at the moment if that was a good or bad thing for her.) She continued, Last night I got a message that I should do a reading for you. So if you’re up for it we can go into the closet.”

Always game…I was amused that I would be sitting on the floor of a four by four room, getting my fortune read while women were outside on the workout machines.

Now to be honest, I never much liked tarot cards because I always thought they looked creepy with that guy with one leg hanging upside down etc. Who ever designed the original tarot cards had a morbid imagination. Nothing on those decks look promising. Always felt you’d get a death card from that deck.

But these tarot cards were different. They had gorgeous images of unicorns on the back. (Unicorns btw are one of my favorite creatures in the world. Yes… I know they are not real.) Anyway, we do a reading…Now I’m not going to give you all the details…but surfice to say that there was a Mother Mary card…which surprised me…because I didn’t expect a religious diety like her to be in a tarot card deck. She showed up…and the message on her card read….”Expect a miracle – very soon.”

My mind went all over the place thinking wow what could it be? I asked for details but was told that I’d know when the miracle would come.

I was tempted to put in some requests (in a polite way of course) as to what I would like the miracle to be… but figured I’d better not mess around with fate, I’d leave it up to Mary…besides, I learned you never argue with your mother.”

It wasn’t till two months later I found out what that closet miracle was ..all I can say was I was grateful I didn’t use it up on my other requests.

(To find out the miracle…read….#9 Believing in the face of death…and then let me know if you agree this was the miracle.)

4- Mayors and press come out to support the “Write to Heal”
As you know I recently, March 16th, I took part in a play written by Lisa Regina called, “A Write to Heal” which deals with the subject of domestic violence. It was my first dramatic role where I do a monologue as this character Allie who is trying to convince her best friend, Brianna to leave her abusive boyfriend who just broke her arm.

My piece had some humorous comments as I was allowed to improvise and we all got a standing ovation. There was over 800 reservations, but because of the hail storm unfortunately only about 200 showed up…despite the odds, the mayors and press came out and gave rave reviews. We are presently planning to bring the piece to New York City and then San Francisco in the next few months. Will keep you posted. (Want to thank my mom, son and friends, Ali and Dale who braved a five hour drive to see me. I told them I would tape it for them…but they insisted live was the only way.)

5- Explorer’s club dinner or You want me to eat what? (excerpt from www.mysweetconnection.com blog (Fran’s World) (pictures at blog site – not for weak stomachs)

….Just as we entered the reception room, a fancy bell tone rang to signal the reception was over and that it was time to head to the Grand Ballroom. Of course, there was no way Ali and I were going to miss the reception cuisine, so since I never follow rules anyway, we headed in while everyone else was headed out…That was of course after we quickly filled out a raffle ticket to win a $25,000 Rolex watch. (Hey we didn’t come all this way to only experience half an event!)

Ali and I practically ran over to the buffet table (as daintily as we could of course, since we were in evening gowns and didn’t want to look like linebackers) before they took all the food away.

The first thing we came upon was Feral Hog. We decided to pass. As we went around the table we realized, Wait! This is where all the exotic food is, dinner itself is probably normal. With that realization we decided we better step up to the plate and explore these dishes – it was now or never. So we piled out tiny plates with things we never dreamed we’d eat in a million years.

Now, just so you know, they don’t just randomly throw down any animal carcass. There is an exotic foods chairman, Gene Rurka, who is an authority on the subject. He brings food to the Explorer’s Club members so they can share the experience of what many explorers have had to rely upon in the great outdoors. His passion for indigenous foods has led him to explore rare cultures in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Alaska, British Columbia and the islands of the Caribbean. He is a conservationist (although at first thought you may not think that), but he is known world wide and international experts in scientific fields provide him with information for his next exotic creations. (I’d like to hear that conversation…”Hey Gene, we got some lizard snout and camel dung…interested? We can fry it up real nice, put a flower or two next to it to dress it up.)

With that being said, I tasted; Swedish Kangaroo Meatballs (which didn’t make sense since I thought they were from Australia), Ostrich Eggs, Alligator Gumbo, Elk Stroganoff, and oven roasted North American Beaver (okay, no nasty comments). Ali and I snapped pictures as we sampled each of these items. The thing that got to me the most was that the animals looked like the animals. I mean there was an Alligator head and foot near his dish.

I think it might have been easier for me if it was all cut up. But then again, those explorers out there in sub-degree whether, or in the wilds of the jungle, didn’t have that option, so I think this is as real as it could get.

They were cleaning up as we were taste testing so we did miss out on a lot of dishes…like the Sweet and Sour Bovine Penis prepared with testicular partners (a dish I’m sure a large population of males indulged in); the earthworm canapés (had these in my backyard for years and killed them – Who knew one day I’d pay $300 bucks to eat them); the teriyaki-infused Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (the only dish that if it was there, I wouldn’t try…yup I think I’d starve to death at that point). We also missed the; mealworm Maki; crispy scorpions dotted with goat cheese; savory roasted candied ants, tempura battered tarantulas and if that didn’t do it, the honey glazed Tarantula. The list goes on, but I don’t want to make you salivate any more than necessary.

6- Titanic record to come out in new Ripley’s Book – The Remarkable Unveiled
Well if you know me…you know about my third world record of being the only author to do a book signing at the wreck site of the Titanic and saying the first ever memorial prayer down there in my capacity as an ordained minister (remember that I am one if any of you are getting married.) Anyway that record will be appearing in the new Ripley’s Believe it or Not book called, “The Remarkable Unveiled” which is due out this October. Pretty cool and I’m working on a new world record that you all can be involved in too…check out the July Seminar info to find out.

7- Fran Cast in her first full length animated film…a surprise twist.
Not sure if you guys ever knew this but one of my dreams was to do a voiceover for a full length animated film…well, my dream just came true! You see I’ve done voiceovers in the past for informercials, tv cartoons, commercials like Candy Claus and 800-flowers and on the new John Basedow reality show…(Samples all on my website www.francapo.com under video clips) but I’ve never had the pleasure of doing the full length gig till now. The cool thing was this gig just snuck up on me. A director had heard my voiceover clip on my website and contacted me asking if I’d like to audition for a lead role in a animated comedy feature film called, “Crackpots”, an internationally, “made for TV feature film” that will broadcast in December 2007. I was asked to audition only if I had all the recording equipment at home needed to do professional voiceovers via computer.

As always I followed my philosophy of “just say yes and figure it out later”. Later happened to come the next day when I found out my union was having a free workshop class on the best microphones to use for professional VO work…I took the class bought the stuff, and was set. I love when the universe complies like that. Anyway with the winning combo of my professional equipment and my son the computer genius….I had my studio set. I was asked to audition for five parts; Amy, a sexy seductress- thirty something ; Stef – the dominating Housewife. Hot tempered, Aggressive. Twenty-something; Mrs. Carter – The aggresive Mother-in- Law. Masculine voice. A female wrestler! Fifty something; Granny – the modern Grandma; and Ty – Young fast talking Chinese mother.

Now the millionn dollar question…which part do you think I got?

(answer at the very bottom)

8- So how often do you smoke rat poison and methane?

I get asked to do a variety of projects, which is great because it certainly keeps life interesting. The best project for me is one that can get huge media exposure, incorporates humor, motivates people, doesn’t require any memorizing, hits a topic I care about, and where I can be myself. (Oh yeah, and it’s great if it pays well too.)

Well lucky for me, such a project recently came my way via casting agent, Donna McKenna (Yes, the same agent who got me involved with my dramatic debut in the “Write to Heal” play).

Donna submitted me along with two other actors (yes, I am now in that category) to be the host/spokesperson of an anti-smoking documentary called, “Breaking the Habit: You Can do it!” I was chosen out of the group because of my comedy background and ability to work on the fly. The best part was when Donna said, “And guess what…after seeing your website and reading your blog…they said that you could improvise most of the script” Translation…you don’t have to memorize script! Now that’s Capo heaven.

The documentary was for the Center for Tobacco Control through North Shore-LIJ Health Systems. I was given a basic outline of questions that I was to ask a panel of experts and in the end the video was going to be submitted to a film festival.

The producer/director was Michael J. Arbouet, a easy going talented guy, who’s won film festival awards for his short film New York Minute and full length feature film Serial. I knew immediately speaking to Mike that I was dealing with a winner. Michael has also produced and directed documentaries, commercials, music videos and industrials.

The video was taking place in Great Neck, Long Island at the North Shore LIJ Health facility. I arrived at 9 a.m. at the place. Okay, actually ten after nine since traffic was really backed up, but I called : (Hey I’m a fast talker…but I can’t leap over cars yet.)

I was brought into the conference room where they had a delicious buffet breakfast and a make up artist waiting. Yes, in the same room. In case you have never been on a shoot (whether TV, video etc) here’s the inside scoop. The make up artist can be set up anywhere…from in the ladies or men’s bathrooms, to tiny closets, to designated rooms to in the hallway! The makeup artist is always a nice perk on a set, because on camera makeup is very different than just applying your own makeup. What looks good in the light of day can make you look washed out on camera. Thus why they call them artists.

Now this make up artist, Christy McCabe, was especially good because she also did hair. (Nope not all of them do…so your face could look good and your hair can look like its bad hat day at the zoo.)

After makeup we were ready to roll. The set up was pretty simple. It was Mike on one camera, and Anthony Richards on a second camera. Anthony was also the lighting tech. I was to improv the opening with some guidelines.

The guidelines were; that I was to introduce myself as the host of video, talk about my world records, and then mention the reasons why I was interested in being a part of this documentary…namely because I came from a family of smokers and I was the only one who managed not to get lured into the habit; second, because I was exposed to second hand smoke being a comic in nightclubs and then third was the clincher…my dad, Frank (Frankie Crooks for you Almost a Wise Guy fans) got cancer from smoking. The crazy part was he beat it twice and both times he started smoking again! The third time did him in. I wanted some answers as to why in the world people would smoke when they knew the dangers and what better way to get answers than to be part of a documentary where I get to ask a panel of experts, (mainly registered nurses) one by one, these burning questions. (Yes, pun intended.) …… (Full story including the 4000 chemicals that are in EACH cigarette are at the blog site www.mysweetconnection.com hit blog button on left.)

NOTE: If you want someone to quit smoking read this blog.

9- Believing in the face of death
As you know I use visualization, positive thinking and prayer to obtain my world records. Hey, three for deal is always better than one. I’ve used this way of thinking also in other areas of life. With the recent release of my CD, “The Science of Getting Rich” and the phenomena of the movie/book “The Secret” this type of thinking has come to the forefront of people’s minds again…even though it’s been around for centuries. The one thing about any of this is that it’s very easy to be a positive and attract good thoughts when things are going well in your life. But what happens when your reality says seems to say…”wow, this is a horrible situation?” How easy is it to then to look beyond reality? A “reality” that seems to say, that there is a possiblity of death with not one, but two of the most important people in your life on the same day? Well, I was put the test and I found out.

On March 26th, 2007 both my mom, Rose and my son, Spencer were emitted to Emergency Room.

It started that Friday, when I took my son, with 104.8 fever to the emergency room. Turns out he had strep. They kept him in the hospital for a few hours, gave him a massive dose of pencillian in the butt and sent him home. All weekend long his fever went up and down. That monday morning at 5 a.m. he came into my bedroom crying and clutching his chest, “Mom my heart feels like it’s going to explode.” He was in excrusating pain. I got him into my car and drove him to the hospital up here in Putnam county. He had ekg, blood tests etc. They thought he had rhuematic fever (which only occurs in 3% of strep cases) and can lead to an inflammation of the heart. They admitted him into the hospital at 10 a.m. and were checking what was causing the strain on his heart.

At 10:30 a.m. my mom calls me from the city complaining of servere abdominal pains. She has no idea I’m in the hospital with Spencer, nor do I want to tell her. She tells me she thinks she has food poisoning. I tell her to call a doctor. She hangs up, knowing my mother I think she is not going to call the doctor. I leave my son’s room, call her doctor and he says to have her come in. I call my mother back and tell her, but she has already called the doctor herself. Now I know she is in bad pain.

I wait in the hospital with my son.

Spencer was in great pain even with the morphine shots…they gave him an antiinflammatory, ekg…etc….He’s scared, I’m scared. He starts crying….I do a visualization with him at the hospital to calm him down – I keep repeating to him to visualize he had a strong heart.. the heart monitor starts to even out more…..and he falls asleep. They tell me they think he has rhuematic fever which causes an inflammation of the heart, a condition known as Pericarditis. Very rare in this day and age and can cause permanent heart damage. I’m worried but until they know for sure I am not accepting this diagnosis. It will be several hours before they know for sure.

Meanwhile back in NYC…mom still in pain. She manages to take two trains home with these severe pains. She’s at home, saying she’s in too much pain to go to the doctor…I tell her if she doesn’t let my sister take her I’ll call an ambulance.

I leave Spencer’s hospital for a few hours and go to doctor myself…because I’m feeling ill. I get some penicillian (turns out I had a touch of the flu going around as well. I keep it to myself.)

Long story short…several hours later at 7 p.m. (she’s stubborn) my sister calls and tells me, my mom is emitted into ER room in Jamaica Hospital in Queens.
Again, I dont tell Spencer don’t want to worry him. I don’t tell my mom, Spencer is in hospital don’t want to worry her.

I leave Spencer in hospital upstate at 8pm (end of visiting hours). My sometimes ex boyfriend Steve who is visiting Spencer with me, drives me to see my mom in ER in Queens. Mom is in severe pain- morphine doesnt help. My sister is at hospital with her. Hospital staff make us leave ER during shift change at 1 AM..I come home very tired and tell my sister to call and keep me posted (she’s only 15 minutes from Jamaica Hospital where my mom is.)

AT 3:00 a.m. my sister, Sharon calls and says they say mom has an incarcerated hernia – that her intestines punched a whole through her stomach and are in a knot and are strangling her organs..if my mom doesnt’ get immediate surgery the bowels which are dumping toxins into her system will kill her.

Siter calls me all night with updates. I start praying to Mother Mary and visualizing that she will be fine. I can’t get in touch with her doctor, so I call my doctor, Dr. Forim (whom my mom was a patient with over 15 years ago.) He immediately calls me back, tells me he knows the surgeon at Jamaica Hospital and he is good and that she has to get the surgery or she will die. I tell my sister to tell mom to do it.

At 6 a.m. Spencer calls telling me the pencillian drip he had in his arm caused him servere pain and that it felt like fire going through his system and his call button doesnt work and he couldn’t get a nurse right away. He said he started praying to Mother Mary and trying to visualize the pain going away…nurse came in…flushed out the penicillian. He feels better now. I call the hospital, the Nurse said she never seen a reaction like this since he is not allergic to penicillian, but that everything is under control. Steve goes to be with him as well as my downstairs neighbors and friends, Wanda and Vanessa. I tell them to question the doctors and find out the blood results.

At 8 a.m….I drive to Queens to talk hopefully talk to my mom before operation. (I’m torn not also being with my son but since he is out of immediate danger I feel I should go to my mom. ) They say it will be a 4-6 hour operation…risks because of age. They tell me she is on OR table already…but then I feel I need to double check. I do and am able to see her before her surgery…the wheel her out into hallway so I can talk to her.

She says: “If something happens, know I love you and the family and get an autopsy.”

I almost cry…but instead I say,”Listen to me Mom. ..You are the one who taught me the power of visualizing. You are to picture yourself in white healing light. Picture the end result! I will do it too, picture you coming out of this feeling fantastic and better than before…you have a strong heart. You will make it.” I kept repeating it to her till she falls asleep.

I walk out scared and start to cry in the bathroom of the hospital….but I get a grip. I said to myself, “Capo if you cry you are admitting you think something is going to happen. Grab that energy and visualize their healing.” I stop crying.

I call Spencer’s hospital. They found out he had viral pericarditis instead of bacterial…which is good in this scenario since bacterial leaves permanent damage…with viral he can be healed in a month.

I now concentrate on my mom. Seven hours later she is out of surgery.The doctors said it was more major than they thought and it would have been a major undertaking for a 28 year old. She is recoving well….She has a strong heart. They had to remove three feet of blackened intestine. Another few hours and she would have died.

Now here’s the thing…no matter what was happening…I had a strong support system around me. I knew I had to hold it together for them. I had to two people I loved most in the entire world in the hospital at the same time…there was no way I was going to let anything happen to them. All night all I visualized was the two of them in white healing light and the doctors saying, “Wow this is a miracle…they have recovered so quickly….I refused to feel anything else.)

That Wednesday, Spencer got out of hospital. (He was supposed to get out Thrusday…but they let him out a day sooner because he was doing great.) He has a ten day prescription fo pencillian, needs an echo cardiogram in 2 weeks…but is doing fine.

That Thursday, my mom got out of intensive care. The doctor said,”Wow, for her age she got over that quicker than we thought.”

That night I had to do a gig at the Amber Court Assisted Living home, the event was put on by Senior Bridge. The topic; “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” It was an appreciation dinner/comedy show for social workers. I sat in my car thinking…”I’m not sure I could make these people laugh. I feel drained.” I decided at that moment to trust my inner instincts…to actually ditch the set comedy act and speak form the heart. I opened up with…”It’s ironic that I’m hear tonight…I just came from the hospital where my mom is. She just had seven hours of surgery. Before she went in she said, “Just know I love you, and the family, close the hallway lights and get an autopsy.” I said, “Mom why the hell would you worry about the lights at a time like this.” She said, “I don’t want Con Ed getting any more than they have to.” Then she said, “You know the worst thing about this would be going to sleep alive and waking up dead.” Finally, I know my mom is on the road to recovery because she started complaining…”I can’t get any sleep in this place, they wake you up to give you a sleeping pill.”
I took the basics of what happened so I could really be in the place I was an just put a comedy spin on it..since they were all social workers and dealt with hospitals they appreciated the humor. I wound up speaking for 45 minutes and getting another booking on the spot.

As for my mom, she is still in the hospital (she wound up with an infection…but luckily it’s minor.) There were dozens of my friends praying for her (and my son.) She is a tough bird as everyone says…and the major part is over. She should be home in two weeks.

I never gave up believing she would be better and the ironic thing was I realized the closet psychic was right…I got the ultimate miracle…very soon. They both lived and are okay.

We have already been booked in some colleges and for teen talks…but if you know of anyone who would like to have us perform for your organization just give us a holler…okay email is probably better. You can email myself or Priches@optonline.net and Pat will be happy to give you the details.

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Record Holders Republic and Ripley will independently review all talent and determine whether their material is sutiable for a new or broken world record.

Time: 7 PM
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The very first “INI” SHOW in which variety artistes whose stage name ends in “ini” will perform in the same show. Headling the event will be The Great Throwdini (world champion and world record holding knife thrower), with performances by The Great Fredini (sword swallower), The Great Cindini (The World’s Preeminent Female Escapologist), Dirty Martini (award winning burlesque star), and Shakeherheini (International Belly Dancing Sensation). The show will be cohosted by world champion and world record holding trick roper and bull whip artist Chris McDaniel and Fran Capo, the world’s fastest talking female.

3- Mind, Money, Body & Soul Boot Camp (& world record event)
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Answer to #8 – Animated film:
No…not the fast talking Chinese mother as you would imagine.
I got cast as Stef the dominating housewife….something future mates might not be thrilled about…but hey…its acting 🙂

Create a great month guys…speak soon.

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