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Hi Guys,

Another year comes and goes, and we (yes all of us) say the same thing every year, “How the hell did a year pass so quickly?” My theory is when you are 1 and a whole year passes that’s your entire life, when you’re 37 (Like I will always be till I’m 97) then another year is only 1/37th of your life. My point is 2 fold! Enjoy the journey and don’t feel ONLY the big things in life are important. (Otherwise you are only going to be happy a few days a year!) And age is just a number, STOP SAYING, “’I’m getting older!” Age is a mindset! John Glenn returned to space at 77, Frank Lloyd Write worked till he was 91! 102 year old, Robert Merchand set a new world record in his age group by biking 17 miles in 1 hour. (And don’t say there’s not many in his group or he immediately died afterwards – that’s for my comic pals reading this!) Point being Stop complaining and start living!

Okay, So what craziness did I partake in this year? PLENTY!

Besides stand up comedy, motivational talks around the country, and writing my adventure blogs for www.travelingmom.com (#TMOM – yeah, I’m back on a few) Here were two things that consumed a lot of my time:


So I’ve been on a on a yearlong mission to get to the ROOT CAUSE of my Hasimoto’s. Doctors have told me for 19 years, “Miss Capo, you not normal! Your body like miracle, I give it less medicine you feel better, but your numbers are like out of science movie, not sure what to do for you except put you on medicine that will have side effects and you be on it for life.” NOT! The thing is I feel great, but western docs are worried about my numbers (TSH was 289, supposed to be 1.2) but for the 1st time ever through going gluten, dairy and soy free, starting to mediate, reading books like ‘The Thyroid Secret”, using acupuncture, listening to two holistic docs (Ken Kaybayashi and Vasuda from American Ayuvedic) and a functional doc from Susan Blum Center, healing tapes, getting rid of toxins in my life and changing things up: drinking out of glass, not plastic; using nail polish and Hair dye that doesn’t have carcinogen’s in it, eating only grass fed meat only 2 x a month, keeping away from Glyphosates (the #1 herbicide sprayed on all our wheat and soy crops- think Roundup…etc. etc.) and taking natural supplements I got my TSH down from 289 to 189! The 1st time in 19 years!)

My decision: “If I’m the miracle case that everyone claims I am because I shouldn’t be vertical with my numbers, then by God, I will be the miracle cure patient who reverses my Hasimoto’s and help everyone I can. (And I’m blogging about my journey – if you go to www.francapo.com and on the home page look to right column and click “Health tips”. Enjoy!

FRAN’S WORLD RADIO SHOW/PODCAST: So yup, I’m now doing a radio show/Podcast on www.WestchesterTalkRadio.com produced by Sharc Creative. It’s a show about happiness, health, humor and living your dreams. Interviewing people that can change your world. You can go to my website and click the “Fran’s world Podcast” to listen to past episodes. https://francapo.com/category/frans-world-podcasts/

And now for some highlights:

(Not Everything I did but the Highlights- not just career this time, but all life in general. Please feel free to share with others.)

January 2017

Jan 24 2017 – EXILED OUT EAST – The 3 part webisode where I play a fast talking, bagel chewing, tough PR lady debuts at the NYWIF (New York Women in Film) showing in Manhattan. Friends come to watch, I sink in my chair, they cheer (slightly embarrassing, but really love it). Afterwards I go to NYWIF closed party and get offered to be sponsored as a member. I gladly accept the offer.

www.http://exiledouteast.com (Click out the trailer with my picture)

Jan 26 2017 – Rushed to ER! Turns out its….

My temperature drops randomly in morning from 98 to 97, then 96, then 95 degrees. I have sharp pains in stomach. I feel weird so I drive myself to ER. They think appendix and CT scan my abdomen. Medical Diagnosis: I AM FOS. I ask, “What is that?” They say, “You are Full of S—“ take some Metamucil, and that will clean you out. Really? Started eating so much green roughage that the rabbits in neighborhood where complaining. (BTW I took just plain “NOW psyllium husks” instead, all the fiber, none of the added dye or chemicals- Why flush out crap with more crap? Dah! (And yes I realize I am leaving myself wide open to some jokes here, and my husband has already taken advantage of it!)

JAN 28, 2017 – 1st Comedy Show at Taormina

Finally found a great new comedy room to book with fabulous food in Peekskill, New York. Our first night was a SOLD out double headliner show! Did 5 more during the year…next show coming up on Sat Jan. 20th, 2018. Go to taormina2.com or call 914-739-4007 for reservations.

Jan 29, 2017 –BOAT BLOCKS SEAL VIEW- Go with Brain fitness mom friend, Alli Berman, and Gail to Long Island on a day cruise to see SEALS (not Navy- although I’m sure they are cute too) up close and personal. Freezing day, but head out for adventure, only to find, for the first time EVER, the bridge is blocked and we can’t get the boat out to see the seals. We are refunded our money and sent back to shore. But why let a little thing like no boat stop us! Determined we head into town, and find out that there is another way! If you go to Jones Beach (in Wantaugh LI) you can walk out and view seals by going to Lot # 10 and hiking along a sandy path for about 5 minutes to view them. (There’s actually a sign that says SEAL WATCH- but bring binoculars since it’s not like they are lounging on a couch next to you!)

(Winter excursion note: For $4 bucks, the NYS office of parks offers a walking tour Jan through March 2018 to see them. Meet at Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center at West End Field (#1) Call (516)780-3295 for reservation.


Feb 16-19 – Toboggan Run at Pokagon State park,

Lake James Indiana. Yearly birthday adventure celebration, with childhood girlfriend, Viv. This time to a 90 foot vertical drop, quarter of a mile bob sleigh ride in Indiana! No seat belts… just grab each other’s feet and zoom down at 42 mph. (Only problem you have to walk the sleigh back up the hill to ride again.) Luckily we independent women, asked Viv’s husband, Bill to come to help us, I mean…to keep us company.

See Full article:


So I’m going to get my hair cut and dyed (I no longer use a black magic marker to cover any gray since my crying debut a few years ago on the GLAMFAIRY TV Show.) My friend, Marianne, points out to me, “So Capo, if you are so worried about chemicals why would you put dye on your hair, it’s filled with harmful stuff?” Simply answer, “Vanity”. So I search out a dye that is Smart 6 free (Yes this is a real term) – Meaning, Free of 6 harmful things: Permanent hair color, ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD (the chemical that creates color and is widely though to be a cardinogenic since 1993, aka Coal tar like found in Black Henna), Phthalates and gluten. Instead it contains keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract. The dye is called: Madison Reed. I heard it advertised about a million times on the radio. Brainwashed I try it! It works like a charm. Who says you have to poison yourself to look good?


Lots of comedy shows & running back an forth to hospital almost daily taking care of my friend Dr. Thelma who broke her hip and is in hospital then rehab, then hospital again, not getting care she needs. We complain to department of health.

March 14, 2017 – Gotta market even the funny stuff!

Do two radio shows, “George Bettinger’s Mom and Pop Radio Show” & “Comedy Concepts with Nancy Lombardo” – talking about my new book, “The Humor Approach”. It’s a quick but in depth read on

how you can add humor to anything: your workplace, raising kids, wedding toasts, business speech, even your love life (and sorry, No pictures on last category, but lots of ideas and real life samples.) You can get an autographed copy here: https://francapo.com/store/#!/The-Humor-Approach-A-Guide-to-Humor-in-Speaking/p/10734796/category=2470958

March 17, 2017 – Dr. Thelma dies in a CT scan. Can’t go into details, but should never have happened. RIP great soul, great friend, great doctor! Like a Grandmom to me!

March 27- Endoscopy Told I had H-pylori and silent acid reflux. What the hell are these things? And If it’s so damn silent how do I know I have it? I don’t feel anything. Told to take tons of meds to cure it. Instead use Siberian Pine Nut Oil, and holistic doc stuff…all gone! And no side effects! (Wish I could do commercials for these things!)


Ok, I’m a huge IPHONE person, but could not pass up this media extravaganza at Lincoln Center. Hands on all products, giant screen with Celebrity’s and major You tube heavy hitters talking about about innovation, how they got started and changing the world. Plus great swag bags. (Nope, no free phones) Then drive over to VIP after party at swank nightclub, do photos for media, Instagram since that is the “media de jour” and take pictures with other people John said I should know, (but didn’t). This is why John is the Pop-culture star and not me. I’m just a fast talker with a lot of books.

APRIL 2017

April 9 –A unique date

Decided instead of going to movies on a Saturday, Steve and I should spend it breathing life into dummies just in case one of us ever needed it! Yes we took a CPR class. I had taken one with my mom, when my son was born, thought it time for a refresher course. First thing they said, “If there are people are around you during emergency, point and assign people a task, “You get a blanket”, “You call 911”, “You stop hoping your ex chokes on a grape.” (Just seeing if you are paying attention!)

April 19 – Being held up at gunpoint and other cool stories.

Decide to bring my motivation local into my community. Several of the comedy show fans show up and get to see a different side of me and hear stories I don’t tell during stand up. Like the time I got held up at the copy shop in Queens I was working at and the thief was upset there was only 10 bucks in the cash draw…He has a gun to my chest and I’m over there pointing to the huge sign…”Sir, it says 5 cents a copy, if you wanted more money you should have robbed a bank.” He couldn’t believe I was talking back to him while he had a gun. Now looking back neither can I. Story goes on but you’d have to come to my talks to hear more or check out crazy true stories like this on my website: https://francapo.com/category/storytelling/

April 29- The lost years
Had a reunion with my teenage Flushing YMCA buddies. Hadn’t seen most of them since we were teenagers. Brought pictures from those days, ran into my first true love, caught up on our lives, took pictures and made sure to text my new husband all was okay and I didn’t plan on running off with an old beau.

April 30 –Healing Words and Rusty looking Mineral Baths

Was a speaker at the “Festival for Change” in Saratoga Springs. The weekend was conducted by Carson Tang from Powermastery. My good friend, TV Host, Donna Drake was also a speaker. I went on right after the guy who had us break arrows with our neck. Everyone did it except for this one guy who kept questioning why none of us got pieced through the neck. He kept saying, it was “mathematically impossible none of us got hurt.” After 20 minutes of this I felt like piercing him, just to make his math work out. The audience was great though, and even that self-doubting arrow guy gave me many compliments after my talk. I got a lot of hugs, and sold tons of books. Then after Donna and I rushed over to the mineral baths. (The water looked dirty but I was assured it was just the minerals.) We soaked in the tubs for an hour. Felt fantastic! I also realized that even though mineral water is great to drink, I don’t like the taste. But at least I tried it.

May 5- Performing before Menopause the Musical

Got asked to be the first stand up to do a pre-show before the musical at CW Post’s Tillis Center in Long Island. Performed to about 350 people in the lobby. Gave out motivational bookmarks, sold books, hugged people, then start watching the play. All of a sudden there is a pause during Menopause…the lights go on, the play stops and a woman is lying on the floor of the theater. Someone yells, “Anyone know CPR?” I raise my hand but a closer person rushes in. So, I call 911 and tell them what is happening. Then I run outside to l wait for EMT’s and lead them to theater. Who would have thought that I would have had to use my CPR class skills less than a month later!

May 17 – Hottest Day of the Year to Walk Over the Walkway

My good friend, Toby Nadler creates these unique networking events called, “Talk Walks “at various locations around New York. This one was outdoor at the “World’s Longest elevated pedestrian Bridge”…only problem, it was so hot the rubber on your sneakers would melt if you stood still too long. That was also the day, Sharc Creative “discovered” me during an interview and gave me my own, “Fran’s World Radio show”. Thanks Andrew and Toby. Cool event on a hot day! (Next Talk walk is on the Highline – May 16 & 17. If you like networking with high-powered woman, and getting gift bags, go to www.womeninbusiness.org for details.)

May 21, 2017 – PET CPR-

Took a PET CPR class, had no idea they even existed! Instead of mouth to mouth, we did mouth to snout. Gotta love your pets!

May 25- Stimulating my Pineal Gland.

Tried a new hypnagogic adventure, the Lucia 3. Simply, it’s looks like a white strobe light that stimulates your pineal gland and allows your mind to create all kinds of wild images. It also rids your body of toxins, enhances creativity, helps adrenal glands relax, and makes you feel you were back in the 60’w without the drugs. (which btw I’ve never tried not even pot! -Yeah, I know goodie two shoes) ) Read full blog here If you want to try it:


June 11 – Memorial Run for childhood friend

When I was 6, this cool family called, The Oppos moved in.

I was friend’s with Delia and her older brother, Eugene. Unfortunately tragedy struck that family and later in life, Eugene’s teenage daughter Katie died. The family holds the Katie Oppo Research 5K runs to raise money to fight this rare form of ovarian cancer. (Unfortunately Eugene himself died last year due to a car accident.) If you are into running and want to donate to a great cause check out: http://teamkatieoppo.org

June 24-July 2 – How to see all of Poland in 9 days!

It all started because I wanted to see a real salt cave. So I convinced my polish friend, Justina to go with me and take her 11 year old daughter, Maria, around Poland. Someone how we got her brother, Franco, a retired cop, to agree to drive the 1500 miles in 9 days. So now I have a driver, and translator. I map out the itinerary with a combination of the most historical and unique places I could find (had my friend Joanne from Creative travel, book personal tour guides for us at each location). We went everywhere from hidden underground cities in Krakow, to a pilgrimage to the Holy city of Grabanka, to Schindlers factory, to Gdansk woods where they tried to suitcase bomb Hitler and all the way up to the Baltic sea and back to Krakow.. (A blog will be written about this soon for Traveling mom with all the cool details and hidden places. – And yes I ate Gluten all the way!)


July 5, 2017 – ADOPT TWO Kids…okay Kittens

Adopt two rescue cats from Advocats…why? Because we don’t have enough responsibility in our lives and well, they needed a home and are adorable. We name this brother sister pair, Sparticus and Cleopatra…and of course there are videos on line of them! Who doesn’t post cat videos!

July 11, 2017 – Serving up Creativity for Putnam Valley Business Network

Did a one-hour comedy/motivational talk on how to be creative and increase business. And yes it worked for me too! Audience of prominent business people were great, intimate and prime for comedy! (At first I was concerned since they were in suits I had to keep it squeaky clean…Nope, they wanted it funny, informative and after hours.) Also promoted my other book, “The Ultimate Guide to Getting yourself on Radio, TV and in Print.”


July 22 – Fast talking in DOJO before throwing down student.

Do ribbon cutting opening for Sensei Tom Renner at his Kazan Dojo in Long Island. (Tom is also a teacher, professional stunt man and movie producer of the Sony film, “Assassin X”) Did fast talking demonstrations for the students and then got to some learn survival techniques and throw down his students on the matt. Met John Stanisci, one of the marvel comics artists and we hit it off, so of course we do a video together for The Dojo about this wild group of people right on the spot. It gains media attention!

July 29 – 5th Annual Capo Birthday Bash

This year reduced size of party to just close friends and did a relaxation theme (in an adventure surprise sort of way…well I can’t change my personality totally!) So in efforts to get my adrenals in order, I hired a massage therapist, brought in the Lumina Light Lady and did Yoga for all. Then we all colored like kids, ate healthy food that tasted good (imagine that), and had a girlfriend’s sleepover. Always remember how important it is to treat yourself good (and of course have a fantastic husband who supports that philosophy!)



August 16- Two Jewish Priests Walk into a Church….

Got cast in “FATHER and FATHER” a Mark Goldman production. It’s is a fast-paced, martial arts comedy short about two priests (one a Jew) who are forced to go on the run after they hear a confession from a wounded Mob Boss. I play a cleaning lady in the church who gets thrown in a trunk and keeps on talking…Tom Renner and Mark Goldman are the starring martial arts priests. Directed by award winning action film director, Art Comacho. Many martial arts legends are in it, Like Chuck Zito, Robert Goldman (Executive producer and of anti-aging fame) etc etc, and even my friend Ali Berman does extra work in it. Coming out soon.

August 25-27 – Zipline over the falls

Can you believe Steve has never been to Niagara Falls? So what better way to go then with 4 fellow biker friends all the way in from Kentucky? We stayed on Canadian side overlooking the falls, walked around the main street, Clinton Avenue, convinced a cabby to jam 6 of us in a car (like a clown car) when cable transportation shut down earlier than expected, went inside Guinness Museum where years ago I stood on a man laying on a bed of nails and was asked to sign record holder book, did the Journey Behind the falls, the Hornblower ride, The skyline, ate at great restaurants, explored the Dare Devil museum to see if I could get more ideas, and ziplined the falls.

Blog coming out soon on TMOM..in meantime if you want to zipline the falls check out: https://www.niagaraparks.com/visit/attractions/wildplay-mistrider-zipline-falls/

Sept 2017- My Heath Video catches attention from MIT

More Fran’s world radio podcasts, comedy shows and health tip videos. Turns out my video on the Glyphosate test from My Labs for Life, catches the attention of the head honcho, a Senior research Scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial intelligence Lab, Stephanie Seneff! Turns out she thinks my video is humorous and informative and posts it out on her website! Here’s the video that caught her attention.

How to test for glyphosate

Oct 20 – Raising money for dogs

New Paltz – Comedy show for “Take me home Shelter” animal shelter. Figured I did stuff for Advocats Rescue place, so why not give equal time to my canine friends. Audience was great except for one very drunk woman who would not be adopted if she were a dog! She was loud, rude, and when asked to leave she literally growled. This woman needed her shots! But we raised money in spite of her. I think it was to send her to doggie school!

Oct 21 – Sunday 22 – Back to the Scene of the Crime

A year ago today (well almost we were married on Oct. 23)

Steve was brought to the alter in handcuffs (that’s true), where our minister, The Great Throwdini, got him out of handcuffs with a bobby pin. Then we said our unique vows, “I promise to cook for you twice a week!” Had knives thrown at us by Throwdini before the first dance, had my comedic friend, Nancy Lombardo dress as a nun and “Yell he’s a Jew, she’s Italian stop the wedding!” Too late sister! Had George Bettinger host the whole thing, and had Gemini put a dummy mask on Steve and worked his face…and that’s only the beginning (all true). Served up Dale’s “Shore Awesome Key Lime pie”, and had a wedding cake fight… (So we though it appropriate to go back to Mohonk and celebrate our 1- year anniversary, with romantic dinner, climb up the infamous lemon squeeze rock scramble (where Steve almost got stuck in between two massive rocks), dinned with a veteran and his girlfriend, then did hour-long massages. Full article on wedding due out soon (Why rush it, took us so long to get married you think the article is going to be done 1,2,3!)

Nov 4, – So a priest walks into a room….

So I perform at Knights of Columbus and am told I can do my regular nightclub act…who sits up front but a 10 year old boy who looks like he is out of the Sound of Music and a Polish Priest…I kid you not…both were great but…needless to say I needed to quickly switch gears and do my PG act lest I risk doing 10 “Our Fathers.” Was a little hairy…doing a follow up fundraiser on Feb. 10, 2018? They are a great group of guys doing wonderful deeds for the community. Please support then and head out to the show in Carmel.

Nov 8 – the Wizard of Odd pays me a visit.

So the producer of the Wizard of Odd (the same guy who is the executive producer of Flip or Flop Forth Worth on hgtv.com) comes to my house. We do a 9-hour shoot day with props etc. to produce the “Fastest Gettysburg address, “Twas the Night before Christmas” (which most of you got via text from me) and a general interview. All to get 7 minutes of usable footage! Fun, great day…welcome to show biz. Check out video’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvG8g9r6mIY

Nov 18- Ghost Deer of Seneca Falls

Years ago wrote book called, Myths and Mysteries of New York.” In it I wrote that Indians in Westchester talked of Ghost deer. Turns out the largest herd of White deer aka Ghost deer are in Seneca Falls New York and after years of legal battle to get the abandoned army depot where they hang out opened up it finally happened. So I convinced Steve, Spencer and Heather to come with me and we got to spot this rare white deer romping in the woods. Plus explore where they used to keep ammunition and explosives for the war. (and yes blog will follow soon on TMOM) So much writing to do in 2018!

Nov 26 – Trying to help veterans I crack open my head.

Thanksgiving’s over, I just finished putting up Christmas decorations and I decide I should donate stuff in the attic to veterans during Christmas. So I make several trips up and down wooden folded attic ladder (in slippers mind you) and on the last trip, my foot goes through the ladder, since my hands are full I can’t grab on and BOOM. I fall backwards from four feet high and bang my head against the door jam. I see stars, yell for Steve in case I black out. I feel blood ooze down my face, do a quick check with my tongue and feel I have all my teeth. MMMM. Bleeding from somewhere. I slowly wiggle all my limbs nothing broken, well except my head. I get up and there is a pool of blood. Not a welcomed site. We place ice on my head, call 911 ambulance comes and I instagram from inside the ambulance. Of course not realizing how bad my head wound is. 3 staples to my head, and 3 stiches to my lip later, plus 2 CT and a MRI, luckily my inside of my head shows no bleeding. I feel fine…a week later I’m at level 10 pain for a week! I who do not take drugs, took Tylenol, and an oxycodone..and had to return to ER to make sure I did not break a rib. Now staples are out, lump almost gone, and going to PT to repair the fall damage. Proves 2 things: I have a very hard head and slippers are called SLIPPERS for a reason! I’m telling you I’m safer when I bungee jump. Me and domestic life don’t mix!

Dec 18 – A sarcastic French Bulldog

You know the old adage “the show must go on?” Well, I had gotten cast as the voice of a French Bulldog, Lucy, in the animated anti-bullying cartoon called, “Herbie and the Smushies.” Based on Heather Lehrman’s book and co-written by her and Tony London. Doing Voiceovers is one of my favorite things in the world. Lump or no lump I’m not passing this up. So we go into the studio (Me and fellow actors, Tom Renner (Bruno the Bulldog, Earl Baker: The Bully Dog, Phillip Galinsky; Herbie) and record our 4 hour session. Coughing, slobbering, and all laughing like the dogs we were!

Luckily my French bulldog was a sarcastic sort, with a kind heart and did not need to speak ze French to get her point across. You can see my character by going to

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dezinerdogs/animated-tv-pilot. By the way if you want to come to the cast and screenparty, tickets are $25 a piece and you can get them on kickstarter.

Dec 14- 16 World Record Holder Dr. Bob Presents his 25th annual A4M heath conference in Vegas.

So I get a VIP invite to this world famous health conference, by the creator himself Dr. Bob..there are over 500 vendors with all cutting edge technology on health and anti-aging. I have my brain examined, am placed in a portable IFR sauna, have my face done, suck in O2 at an Oxygen bar, have my blood examined and help Alli Berman with her brain fitness booth. learn I learn some really cool new edge trials about Hasimotos that I am going to try (No spoiler alerts here but I will tell you if they work!) Head to VIP celebrity party in private suite and talk to fascinating people, present Dr. Bob with cup from Titanic as thank you. Excited of the root cause possibility being uncovered. The journey continues. Only down side, came home from health convention sick with the flu…Some things you can’t make up!

Dec 20 – Fran Capo – Cover Girl!

A few months ago Heidi Hargreaves, the owner of Influential People Magazine, interviewed me. Little did I know that I would not only be on the front cover but the back cover as well..

It’s a very positive magazine filled with articles from people making huge differences in the world. You can see the article or purchase a copy here.



I’ll be with comedian Gemini on New Year’s performing at a private mansion out on Long Island. Steve will act as protector and chauffeur to make sure I’m okay on that cold blistery night. Hopefully we will make it home in time, or we will bring in the New Year in the car….

Either way, remember life is what you make it. I thank you ALL for being so supportive all these years and for reading this whole darn UPDATE! Hope you got a kick out of it and learned things along the way. I’ve gotten to know so many of your personally and become friends. Lets bring in the New Year with laughter, hope and prayers for Peace for 2018!

Create a great year

Fran Capo

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