2009 New Sponsorship Opportunites

New TV Show starting April 3, 2009
Live it Up! With Donna Drake and Fran Capo
Want your product mentioned on a new inspirational fun filled tv show?
Sponsored Segments – $3,600
Includes FULL production, broadcast, and website sponsorship!
A segment on the show including full production of an approximately 2.5 to 4 minute mirco-infomercial.

That includes script, all production and the broadcast airing of featured interview. It includes website airing on    www.liveituptvshow.comand we will provide the file for the client to put up on their website as well.  During the first 13 weeks a total of 36 of the 117 segments will be available for sponsorship (content must be aligned with purpose of the show).

Cost- $3,600 check made payable to Drake Media Network, Inc. 50% due at signing and 50% day of production.

Commercials- $300

A TV commercial that is airing within our show that is already produced and handed off to us is $300. Placement adjacent to relevant content within the show will be arranged when possible.  The minimum number of spots to buy is 4. So the total is $1,200. The commercials should be :30 in length but we will consider :15s as well.

We will also produce a spot for you for an additional $1,000 if needed.

Product Placement

We will accept product placement on a case by case basis. Furniture pieces, set decorations, car service trips, hotel rooms for guests and other types of services or products will be determined on a case by case basis solely with the approval of Donna Drake, Fran Capo or Dan Berger.

For More Information:

Donna Drake, Executive Producer & Host 631-742-6839, liveituptvshow@aol.com. Or Email, Daniel Berger, Creative Producer at Dan.Berger@gmcr.com. The show can be seen in over 5.8 million homes throughout the tri-state area. 

It will have internet delivery on www.liveituptvshow.com.








Advertiser_____________________________________________ Date:_____

Representative from Live It Up! with Donna Drake and Fran Capo ________________________________Date:_____

Approved and Accepted by Donna Drake, Drake Media Network, Inc.______________________________Date:_____

All materials must be submitted by advertiser within 10 days of the signing of the contract.

PRESS RELEASE – New Television Show Lights Up The Airwaves Every Friday Morning

Melville, NY (February  25, 2009) – Catch the debut of “Live it Up!” with Donna Drake and Fran Capo – a 1-hour Friday morning television program filled with inspirational stories, tips and resources. The show features Emmy Award-winning personalities, New York Times best-selling authors, sports legends, celebrities, and mainstream experts along with everyday heroes in Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Empowered Living, Economics, Entertainment, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty and the Environment. “Live It Up!” with Donna Drake and Fran Capo airs on WLNY-TV 10/55 beginning  April 3rd at 6 am. Joining them is featured guest James Arthur Ray of  “The Secret,” discussing topics based on his best seller, Harmonic Wealth.

Don’t miss Fran Capo, the Guinness Book of World Records Fastest Talking Woman, comedienne, 7-continent adventurer, motivational speaker, author and mom and Donna Drake, the exuberant interviewer, award-winning media expert, speaker, philantropist, artist and mom. Together, they infuse the hour with uplifting and power-packed conversation. The show features a host of correspondents, Emmy winner Janette Barber, fomerly with “The View,” shares nutrition tips during her healthy-cooking segments. Steve Maraboli of A Better Today, Inc., a world-leading speaker, author, and motivational radio show host, offers a fresh dose of humor and positive energy.  Dr. Christy Shae, owner of Simply Vibrant, sheds light on the Wellness Beat. Matt O’ Grady, of Footprint Media, highlights environmental issues and breakthroughs. Harlan Friedman, music promoter and media columnist, reveals the inside scoop on Entertainers and Fashion. Todd Morena, a national Fitness expert brings mental and physical workouts along with Q & A sessions with Fitness Celebrity John Basedow! Marianne Morrison, make-up artist to the stars, explains the hottest new beauty secrets.  Dr. Jacquie Fulop-Goodling, renowned Invisialign expert, explains the latest on dental health. And Bradford Pine, an investment advisor representative offering insight into the mindset of an empowered investor. The show guides viewers to overall well-being, enhancing their quality of life. Each show also spotlights a different non-profit organization.

New episodes of “Live It Up!” with Donna Drake and Fran Capo debut each Friday morning in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut  television markets, reaching nearly 5.8 million households. For additional information, related blogs and behind-the-scenes videocasts as well as previously televised content, visit www.liveituptvshow.com. As this show is in the launching phase, sponsorships, guest slots and product placement opportunities are available now for a limited time.  Featured sponsors include Green Mountain Coffee at coffeewiz.com, The Melting Pot Restaurants at meltingpot.com.

Fran says, “In these economic times, we wanted to bring a show to people that is filled with hope, inspiration, humor, positive trends and information that will leave people feeling inspired. And of course we felt that we were the crazy gals who could do it!”  Donna adds, “What I do best is to ‘paint with people’…that’s also the title of my first book to be out next year. We brought an amazing team together and we are excited to be bringing positive messages of hope, motivation, and inspiration to empower others!”

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