10/19-22: World’s Fair of Clubs

WorldsFairOfClubsGoldPosterFran Capo is excited! The Adventurers Club Foundation is embarking on one of the biggest adventures yet. The Adventurers Club of Chicago has hit is 100th year and to celebrate they are having a four day ground breaking first of it’s kind, “World’s Fair of Clubs” event on October 19-22 in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. Adventurers from clubs all over the world will be attending; Russia, Hong Kong, Tahiland, Halifax, London etc…will be pouring in. They will be having workshops, never before seen film footage, exhibits and speakers such as Sir RIchard Branson, National Geographic Photographers, Navy Seals, and yours truly Fran Capo will speak at the Banquet dinner! If you ever had a hankering to get out there and meet the great explorers of the world, or find out what your next adventure could be…come join Fran…For more information go to www.theadventurersclub.com.

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