03/21: TeleSeminar with Fran

FRAN CAPO: Five-time World Record Holder – Fastest Talking Female!
will be talking with Al Cole From CBS Radio
In An EXCLUSIVE Conference Call TeleClass that you won’t hear anyplace else.
~~ Secrets of Publicity Teleseminar with Fran Capo ~~
Wednesday, March 21st @ 8:30 pm EST

~ Fran Capo, is a renowned comedienne, 17 time author, motivational speaker, adventurer and five-time world record holder who has appeared on over 4500 radio and 450 television shows. In this one-hour teleseminar, Ms. Capo will show you through her down to earth approach how she uses humor and adventure to promote her brand and create marketing and publicity opportunities to create extraordinary results. Capo has performed and appeared in media all over the world (Yes even including in Antarctica to a ship filled with millionaires!) Capo has trended on twitter, had 2.5 million hits to her website in one day, and has one video with over 3 million views on youtube.

~ If you’re an entrepreneur, public speaker, entertainer, events planner, politician or even an inventor…you need to promote yourself and your product and the only way to do that is through publicity. Advertising is incredibly costly – but publicity is free advertising, and now especially with social media you can reach millions all over the world instantly, but you have to stand out to make your message heard. Fran has taught this seminar to every kind of audience, from CEO’s to High School Students.

In this 1 hour introductory seminar you will learn how to:
-Develop a professional media kit
-Write a press release
-Learn what to do with the press release
-Create a “salable’ hook” or brand
-Set yourself apart from the competition
-Prepare yourself for media appearances and more.

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** During the Conference Call you may ask Fran questions & offer your reflections too!

For more info on Fran Capo or her books visit www.francapo.com
Follow Fran on facebook: facebook.com/francapo
Follow Fran on twitter: twitter.com/francapo
Contact Al Cole at:alcoleholic@gmail.com“> alcoleholic@gmail.com

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